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Dakota DollTM formerly known as Dakota Skye. I do customs, skypes and more. Check out my site!

CaliforniaUnited States Joined February 2016
MV Score 683

Hey I tried buying your phone number would you pm me? Is there another way I can get it?

My review would be that's you're an amazing soul, I love waking up everyday next to you (: I wouldn't change you for anything baby

I miss you... I'm sorry...

Hi can you please add Custom video on your site?

arie14 Jan 6

hello dakota i purchased a 300 dollar custom vid from yr site it says you will email but you not please do

arie14 Jan 6

hello dakota i purchased a 300 dollar custom vid from yr site it says you will email but you not please do

arie14 Jan 6

hello dakota i purchased a 300 dollar custom vid from yr site it says you will email but you not please do

stezzi Nov 2

I never received the product bought 03/06/2016.thx


fuckjangostevens deleted Sep 5


DaddyCumming Jun 16 2016

You give me some REAL Daddy/Daughter fantasies. I hope maybe soon you will consider making a custom video.

YourPetAsian May 15 2016

Is your snapchat still for sale?

tommyb91 Apr 1 2016

Hey, Are you panties still available for sale that were up here last week? xx

Just Dakota Apr 7 2016

which kind?! <3 i have some available

matt13382 Apr 23 2016

im looking to buy too :)

You are so Cute and Sexy Girl. Wow. I hearted everywhere, all over your page. BigKisses :kiss_me:<3:) Jessica

Fryfan22 Mar 29 2016

Hey Dakota! Quick question, how are your items shipped. I just wanted to know what to look for? Brown package or something?

Just Dakota Apr 7 2016

depends on  the item you bought

RoyGBiv deleted Mar 26 2016

Just out of curiosity, what do you do with the money you take from people purchasing custom vids you never deliver?

Just Dakota Apr 7 2016

You were given a refund. I'm sorry at the moment I was taking on too much and this was one of those things. xo

Roxielynn deleted Mar 14 2016

Hearted you love

Just Dakota Apr 7 2016

xo thank you girly

Wodahs56 Mar 14 2016

Heyy, how do i know when your available for a skype?

Just Dakota Mar 26 2016

I dont do skypes xo

JAYS POV Mar 9 2016

If you would ever like to do content trade let me know. :)


04ealr1 Mar 7 2016

Hi Dakota, hope this finds you well.
I'm interested in the pussypop idea with video, very unique not seen that before! I was wondering if you could message me, I have a few questions I'd just like to ask in relation to the 10 minute video, and the delivery process (I'm from the UK).
Many Thanks,

Just Dakota Apr 7 2016

Hi dear, I actually stopped selling those! Limited items now!<3

stuart Mar 6 2016

Hi Dakota, hope you are well. First time of posting on this so here goes. I'm interested in the 30 minute custom video, am I able to choose your clothing, toys and the type of role play scenario (obviously if you are happy as well). How does this work, I pay for the 30 minutes and you then message me and I let you know what I want? hope to hear from you soon :)

Just Dakota Apr 7 2016

Yes, check out my custom video section

bolala221 deleted Mar 5 2016

do you squirt by any chance? id love to see you squirt

Just Dakota Mar 6 2016

Yes ;)

Assman420_1975 Mar 4 2016

Guessing people might enjoy sleeping with & on a pillowcase covered in you creamy juices. Probably enjoy watching you make it for them too.

Just Dakota Mar 6 2016

good idea!

Just Dakota Mar 6 2016

good idea!

gregbattiste Mar 4 2016

I'd love to see that smoking fetish blowjob! Man that would be sexy!

Just Dakota Mar 4 2016

Weed ok? :)

PlayTimeTim Mar 4 2016

Yes indeed love to see some BG videos here for sure and im sure all of fans will purchase them .

pdxguru72 Mar 4 2016

Yes more b/g videos of you doing a bj with a facial and you swallowing the load...

Just Dakota Mar 4 2016


Just Dakota Mar 4 2016

I will add it to the list!

Lofeet Mar 3 2016

Fuckyeah!!!! Awesome performance and extremmelly beauty^^ i like u a lot Dakota im glad for see you right here <3 Big kisses from Andorra)

Just Dakota Mar 4 2016

thanks baby <3

wildpete Mar 1 2016

Hey, let me know more about custom videos? Thanks!

Just Dakota Mar 3 2016

What else do you need to know?

Just Dakota Mar 4 2016

what all would you like to know? xixixix

Schizmit deleted Feb 26 2016

Hey Dakota, is there anyway we could work something out to get a signed pic of you, using one of the pictures you have in your photo gallery on here? I'd like to get it for my bf, he's a super big fan of yours and would be a cool surprise!


Just Dakota Mar 3 2016

Which photo? can you send me a message on here?

Schizmit deleted Mar 9 2016

Hey again, I don't have a membership on here, do you know if I need a membership to buy stuff from your shop? I would message you but i just want a one time thing, I don't really need a membership, I just want to get a gift for someone else.

Just Dakota Apr 7 2016

I'm not sure, I can ask or you can contact support! xo

mrbangtidy87 Feb 26 2016

Hi I think you are gorgeous seen a few of your videos so hot and sexy! I'm Interested in purchasing one of your pussy pops with a picture. Just wondering if you can ship to the UK and if so how much. Cheers :) xx

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This is how the story goes: One day, cute little Dakota, living in small town Ohio, turned on her computer and decided to turn men on everywhere in the world, using nothing but a camera and an Internet connection. Well, we all know the world of webcam girls can be fun and exciting for a bit, but for Dakota it lacked the freedom to fully explore her inner slut.


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