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Getting excited for the annual trip home! )’(

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Just a computer geek fire spinner exhibitionist voyeur (among many other kinks) that followed a cam model here for the more interesting stuff. Believer of mystical experience, energy exchange, The 10 Principles, and all things Apple. Seeker of ethical sluts, hedonists, kinky folks, and intelligent conversation.


Computers | Engineer | Professional


1976-03-22 (42)






White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

Orange County CA





Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



6'0" or 183 cm


300 lbs



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Kitty has a very cute collar with a little heart lock holding it in place.... Aiko locks the collar on, and then the kitty starts to play. Her tongue is busy, licking nearly everything she can get to - hands, feet, legs, toys, and more... very hot watching this kitty enjoy herself!

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Quite a masterpiece! I love how the creative lighting accentuates Aiko's body, especially during the dance tease in the first half. But I was really in the mood for the second half, when Aiko settles in for that pussy stretching and anal play until she convulses in a sweet and pleasurable cum; what can be better?

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Why do other people always want gamers to give up the TV? Ugh, so frustrating! But Aiko takes her frustrations out on Kelly, distracting her and making this video a lot more entertaining Great build up when they both cum at the end!

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What an awesome video! The fuck machine DP is amazing and leads to a nice double gape and Aiko tasting both toys. Looking forward to some repeat viewings of this one ^_^

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This isn't the typical "silver dude" street performance; first off, Aiko isn't trying to hold perfectly still poses to trick you into thinking she's a statue! Aiko gives everything 110%, and this is a total "full body" painting session. Oh and that dildo she rides? It gets a nice silver paint job too....

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Absolute Artcore! The rain play makes for a lovely set-up for the striptease, which is nicely broken up with clips of more to come. The rising tide lifts both as the action progressively heats up, reaching a solo explosion as the video wraps up. I'd say it's an absolute must if you like a little more production in your porn.

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So this is how you try on a rope harness in a fitting room. Aiko does an extensive job of checking out how it fits her, and in the end decides to walk out in her new selection. A great collection of fetishes on display, just as in the description. Just an amazing video!

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A little holiday tease in red.... Jemie uses her dildo for a blowjob and titty fuck, and then after some play with her fingers she pulls out a butt plug and then a glass dildo to tease her pussy and ass. After a bit of that, then her vibrator comes out and she starts building up to come for us, ending with a lovely squirt that she would love to put right on your face. A nice, early start to the new year :D

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Amazing... wandering through the displays and looking for places to flash from, getting bolder as we move along, getting a good feel from the video of the surrounding area. at the end, it reminds me of Aiko's cam shows... it's a cam show in public from a furniture store. Absolutely mind blowing!

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Loved how wet Aiko got that BBC with her blowjob, and lots of time spent getting machine fucked to a great countdown. Excellent!

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Makes me wonder what got Aiko to moan like that... very hot!

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Kelly is a lucky girl, as Aiko goes down on her ass for nearly the entire clip. We even end with Aiko still working on Kelly, and I wonder just how long it took to satisfy eager Aiko's craving.

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If all you want is hardcore action, then you'll be fine skipping this video. But if you like teasing and foreplay, then I think you will love this video like I do! Some light kissing as Aiko and Kelly dance, caress, and then strip each other. Just HOT!

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Sexy comes in many forms, and this video has it in spades. Aiko dances and strips out of her schoolgirl skirt and not-quite-schoolgirl tied top, although not before she soaks the latter piece. Let Aiko get you in the mood for some more fun.... :D

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Quite an amazing show of riding a very large toy, an amazing watch...

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Amazingly hot! Wish I knew where that place was, I'd keep driving by in the hopes of seeing Aiko out there again... ^__^

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Simple and straightforward; a nice foot fetish video of Aiko teasing a cock with her feet. She keeps going until she can taste her reward, which he left all over her toes too. Where do we sign up? ^_^

LolliPOP tease Apr 22 2016
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Amazing! Aiko's tongue teases the lolly, and the lolly teases her nipples and clit for us. Very jealous of a lollipop now and your delightful flashes left me lusting for more.

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Wow so hot... a great idea for a video and amazingly done by Aiko! Most of the outfit stays on for the entire length of the video (which I think is HOT) with Aiko's ass on great display throughout. Description is very accurate, and Aiko is definitely comfortable with the dirty talk and lets us know just how bad she wants it. Definitely a video other anal addicts or fisting fans should check out!

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You'll want to be her dildo helper too after watching this! Video starts with Aiko slipping out of her robe and into the bath, giving us a great view of her toned body. She then sucks her dildo and takes a quick shower, ending with the stream splashing onto her pussy. Aiko then rides the dildo against the wall to make sure her pussy is clean too. She also rides it on the side of the tub, then a little more oral action before a final round of cleaning out where Aiko really gets into riding her dildo. We finish with Aiko using her mouth to make sure her dildo is clean after all its hard work.

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It looks like we join Aiko at the end of the Pussy Fisting video, with her fingers already invading her ass. Bit by bit we see Aiko working her hand into her, but your patience is rewarded with equally much playtime after everything had slid into place. It's a nice, long session of fisting, and an amazing ending after the Pussy Fisting video.

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Aiko starts off with a great, sexy tease and then starts turning up the heat. Things intensify as her fingers plunge into her, which ends only when a butt plug makes a disappearance. But soon enough her bored fingers start getting busy on her unoccupied hole, getting her ready for the main course yet to come. Then the butt plug vanishes, and we're treated to Aiko fisting her hungry pussy in several different positions, And then her fingers find her empty ass again; the end?

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Who cares that it's not the holiday season, this is still sultry and sensual even if the pasties are out of season. It is an amazing, beautiful experience with Joey, and to second another review it will change how you view candy canes -- or make you wish you were one.

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Jemie is here to tease us in her virgin-killer sweater, and she's not gonna give up until she squirts. Lots of great teasing with the sweater; it stays on the entire time but it does get pulled out of the way a lot to show off Jemie's body. She starts with an oral demonstration on her toy before proceeding to ride it on the floor, building up the excitement before pulling out the magic wand. She gets quite vocal as she builds up to her squirt and leaves us wet at the end. :D

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Jemie and Aiko are waiting for you wearing nothing but smiles! They start by spreading oil over each other's body, and then get out a few toys. Starting off they bring out a double-ended dildo, which gets some double blowjob action and a quickie titty fuck in Jemie's cleavage before they end up back-to-back to both ride the double ended toy doggy style. Next the girls sit beside each other and take a little time to rub each other's pussy, giving us a nice view of their shiny bodies. Then Jemie gets out the magic wand and holds it tight against her clit while Aiko starts playing solo with the double headed toy. Both girls work themselves up to squirt, and then the double headed dildo ends up in both of their asses while working up to squirt again, leading to them squirting on each other. They finish off with a little scissoring of their wet pussies before they kiss & then blow us a kiss...

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Kelly and Aiko both look hot riding the Dragon, but my favorite is the ~5 minutes of them sucking on the double headed dildo together at the end.

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Just fucking amazing. Love the commentary and comparisons from Aiko about the size of this BBC.

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Two sexy, petite girls sharing a double headed dildo for some outdoor fun. Fucking hot!

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Two sexy, petite girls having some outdoor fun with a double headed dildo. Fucking hot!

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Make your sexy kitty happy and play with Aiko according to her instructions... very sexy, no nudity just lingerie. Aiko is very sexy as she tells you how to play...

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Really really hot watching Aiko bounce on that nice dildo in the staircase!

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Love seeing Aiko with those big toys! Oh and there's some ATP & ATM fun in there too....

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A great video for pegging fans! No female nudity in this video, but the gay friend enthusiastically sucks on Aiko's strap-on before getting pegged, and then then cums on his chest for us at the end.

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Very hot! Aiko plays with the bubble bath and poses to two songs, and then comes to a climax with her lovense toy. No music added to the end, so all you hear is Aiko.

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Very fun JOI game with lots of hand motion to follow.

OIL MY ASS Dec 31 2016
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Aiko starts out naked, showing off her fit little Asian body, shines up her ass with that oil, and then bounces for us. Very sexy tease!

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Amazingly hot! Let Aiko tell you how she needs to be fucked, and watch how she reacts to it. Very vocal; if talking, moans, and screams turn you gears, there is a lot here for you. Lots of mouthed O's, biting lips, and wicked grins too.

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Aiko comes to a hard climax from her new toy, as she explores its various settings on her tight, shaved pussy. She's wearing a sexy little outfit at first and strips down for playtime. After that, I gotta says thanks to Andrew as well! :D

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Thank you for sharing Randy! Also has a little intox game in it for those with a bottle handy. Two girls guiding your jerk off as they strip out of their sexy lingerie. Built me up to a huge explosion as they counted down at the end.

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Wow that was so hot. Definitely something lovers of ball gags and leashes should check out! Aiko starts gagged, adds nipple clamps and a butt plug, and then adds a toy in her pussy. She moans and drools throughout, with a lot of time in a "holding the leash" POV. If you don't care for pee you'll want to skip the last minute, but don't let that stop you from checking out this vid!

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Sexy talk indeed! Aiko poses and shows off her pussy while talkatively asking for cum on her face, just as in the description. Listen to her sexy voice, let your fantasies run wild, and be ready to fulfill her wish at the end. Not many position changes, but then I didn't miss out on any views either. I could easily cum again just from listening to the audio...

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Aiko wants you to get it out and play with her, and you can fuck her too if you'll eat your cum for her. But she doesn't expect you to do it all by yourself! She builds you up with a show and encouragement, and shows you how she loves her ass fucked using her butt plug. She is very vocal throughout the video, and adds a hand guide as she builds you up and counts down to a big orgasm that you're going to play with and eat for her. But don't worry, she'll tell you exactly how to do it...

Just, in all, a great cum play fetish instructional!

Foreplay Apr 18 2016
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Just a little softcore teasing with Aiko and her friend in lacy panties and stockings. They start with a little more to their outfits, but slide out of the rest early on. From there it's just the girls making out and kissing on each other sensually. Near the end we are treated to a great view of Aiko bent over away from us, seeing her panty-covered crotch and stockings; that's as explicit as it gets. Really a great vid for people who like seeing girls making out, or those with a stockings and panty fetish.

Fetish anal play Apr 17 2016
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Fingers, a dildo, and a plug, oh my! Anal first but with pussy play and double penetration, a great option for anal addicts! Foot lovers really need to check this out as Aiko shows off and sucks her nicely painted toes a few times in this video. Her fingers and a dildo fill both her pussy and ass, along with a nice butt plug for her backdoor. We work up with an anal focus, starting with Aiko's ass, then fingering her pussy with ass plugged, dildo in ass, plug in ass and dildo in pussy, and then adding on the hitachi wand and clit rubbing to finish off. A very hot experience!

AsianDreamX Apr 17 2016

Greetings!^^ Thank you for your detailed review! I am happy you enjoyed it and took a time for reviewing it thats great! :)

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A great lesbian shower scene with just two girls and a shower head They start dressed in sexy outfits; the friend's outfit is sheer and shows off her nipples. The clothes quickly come off and the fun heats up. I enjoyed the flirty kissing, great oral shots both close-up and full views, and multiple orgasms from both girls. Everything is so sexy and seductive. Very hot!

AsianDreamX Apr 17 2016

Thanks for review! So detailed!!!^^  We are excited to make lots new sexy movies ;)

JOI in leather Apr 16 2016
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Just want a girl to tell you how to stroke and encourage you? Then you're going to love this video. Aiko wants to get naked and watch you play, and make you go faster and harder until you blow a sticky load to share with her. Language is suggestive but not crude; it definitely turned up my interest. Strip down and get ready for some slippery fun!

PUBLIC anal plug Apr 15 2016
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Aiko gets very naughty in the stairs of her building for us! First we take a ride on the elevator, but wait for the doors to close again and the fun starts. After giving us and the security camera a show, we move to the stairs where the starring plug comes and goes as Aiko gives us an explicit show. And before it's all done we're taken to Aiko's apartment where she bids us farewell...

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Tia's submissive side really shines in this video, as she seems a little shocked each time the squirt hits her face. Yet she keeps going and doing it over, and over, and over...

●●●●● Read Review

Tia is extremely arousing even without all the hardcore, and this vid is my proof! Amazing eye contact throughout kept me very interested.

●●●●● Read Review

All anal and amazing. She spreads her pussy a few times but otherwise it's all about fingers and dildo in the ass and mouth. Plus in a hotel window? I can watch this one over and over... and already have.