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I love this girl and could watch her whip and degrade guys all night and all day.She is beautiful talented and oh so dominant. Looking forward to many more like this.

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Gorgeous girl, gorgeous outfit, heavy thrashing/ What more can a man ask?

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Wow. What working over she gives him. How does he take it? So small, so beautiful and so scary.

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This gorgeous petite dom is the best in the business. Listen as she tells you how many ways she has of breaking you both physically and mentally. If you don't finish up believing that she can and will you haven't been listening. She is such a sexy smoker that her smoking will turn you on even if you don't have a smoking fetish. You will want to book a session with her immediately.

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Layla is my idea of perfection and this clip is the best of it's type I have seen. She is so gorgeous and always in total control. The burns are obviously real and must hurt like hell but the old guy doesn't even flinch as she stubs them out. He is obviously enjoying himself and so is Layla. If this is your thing and you haven't bought it yet what are you waiting for. You will love it as I do.

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THIS GIRL IS SO BEAUTIFUL. She takes control from the very start and if you can make it to the part where she tells you you can cum you are a miracle worker. She smokes superbly and The lingerie is mind boggling. All in all one of the best clips of this type that I have seen in a long time. I can't wait for the next one.

Wow! Baby, you can not imagine how amaIng is for me reading this. This clip is the first that I shoot with this subject and even when I had so much fun I didn't really know If I was doing it right lololol I think I am gonna be more dominant from now. Thank you sooo much for this review, this really made my day 😻😘😘😘

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I have been buying this sort of clip for many years and I must say that this one of the best I've ever seen. For a start the girl is absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes that isn't neccasarily a good thing as she knows that all she has to do is look great and we'll be satisfied. Not Monica. She really seems to enjoy what she's doing. She is completely in control at all times and makes you believe that you are really there at her command. To top it off she has the sexiest accent that you have ever heard. If you are into this kind of thing you should buy this clip right now. You will not regret it. If this is not your thing take a look at her site to see if see's got anything in your line. I'm sure she will do your fantasies as well as she does mine.

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Wow it is one of my first customs and you gave it such an outstanding review!

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Wow. If you are a sub who's into a little pain you will love this clip. BunnyLovecraft is one sexy Domme. You really believe that you are helpless in her hands and that she is going to make you suffer. The punk look just adds to the illusion. She is a very sexy smoker for you smoking fetish freaks. No pretending, deep inhales and long jet exhaled in your face. I buy a lot of clips on this site but this is one of the best I've seen. Perhaps not everybodies cup of tea but if it sounds like your kind of thing believe me it is. You will love it.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. MelodyHero is the sexiest smoker on this site. All of her smoking vids a superb and this one is no exception. She's a little bit nasty in this one and we all love that and, as always, horny. If you like a bit of femdom you'll love this one. If you are into legs this will go a long way, like the legs do, to getting you off too.

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If you have ever found yourself completely enslaved by a woman's beauty then this is a video for you. One look at the pictures will tell you that MelodyHero is that kind of girl. She is extraordinarily beautiful and a completely believable in this role. She just takes control and you find yourself dreaming of obeying her every command. Every time I watch her I find myself searching her site for another of he great video's. If you are a sub with a smoking fetish then this is your dream come true. If something else tickles you fancy check out this site. It may be that she hits your fantasies as well as she does mine.

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If you think LittlePoppyUK is hot in her pictures you have got to buy one of her vids. She is magnificent. This is her first Attempt at role play I'm told. If so then she is a natural. She looks and plays the part to perfection. The video quality is good and if ,like me, you love an English accent again here's the girl for you. If you are a sub with a smoking fetish ,like me, then this is your lucky day. If not, buy one of her vids that suites your fetish. You will not regret it