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Hi bro i have request about a movie that i wanna share with you ?

send me a DM and lets chat.

Schrutefarms deleted Dec 17

I know its a long shot but im curious if you sell used condoms? Thanks :)

I’m order to see these videos do I have to buy them on here or are they posted on your website?

Hi there, was just wondering if you do any custom videos for your fans? I'd love for you to do some for me. can you please email me dhort33@yahoo.com so I can provide more details. thank you so much

Hummmm my kinds of fun :D love from mtl here

Are the videos on your manyvids page available on your website? Or are they exclusive to the manyvids page?

Just posting back. The site is kind of a joke unfortunately. $21.00 wasted. Such a shame.

Congratulations on being the current no:1 boy, <-i have filled your profile and all your videos with hearts <3<3

You gotta CUM to FL and have some Fun with me :W:W:W you are AMAZING! keep up the phenomenal work papi :x

Hello sir! I would love to do videos with you! Do you like guys? I suck cock very good AND DEEP I PROMISE! Also I love fisting and search FF partners

Leaving you some hearts babe ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for all the love 💖😘

do you have that pee video with sunny day aka jane goldberg  ???

Cannot sell golden shower videos on here.

Wow, thanks for contacting me! I'm not currently looking for male talent to shoot with, but I'll definitely keep you in mind next time I am!

Damn you have good stuff :D

iidame May 22

make this page subscription based/membership based plz

High Dark Lord, i'm a big fan from france. Do you know when I could buy the video of Julie And Victor from midwest ?

Read your article and really enjoyed it💗

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