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Jessica Loves Sex

Jessica Loves Sex

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Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD Cum In My Pussy

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD Bubble Bath

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD Your Punishment

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD Hot Facial

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD Naughty Shower

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD Making You Cum Twice

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader Cumshot Compilation 2

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD BBC Custom

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD Sloppy BJ Jealous2

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD Big Load Hotel BJ

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader Cumshot Compilation 1

Jessica Loves Sex

American / Calipornia
loader HD Facialogy 101

OMG!!! I fucking love this girl!!! I'm craving for your pussy baby <3

You better fuck, than a saying! <3 <3 <3

thank you <3 you're so frickin gorgeous & your vids are awesome!

Just an absolute honey! hottest vids, hottest girl and an absolute sweetheart to message. Jessicaaaa is fucking flawless <3

Your videos are absolutely AMAZING <3 keep up the FANTASTIC work (Y)) and Have a Very Happy New Year sexi mami :cock::W:facial:

Thanks for the love beautiful! youre gorgeous!

Hey girl! Left some <3 for you. Have an amazing 2017!

8basst8 Dec 31

you realy have some special 

8basst8 Dec 31

Ifevery stupid warlord were restless or just stupid man a woman like you at hisside we would have peace on earth everyone would be happy with no reason toargue with the right woman at his side or the right girlfriend.Because there isno reason to wage war if you have everything you need.

How have I gone this long without knowing about Jessica - 12/10 !

Officially the most sexy woman ever!

A 💋 For the women who doesn't have flaws 😘

Theyou fixed the bug. Sorry I can't private message you at the moment. Not a premium member. I'll let you know how the video is

omfg you are sex Jessica! looking forward to treating myself to your incredible content gorgeous <3

Wow these are very hot videos! :x<3

muk1982 Dec 6

your collection of pictures are absolutely stunning , truly breath taking.... JUST SO DAMM HOT


Your vids are the HOTTEST(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)!!! Left <3<3<3s all over your profile!

hey beautiful... i hearted your profile a long time ago so no more to leave lol xoxoxo xlots of love for you.. you are absolutely stunning with a killer body!!!

I hope I can get in your good books, baby girl because you are so sexy. i hope you like your men tall, tattooed and with a bad attitiude?

Very good videos, I like your enthusiasm.

you are stunning!

Happy birthday Jessica! You're awesome babe!

If I miss it, Happy Birthday! You are beautiful! sexy stuff! I left you some love, hope you can return the love! 😊❤

All the vids I got so far are great.  Keep up the good work and I'll keep it up

Jessica! Would you consider doing a video posing/smoking a big cigar? Perhaps a smokey bj? I would buy it immediately and have other friends that would do the same.

edijux Oct 13

Make blowjob video in velour hoodie or tracksuit!

HottiesOnly2 deleted Oct 13

I want your body cumming and convulsing on my cock

Left you a big heart <3:ass_worship:

Was looking at all your vids ! You are so beautiful and one of my faves ! keep up the good work XXX

Makes the best panty stuffing videos on the site. By far the sexiest ive ever seen.

hissam19 Sep 26

I love you if you have another idea for custom  tell me

hissam19 Sep 26

I love you if you have another idea for custom  tell me

Great videos girl. That dirty talking and blowjob skills are next level. Would love to see a solo sloppy blowjob

Any chance of making a smoking video? Would be hot!

MR V1979 Sep 17

Amazing! X

Hey my super sexy, fellow Cali Girl! Hearted up everything new! Wow the cum stuff is amazing1❤️❤️ Keep it 'up' kisses & Licks💋💋💋

keep going w/your formula, your doing very good

Jessica, can't say enough how much I LOVE your videos:) During Christmas, Santa has to check his list to see who is naughty or nice... well you are the exception because you some how are both. Never change bc you are perfect the way you are:)

Hello awesome videos I love to shoot some with you I'm not camera shy in Vageas too let's talk

❤️ 💋HELLO I would date and respect, model so pretty and lovely, always nice kiss❤️ 💋

Hi sweetie,  I just noticed that my access to your videos has finished but I still has one more month.

Roxiemarrie deleted Aug 27


Thank you Jessica for your hearts,  just gave you back some more.  And talking about HOT.. you're amazing.  love to shoot a scene with you.  but i'm on the other side of the world... :\  lol my bad luck, kisses Lara Tinelli from Barcelona Spain. :x:naughty_nylons::worship_these_heels::sissy_slut:

al2145 Aug 4

Keep the good work up, gift coming soon :)

First off I would like to say hello 2nd I have heart your profile my sweety 3rd I still a vg so never had that one perfect moment sweetheart 4th I love masturbating and edging it's a mind boggling thrill 5th I love inflating rub toys beachball and swimming rings and anything that has air been pump in to it 6 last but not least i am looking for friends itsa hard word these days but i think I am in the right place but is it possible I have seen an angel just as good looking as me because that can't be I am the guardian and you are a goddess of pure beauty a desire so that my hello to you my new friend xxx Angelus :A:):]:D:O^.^:@(.)(.):yesbaby-14::yesbaby-13::yesbaby-12::yesbaby-6::yesbaby-16::yesbaby-17::yesbaby-18::yesbaby-10::woohoo-1::woohoo-2::woohoo-5:

Black force10
Black force10 deleted Jul 15

Hi i am Crystal101 and new to MV :) i thought id just pop by and say Hi ! xxx  :);):*):P<3

Hi Back! :)Welcome to MV! I totally checked you out right now. HOT! ;):x:x

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I Love Sex and being Watched. I'm Fun, Flirty, Cute, and Sexy with Cute Feet. I have a great sense of humor and don't take myself too seriously. I Love to play around and be Sexy & Naughty. Sometimes I Love to Glam-Up! Other times I like to just get down to Sex. I've heard many times that I'm very Girly, but can also hang like the Boys. If you want to know more, don't be shy, PM me. I'm here to be Naughty and Play. ;)


Naughty Girl


1984-11-07 (32)




White / Caucasian


American United States

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English Dirty Talk LOL!


Open relationship

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36" 28" 36"

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Saline 36D 550cc


5'6" or 168 cm


120 lbs

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Athletic & Toned





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