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FloridaGermany Joined February 2016
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bockel Jul 24

Can't believe you're 48.Are you sure?(lol)What a GODDESS!!
Thanks for the vids,they are  so hot.

Thank you Bockel!!! 1969!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bockel Jul 27

Good for you!!!

XOXO thank you Bockel!!!!!! And for your custom video order !

XOXOXO Thank you :)

My pleasure,beauty!!!

bockel Jul 22

Beautiful and horny milf !!Love it


Just whaoo!

So happy you enjoy my profile! Thank you slaveslut22!

EZE083 Jul 4

You Have a new fan in me...You are simply gorgeous! love your content! :)

Awesome!!!!!! So glad you enjoy my vids :)


Thank you Hotwife Kitty! :) xoxo  Rae

how do i send u some satin to wear in vids cause i want custom vids made from stuff i send

Message me!

muk1982 May 5

Sending  lots and lots of hearts from the UK I think you're absolutely stunning, p.m. please?

kisses and hugs from germany to florida <3:A(Y))

Kisses right back at ya :) 


XOXO Thank you :) Back at ya!

I have a request you should do a video with sporty nylon wind pants or even nylon shorts. They work great for grinding on. Hopefully you can do something like 69 where you sit on his face and give him head with the pants still on. Afterwards have him grinding on your ass with the pants still on and cum on them. Maybe have his point of view so we can see what hes looking at. Im new to this site and I know you want to charge me for a custom video, but I will actually help you out if you make this video ill help by sharing your page with this video to a lot of my friends that are into this that belong to https://www.shinysports.com/ which is a fetish site for these types of pants. Ill be sure to tell everyone how great your site is and help you make a great profit on the video all I ask for is the video to be made. Ill pay for the video once its on your site. Hopefully you considers this, thank you!

What shorts are you talking about?

can i get a custom with jodi?

She used to be my neighbor, so it would have been easy for that but she moved away so I don't see her so often now :(

can you do a mom boy roleplay?

You are pure goddess

XOXO thank you :)

I've some questions about Skype and kik. Could you message me please? Thanks.

you are Gorgeous

Aww Thank you :) xoxox

Vinnie95 Nov 13

I really enjoy your video. You are sexy and I love the outfit you had on.

Thanks so much :)

Hey beauty
Are you really 47?
How could you look so young
You are gorgeous glamours love you 
You're too way sexy!Cheers

Hello! Yes I am born in 1969! Thank you babe!!!! XOXOXOX

Rae Knight

Hello, you feel very confidently
I really like you
can i just asking a question?
No offense but i'd like to know for those men that get filmed with you ,are they your acquaintances or the people who wants to make the custom videos with you?

Would you mind sending me a message please. I'd love to discuss a Skype show with you. Thank you!

of course you can!

watta fucking hot femme
cheers, mistress
:D !

KISSES :) xoxox


xoxo thanks ;)



damn, you're a fucking sexy hot woman
congratulations on your work

thank you :) xoxo


niceguy286 Aug 5 2016

Hey sweetie, love your vids but unfortunately the audio has not been working on one of them. Has anyone else had this issue? I bought the caught by mommy vid but i can't hear anything when the video plays. Let me know if there is a solution. Thanks! :)

Butt3rflyforu Aug 16 2016

I have not heard that from anyone....try downloading VLC media player...it might be your media player...VLC will play anything!  I'm sorry to hear that but all the audio is working ...I have not heard from anyone that it is not

Wrx_boi10 Jul 26 2016

Do you have any videos with Jordyn?:)

Butt3rflyforu Aug 2 2016

Yes message me at butt3rflyforu@hotmail.com

NaomiLe deleted Jul 2 2016

Love having another MILF on the scene!  Giving you tons of hearts, I love your previews!  Check out my page and throw me some hearts if you like:)  <3<3<3:W:W:W*********

Butt3rflyforu Jul 10 2016

XOXO just did xoxo


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