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Your HeadUnited States Joined January 2016
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Keri Berry

American / Your Head
loader Keri & Lauren

Keri Berry

American / Your Head
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Keri Berry

American / Your Head
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Keri Berry

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Keri Berry

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Bella! Xo xo^.^

Love you and everything about you, also found or we share birthdays!

Oh wow happy early birthday

You're beautiful <3

Thank you

love ya profile hun gave some love :)

May i request a private msg from you Ms. Keri Beri? i'd love to be able to send you a message to discuss a custom vid. Please :)

abe7700 Sep 29

Hi, found you by accident lol. Could you please DM me so that we can discuss custom video? Thanks...

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For snap: since mine is already $20, I will send an album of pics with Snap! :D

kay8271 Sep 23

I can't quit you.

I'm glad <3

kay8271 Sep 24

I first join twitter

Mike K79 Sep 22

Just bought three of your films can’t wait to use them

Thank you!!

noname34 Sep 21

Hey Keri! Love your work. You really are quite unique. Where can one see more of your art/paintings?

I don't have a venue connected to my model name, sorry

noname34 Sep 21

Ah bummer. I understand you wouldn't want to give away your real name by pointing me to your artwork. Just saw your original acrylic painting listed on your store and wanted to see more of your art (purely out of curiosity, I'm an artist as well). No worries, though. Keep up the good work!

Oh I totally appreciate the interest believe me! I've been trying to find a way to combine and share with my fans without sharing my real info. I plan to continue with my works signing as KB, so that works for the future. Please do follow my subreddit /r/keriberry_420 I have posted other work there, and also don't hesitate to message me! :)

Teek64 deleted Sep 19

From what I've seen so far, im gonna luv your videos, so gorgeous

Thanks hon! I hope you do

Teek64 deleted Sep 19

Your very welcome, im sure im going to luv them, you're amazing !!!

I love the creativity 💕💕💕

Thank you so much!! Nice compliment

So beautiful and talented. :) left u some <3s

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the love XOXOXOX

You are hot and sexy. I love your performance. <3<3<3

Wow!  You're absolutely STUNNING!

Thank you

Aviv24 Aug 19

hey, can we talk about custom in PM? tnx

Hi!  I like your work and your naughty fantasies !! :A:x(Y))


You are incredible

Thank you

Just found your profile and had a extended look over your video library...and I totally fell in love with you. Love your body, your feet, your naughty fantasies. You are a hot naughty angel!

Thank you! <3

Very pretty!!

Thank you!

HI GUYS!!! Check out this hottie I know from Reddit <3 She i9s sure to please you

AW this is so sweet! Thank you gorgeous :D

hi, i am looking to buy a custom video please message me to talk more about it

tsaa33 Aug 11

can you msg me about a custom?

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Oh so so so very tempting all of this is right now..... :D

Don't be tempted, be satisfied!

malixy25 Jul 20

Hey I'm interested in a custom vid, could you pm me?

Sure :)

Hi are you available

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Solo & girl/girl porn producer and filmmaker. I was a nude model for 15+ years. I paint (acrylic, watercolor, oil), I sing, and love all things art. Check out my ASMR YouTube channel where I paint & sing> :) Avid indoor gardener, nerd, all around weirdo. I love to sing, chat, and I cum hard after a nice chat via Skype. Message me if you have an idea for an awesome clip with my Canon Mk IV!! :D Always looking for new girls :)


Porn Star


1981-10-24 (35)






High School Diploma


White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

Your Head




In a relationship

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



34" 26" 36"

Breast Size

Natural 34A


5'8" or 173 cm


120 lbs

Body Type

Athletic & Toned