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In love with my Hitachi...

Joined February 2016
lisa235 Mar 16

can you make a smoking clip with cigarette licking before light up

Custom clip from you please

Gorgeous girl!!! <3

That would be awesome <3 I like your collection, very hot stuff! :x

NaomiLe Dec 13

thanks babe :x***

So glad to see you back! You were missed!!

NaomiLe Sep 8

I have such a good video that I can't figure out how to get on this damn site lol

Well figure it out dammit!!! Lol

If it's too big you prob will haveto split it

NaomiLe Aug 5

Thank you to all my awesome followers who have stuck with me while I had to take a break from making content!  I will be back next week! <3<3<3:W:W:W:W

yelltam Aug 4

Wow really nice natural hairy body

NaomiLe Aug 5

glad you like ;)  I love being a natural girl

yelltam Aug 7

:D .. It's really hot ;)

NaomiLe Aug 8

glad you think so;)

I love your hair! Left you some hearts also <3

NaomiLe Aug 5

thank you!

NaomiLe Aug 5

will check out your page and leave some too!

Roxiemarrie deleted Jul 25

Left hearts ❤️

NaomiLe Aug 5

thanks sweetie I will check out your page to return the favor ;)

Left to some hearts, feel free to check my profile out and leave me some too!❤😚🌺

NaomiLe Jul 25

thanks hot stuff I definitely will!

eistop Jul 20

Left lot's of <3's :)

NaomiLe Jul 21

why thank you!!

aww thanks for the love! Nice to have another MILF :) xoxo


NaomiLe Jul 21

I know, right??  Mwah!

Hi gorgeous i left you some hearts too! xoox

NaomiLe Jul 6

you're the best sexy girl!


If you are reading this, stop and start buying! This is one of the best pages and most underrated on here! You will not be disappointed! Seriously!

NaomiLe Jun 18

Thanks so much babe!  Can't wait to get back to making content!  <3<3<3:W***

Mandachu May 31

You're seriously so damn cute xo!!! Do you have an Instagram? You should follow me, mandachu

NaomiLe Jun 7

Why thank you sweetheart you are super cute yourself!  I don't have IG I need to get it lol and I will def follow you.  Follow me on twitter @theNaomiLe <3<3<3

KieyaMay deleted May 13

Have seen ur profile pop up a few times! love it sending u some <3<3<3<3

please check me out Im a newbie, joined this week and some hearts too :)

NaomiLe May 13

Of course mama!  Love to support the newbies, I am still fairly new myself!

KieyaMay deleted May 13

thank you ! xx

ChibiMoony deleted May 10

Left to some hearts, feel free to check my profile out and leave me some to!💋

NaomiLe May 12

happy to do so , hot stuff!!!

What a stunning little pussy! Would love a boy girl custom from you. Drop a messege on my page if you're up for doing it hun. Love your page x

NaomiLe May 6

I will message you now<3

:)Thank you for the <3 sweetie, it means so much to me!! I left your page a heart too. Enjoy your weekend :x

NaomiLe May 6

Thank you sweetie!!<3<3<3

Hello you sexy gorgeous beautiful women

NaomiLe May 2

<3<3<3:W:W:W:pussy::pussy::pussy: you're the sexy one;)

Hi sweetie.       💋💋💋💋💋💋

NaomiLe Apr 30

hey baby girl <3<3<3 this is me when I think of you  :W***:W***

JZederr Apr 12

Hi there ! Do you make custom videos? Please email me with your profile link on

NaomiLe Apr 30

This confuses me, don't you have my profile link as you are writing on my wall?

masterp Apr 8

Hey you!  Ive missed you, hit me up <3

NaomiLe Apr 30

How did I miss this post??  I am such a jerk!  <3<3<3

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MILF, grad student, goofy girl who is super sweet on the outside and nasty on the inside... I love to film myself masturbating, sucking dick, anal sex, doing various things to my asshole, tutus, knee highs, and my new Hitachi! I am an all natural and chilled out girl who does not shave. Most vids are one take and unedited for a more \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'real\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' feel, and possibly out of laziness;) If you like what you see, help me fund my grad degree by buying vids and store items!


Student Naughty Girl


1983-10-31 (33)




White / Caucasian


American United States





Hair Color


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34" 27" 38"

Breast Size

Natural 34B


5'6" or 168 cm


120 lbs

Body Type

About Average