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Jade Nixon
Jade Nixon deleted Jul 6 2016

Left you some love too!

JuniorBanks Jul 7 2016

Thank you :x

MayvenDoll Jul 5 2016

Leaving some hearts💕

JuniorBanks Jul 5 2016

thank you :)

JennyBlighe Jun 25 2016

:x thank you!

JuniorBanks Jun 25 2016


Epiphany666cb Jun 20 2016

Hey Junior!! :) thank you for the <3 on my page, it means alot to me. I stopped by to leave you a heart too :x

JuniorBanks Jun 20 2016

Thank you so much! I appreciate it :) <3 Love your work will speak soon

Dylan69 Jun 18 2016

Hey I am still pretty new just wanted 2 say hey n show love. Gave u plenty of <3s!! :x

JuniorBanks Jun 19 2016

Thank you! I've returned the favor :)

Dylan69 Jun 19 2016

Thanx and love ur stuff! ;)<3

Jessikarma May 29 2016

Left you some hearts, have a great day guys. Y'all bad :@:W:x

JuniorBanks May 30 2016

Thank you so much :)

trufflebutter28 May 25 2016

Great videos, keep it up :)

AmandaRosse May 17 2016

leaving hearts for you!! have a nice day <3

JuniorBanks May 18 2016

Thank you gorgeous!

KimVanDyke May 16 2016

aaaawwww... big hearts back !!!! <3<3<3

BellaBooX May 15 2016

Leaving you some hearts lovely :x:x:x

JuniorBanks May 15 2016

Thank you gorgeous :x:x

jeni4wyld deleted May 14 2016

Returned the 💞💞💞💞

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I like to make reality porn.

Be sure to follow me across all my social media, feel free to send in suggestions and requests.


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