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5'8" or 173 cm


180 lbs



Recent Reviews

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For sure one of my absolute favourite pegging themed videos on this site. The playfulness of Chloe is fabulous and it gives you some really nice angles of the action. Definitely worth every penny and I will keep coming back for more :)

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One of the more playful strapon videos on the site, loved it.

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Always a pleasure "peeking" through your wardrobe Aiko, thank you for that. Would have to put up a vote for that splendid layered pantyhose in #7, so silky smooth and nice. That bra in #11 as well though, damn that was nice. For sure would be a good fit for a Valentine's Day themed video, which is fast coming up in 2018.

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Was thinking someone needed to make Little Red Riding hood cosplay video with Emma and was ready to do my part, good to see I wasn't alone in this and LYON beat me to it.
Bought it for the dress without reading the script and quickly realized it was actually one of the better ones I have of Emma. Highly recommended, thanks both :)

Thank you so much! Glad you ended up enjoying it! 😘

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I admit, I did watch The Pretender (NBC) when it aired back in the day. I guess this is why I'm always curious to see how Emma would perform in a different profession / role. This is what my #%¤!"# mind came up with, and she looks far better in the scrubs / lab coat than I expected.. and when the performance is up to par with her gorgeous looks I end up as a very happy customer. Might not want to watch this before my next doctor appointment though..

Emma, thank you a lot for your adaption of my script, great stuff as my first video but this time also with increased production value from your new lighting equipment.


Thank you so much! And a big thank you for lights! 😘❤️😘
So very glad you enjoyed it!

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If you're from Europe and plan to order a custom video from Emma, please note that it's not advice to leave for work on the day of delivery with blue balls.
While there is some anticipation the weeks waiting for the video, it's worst arriving to work and seeing that the video is ready for download. The random erections during the day as I got "visions" on the final result felt to be endless, with the worst timing possible.

For the video itself it was everything I hoped for, Emma truly made my vision come true (some might recognize where the inspiration comes from). Lots of close up shots of Emma as she pounds away, just the way we like it (or you'll learn to like it).

Will be coming back here for more :)

Thank you so much! So very glad you liked it! Looking forward to making your other fantasies come to life! ❤️

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For those of you sad about not being able to "participate" in Chloe and Chris first BBG threesome, fear not - This video is a reconstruction of those events, with the viewer as the 3rd wheel. A few alterations might have been done for it to fit the movie format.

Cuckolding, blowjob, hand job, both fucking each other... there is a lot going on and Chloe keeps eye contact with you throughout the video. Everything from the camera angles to the dirty talk was fantastic, she can be quite convincing to the point of it becoming quite scary. You really don’t know if it’s sweet Chloe or crazy Chloe you’re dealing with and it would be hard to say no to that smile/eyes.

Chloe / Chris, you have outdone yourself with this one and I’m already looking forward to Part 2. I would say it’s one of the better cuckolding videos on Manyvids today, most likely the best as I can’t recall anyone I find better.

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Thank you for sharing this Pegging experience video with us Cattie, you were fabulous as always.

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For those of you thinking a man is gay for taking a dildo up his ass I have to clarify: What Cattie does with a strapon is far beyond what a man (gay or not) is capable of!
I do recommend having chastity cage available though, my stupid penis was way too excited and kept getting in front of the TV :/

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Too bad there is so many ways to fuck a man, because I felt properly fucked while watching this video :/
Watching it again tonight, for sure she'll let me have some this time


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Honestly didn't remember what this character was all about.. that is, until I heard the music, haha. Great stuff as usual Mattie

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Great stuff as usual Emma, thank you. Especially the part in the bed was nice, and the outfit looked really great on you!

Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

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Seems like a lot of fluid was required both before and after this one :) Nice atmosphere throughout the video, loved it.

lol yeah that towel didn't do shit haha

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I wouldn't mind girls to study this at all, some great deepthroating going on here, excellent stuff!

Thank you Fethry!

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So, what distance would I need to put on Tinder to get found in your search? :)
Top notch as most of your other videos. Only a couple of months since you released your previous pegging / futa video and I can already see a great improvement. You're in danger of getting good at this, would be interesting to see how it went if you went packing to a couple of dates, maybe something to tell about in a future Cum History video, haha :D

Lmao, I do ponder about poking man booty from time to time :)

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Second part might not be everyones cup of tea (though pro tip: there is a g-spot there), but I'm sure you could endure as long as you get to see Emma in this outfit.
Emma, I'm quite certain you in that outfit could convince me to do pretty much anything you'd like. And the same goes for my videos no, it doesn't really matter what I write, they turn out great anyways!

Thank you so much Fethry! So very glad you liked it! And thanks for the hot corset as well! 😍

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Lovely lady, and such a beautiful squirt. Worth every penny!

^.^:)thanks u so much!! i love your review!:x

:@ thanks u so so much Fethry!!

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The blonde ponytail hair made a beautiful contrast to the dark dildo, great gagging made this a fine addition.

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I already was quite invested before buying this video, but damn, that's some fine work.. While a sizable dildo it had nothing to put up against Petite in this video, got swallowed whole.

SPH Date Sep 12
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Lovely outfit on an incredible woman. And I'm not really that much into SPH, but had to have this one and well worth the investment.

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She truly love that dildo, and it shows, loved the riding scene especially.

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As many others I didn't manage to finish on time, doesn't matter.. would fap again

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Top notch POV sex as usual from Emma, that dirty talk really gets the engine going.

Thanks so much!

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Wanted a new POV Blow Job video and went here, didn't need to continue my search. Some great moaning and breathing as she takes the cock, not to mention the beautiful eyes.

Thank you so much! 😘

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I do enjoy some sensual pegging, but with this woman I'd let her do her thing no matter how hard she wanted it. Great stuff as usual, a nice addition to my collection.

Thanks so much! 😘

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The clips that really peaked my interest in her work. Great body, spot on taboo, solid pegging. What more could a man wish for in a dominant woman?

Thanks so much Fethry! 😘

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While I'm more into strap-on than futa I'll take what I get when it comes to Emma, she dominates that ass no matter what she got between her leg.
Love the shy, snuggling atmosphere set in this video, to then see her taking more and more control with screams of joy.

Thank you! I do get really into these pegging clips and always have to dominate that ass lol!!

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One of the better performers on Manyvids in my eyes, highly underrated. The dirty talk is fantastic, and the moaning did it for me as well.

Awe thank you so much Fethry! ❤️

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Not into horse fetish myself, I basically bought the video for the outfit and different hairstyle as I hadn't seen Emma in such a video. Didn't disappoint this time either, the facial expressions are amazing.

Thanks so much! The pink wig was fun!

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If you want a short sensual handjob clip from Emma, no need to look further. Great stuff.

Thank you! ❤️

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Bought this video for a close up handjob from Emma, it works, it truly does :)

Thank you so much 😘

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What could be better, being in the same hotel ourselves? :)
You do messy quite well Valerie, quite well.

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The scene that all the Spiderman movies lacked, delivered by one of our favorite redheads. The intro was perfect, loved the closeups. The sex scenes weren't too shabby either, and I'm looking forward to the sequel :)

^.^:xCant wait to film Pt.2 :x

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Mother of Drool. None of the cocks were sadly mine, but otherwise a great video

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I'm not a big fan of nipple clamps, but the last two seconds in the preview made me buy it, and I didn't regret. It's a great close up riding scene well worth the price alone.

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Great outfit and tease, lovely POV blowjob with lots of eye contact and a splendid finish. Keep up the good work :)

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Very cute, even with that dick in her mouth :)

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Great outfit, sensual riding and cute moans. Worth every penny :)

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Top not as usual, though would give this a 6/5 if it was Mandala was tied up with Anna and it was Miss Sofie with the sledgehammer between her legs.

Who knows what else is coming !? ;)

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Another great latex video from Miss Sofie. Need to contact this guy though, not sure he manage to get served dessert while not being dressed for success himself.

Thank you, Fethry! 

I am going to tell him ;)

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Watched the video, fell asleep, woke up with a small untouched pecker, went to work, got home and will head straight to bed. Giving this another shot.
Loved the video btw

Thank you very much!