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I'm a college student in Los Angeles. My page is of my real friends doing..various sexy things.

Los Angeles, CA United States Joined January 2016
Gh0st Jun 7

U and your friends are well I’ll do all of you

Gh0st Jun 7

U and your friends are well I’ll do all of you 👅

Mary, if you ever do a clip showing your nice soft armpits, jut advise me :)

Thanks for the Love!

Wrx_boi10 Mar 9 2017

When will we get to see more of Brittney

Jaret00 Feb 3 2017

More Aaron and Nikky please =)

msheehey deleted Dec 14 2016

can you please get some girl-girl kissing vids up besides nicole and mimi?

alien420vixen Sep 8 2016

hot stuff

ohfoxxxy Apr 20 2016

Leaving Lots of Love <3

JaydensCandyShop deleted Feb 29 2016

Left you a ton of hearts!! Great Videos <3 and About me section :H Mwah xxxxxx

Nice profile Baby! Left you Love. Funny "About" stuff!...I actually read them! LOL. Check me out when you can, and give me hearts if you like ;) Jessica

maryjaynesroom Feb 4 2016

Awwww! You're so amazing. And you popped my cherry wall! Yayyyy! Was it as good for you? Hee hee hee! Going to your page now!  Mwah!  <3

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I'm a college student in Los Angeles. I'm not really sure what else to write here. Does anyone even read this part? Doesn't everyone go straight to the pictures and videos? lol. Thanks for checking out my profile. I try to get as many of my friends as possible to let me film or photograph them, as I am a voyeur. Most of them say no. The ones you see on my page said yes. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy. Mwahhh!

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