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Hi ♥ i'm Adam! But girls, you're welcome to call me Daddy if we connect. :3 i'm a dirty fat old chain-smoking pervert from Toronto with a whitening beard, and (without being too immodest) very kind and sweet too. And i live for erotic filth! i LOVE smoking (dark side, lung-cancer encouragement etc), scrunched bare soles (the dirtier, dustier and drier the better ♥ mmmm), foreskin and SO much more. i have a huge fetish for DUST (dust, dirt, omg SAND). Looking forward to supporting YOUR sexiness!








White / Caucasian


Canadian Canada

Lives in


Hair Color


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5'8" or 173 cm

Body Type

A few extra pounds

Recent Reviews

●●●●● Read Review

Nina is the perfect BBW Greek whore (and oversexed milky mother) you've been looking for! But let's get to the specifics of this video. ♥

First, this one is shot in very nice HD (1080p) which is always a win. The visual feast of our fully-nude Nina spreading her gaping cunt in HD is a pleasure. With a sweet smile and personal "hi dear" you are transported into the room, right there with her. Nina's words quickly turn into dirty talk as she spreads her pink, crinkly, juicy wide-open hole and pisses for you -- right in your face. (What a wet delicious drink!) Her huge dark nipple even starts leaking milk all on its own, without being touched! Later, Nina squeezes her big, soft, bare tits and encourages you to leave a 5-star review if you liked this. With a wave of her sexy pudgy hand she says bye bye -- and you think to yourself: "i need more Nina!" :D

i particularly like that she is happy and smiling in this one ♥ Different videos offer different things and angles that may appeal to someone's particular tastes. BUT as a fan of Nina's, i can safely say "pussy prolaps with pee and dirty talk" is a video any fan will wanna have in their collection. 20 stars outta 5 dear! ♥ xoxo

NinaDoll Jul 12 2017

WOW thnx ! <3

●●●●● Read Review

This is an extremely candid, genuine video from start to finish. There is a sweet, tender innocence to it (like when Jessie's fella fears the truck alongside them will see, and it being their first video together) ... yet it is also extremely HOT! ♥ You really get a sense of being right there with them ... of how HARD that cock is in Jessie's warm, horny grasp, and how naughty this is. When he cums at the end ... dudes, you HAVE to see it. Talk about a thick MESS of semen and sperm! i won't tell you what Jess does afterwards, but at the risk of repeating myself ... it's HOT! haha ♥

This is a vertical video, but i found this added to the candid reality ... which is really a feature in Giggly Roadtrip Handjob. (And it's actually a 1080p vertical video! :p) All in all, i think this has good re-watch value. It's funny, hot and real. i rate this video 25 stars out of 5! ♥ Looking forward to more, Jessie! ^ _ ^ Love always, adam ♥ xo

Awe, thank you Adam! I am glad you thought it was as fun to watch as we thought it was to make! xo, Jessie

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Soft and bosomy - this is a perfect, simple, bare-titted, Christmas-music lullaby video to make you smile. Extremely big, bare sugar plums and some funny moments too. Merry Christmas (and THICKmas) Elle! ^ _ ^ Five Cat Marios out of five ♥ :3 ♥ xx

●●●●● Read Review

i love this video! ♥ Not only are you getting to spend some fun shopping time in public with Codi, it's BOOBS-focused time at that :D

i think this video will actually help fellas understand better about bra diversity (there's a lot more to it than just assuming a number), and even just how they're put on haha. Also i LOVE the 32L-cup "winner" bra!! ( Btw: you can see her wearing this particular brassiere in "Cheat on your Flat-Chested Wife 4K" guys :D ) Bonuses in Public Bra Shopping include: another girl is there, and she gets touchy with Codi's tits more than once! ♥♥ -- bare boobs (her titties are so full and gooood) -- the sounds of other women in the shop as Codi tries on bra after bra -- the risqué thrill of getting away with filming this in a place where she's not supposed to -- and an after-shopping sit-down with Codi in her car as she goes into detail on the winners. :3 i won't spoil the surprise in this final bit, but one of the bras ... omg! :P

Even though this isn't an explicit video per se, i give this 40 stars outta 5 ♥ Codi, i'd love if you do more like these. Changing rooms + Codi = win! Jeans, lingerie, more bras etc. And i would absolutely love to see you pushing the boundaries of public naughtiness to new places! Thanks, sugar ^ _ ^ Love always, Daddy ♥ xoxo

●●●●● Read Review

Where do i begin? ♥ The first thing i noticed about "Auntie Alien Impregnation Pt 1" (apart from the HOT preview) is how masterfully edited and filmed it is! Puck has really upped her game in this area and it bodes well for all manner of ideas and things to cum. :3 Crisply detailed macro close-ups, engaging post-editing, and excellent use of multiple camera angles. ♥

As for the video itself: from filthy talk to real cumming ... from the burbling squelching sounds of alien semen (and fertilized unearthly eggs) being birthed from Auntie's FILTHY fuckholes, to the bareback fucking she gives her nephew ... omg! i especially like how her experiences have left her craving MANY more dicks now, and sooo much more man-seed. "Especially in my ASS." When she tells her nephew how all that alien semen is coating his cock as they fuck, mmmmm. That appeals to me, homosexually! :D But of course Auntie Puck herself is on fire in this. She really is such a DIRTY SLUT. And that's glorious. Also the macro close-ups we get of her glistening cunt and anus are must-see! ♥

The description Puck wrote is incredibly detailed so there's not much point in going into much more detail here. Suffice to say i give "Auntie Alien Impregnation Pt 1" 40 stars outta 5! Yes, forty outta five! ♥ ^ _ ^ Thanks sugar! Love always, Daddy ♥ xo

●●●●● Read Review

♥♥♥ 50 STARS ♥♥♥ God fucking DAMN, this is HOT!!! ^ _ ^ --- i found this clip through a random search. i can't even remember what it was haha but i'm glad. First thing i noticed is her wide soles (mmmmm heaven!). Then her large labia and pink, wet cunt (there's a lot of variety out there when it comes to labia / vaginas and her chocha is just how i prefer them!) Her plump, fully-nude body and THICK Spanish accent are toe-curlingly good (she speaks Spanish in most of this but there are some parts with English -- and you won't have any difficulty understanding this vid). She's sooooo sexy! --- In conclusion: buy "I am sandra sanchez" right NOW! Seriously, don't wait and don't think, just do it...your cock will thank you immensely and have zero regrets. Mine is very happy! ♥ i want to pound this bare-soled Mexican whore so deep and hard, all night long! If she was my maid i'd bend her over for fucking every - single - day. --- P.S. After you buy this you're going to need customs from her, at the urgent demand of your scrotum. Trust me ♥ FIFTY stars outta five!

●●●●● Read Review

Holy fuck Amber ... your belly is the sexiest!!! ♥ ^ _ ^ ♥ i LOVE how fat it is ... and those big, thick, deep stretch marks (one of the sexiest attributes a woman can have) are one of the sexiest phenomenons i've seen in ages. The saggy wrinkled skin of your overweight belly is also VERY penis pleasing :D It's refreshing to know you appreciate how sexy you are, in spite of society's dumbass standards. i can safely say i wanna see more of your hot-as-hell stretch marks + belly in some smoky custom content ♥ As to particulars on this vid, guys: it's 1080p (excellent) - nice big file (also excellent) - and we get some very ASMR-y sounds as redhead beauty Amber shows us her plethora of stretch marks in detail, including close-ups. i tend to prefer vids with talking but this one is great. No regrets buying it! 25 stars outta 5. Love, adam *smoky kisses* xoxo

●●●●● Read Review

This may actually be one of my favourites from Rose yet! ^ _ ^ ♥ A truly enjoyable video to watch ... and better still, it holds up to repeat viewing. ♥ :D It's ironic because i normally love dry girls, dirt and dust ... but in this, i see the benefits of getting wet! Fully nude (God how i love the view of her untrimmed fully hairy CUNT), she runs just enough shower water to get wet ... and then takes her time soaping up a slick, sexy lather all over her black body. When she dips her fingers between her legs, mmmm you can tell this coffee-black beauty enjoys it as much as i do! i think this video is pretty self-explanatory so i don't need to go into a play-by-play of the rinsing haha. It's worth every penny. 100 stars out of 5, sugar! *sloppy kisses* ♥ ♥ ♥ Love always, daddy

●●●●● Read Review

The camera-work is superb in this 1080p POV video ... crisp, fine details in perfect macro clarity. It really stands out and bodes well for future vids! This is sensual and slightly surreal in an ASMR (?) kind of way, yet authentic and unscripted ... few words are spoken as Jessie pumps your cock and gazes at you. You moan, she breathes ... your manhood swells. When she senses you getting close to cumming in her warm, slick, feminine hand, her face will light up with realization.

But what's this? Delightfully unexpected elements of sensitive cock-teasing and orgasm denial cum into play here! What will happen next? :D Watch it yourself and find out! One thing is certain: Jessie loves playing with your hard cock ♥ 20 stars out of 5 ... guys who love POV and worship the feminine power that enthralls us will love this video. So glad You're here in MV, Jess! Love always, adam ♥ xo

I hadn’t thought of it as surreal or ASMR-y, so thanks for the insightful feedback ❤️

●●●●● Read Review

Part of me wants to wait till my brain is on again before reviewing this ... but the other part of me is in heaven and says "you have a cock, not a brain. DO IT NOW!" Guys ... the description says it all so i could stop right there, haha. Read it again. And trust me: the preview doesn't do this clip justice. Penny's bare soles are dirtier than you think ... and you get to see, up close! Add in jeans, smoking, spying, getting caught and genuine, real-life humiliation from a real-life Mommy ... what a wonderful treat! Penny loves making us pay for sex (she's very slutty and powerful), and this is even better!

i highly recommend buying this. The price is a bargain. Even if not everything in it is your cup of tea, it showcases how talented Penny is at reading males knowing what makes us twitch ... at making our balls overflow with stinking semen. Thank You, Mommy ^ _ ^ ♥ ♥ ♥ 500 stars out of 5! i can hardly wait for more to cum! Love always, adam ♥ xo

●●●●● Read Review

See in the description where it says "How long can you last"? Prepare your penis. You are GOING to cum ... i'm telling you, it's happening haha. You WILL find yourself teetering on the edge of cumming, unable to stop yourself from tumbling over!!

It begins with a mental replay of wild, imagined fantasies you've been having about your office crush (Penny). Before long, the real Ms. Trait is in front of you, asking about work ... and she's even sexier! You're trying not to gawk and get caught, but it's so hard. She smells good too. We've all had a dreamy crush on a workplace hottie ♥ When your crush takes a liking to those furtive glances and horny gazes (you aren't as subtle as you think, mister) ... what then? You'll have to buy the video to find out but trust me ... ZERO regrets buying this! ♥

Another hot thing about this is that she's not just speaking to you as the co-worker you can't stop lusting for. It's the real her speaking to the real you, too ♥ She loves making you hard ... seeing you throb ... making you CUM. Penny personally told me she wants me to CUM like crazy to this ... to spurt ropes of salty semen everywhere from my cock, and eat up the gooey mess afterwards. :3 That encouragement really made this vid extra exciting for me!

In summation, 100 stars out of 5! ♥ From the must-see views, to the dual voices (i love how she's embraced this) to the cum encouragement and more ... if you don't buy this, you're crazy. If you do, Penny will drive you crazy! Much better, haha :D Thank You, sugar! ♥ ♥ ♥ *kisses* xoxo

<3<3<3<3<3 5 hearts for my best review yet!!! WOW! I LOVE your passion and excitement for my work! Knowing your so excited makes ME soooo excited! Seriously, thank you for sharing such a great review, this type of response to my smut is what makes it so much fucking fun to create! :x

●●●●● Read Review

This is a surprisingly watchable, sexy lil contest tease vid! ♥ It beckons the imagination, while also swellifying the loins, mmmmm. i strongly advise anyone whose penis pulses with potent, pussy-seeking precum and lust for Puck to download (and review) this video. You'll be glad you did ... Puck is good with these surprises ♥ :3 Best of luck with the MV Awards, sugar!! (knock on wood) xoxo

Take His Load Nov 6 2017
●●●●● Read Review

Homophobic hotness!!! ^ _ ^ This shows a particular side of my beautiful Bee, and it's honestly really fucking hot and genuine. The derision and disgust are real - but she's clearly enjoying it too, and Bee can't help but smile as she smokes and smokes. Humiliating you. Degrading and shaming you as your not-so-secret homo desires come to light. You won't want to be anywhere else, you unfaithful cheating faggot ♥

Ordinarily i prefer 1080p (which Bee's newer stuff is shot in) but this particular vid comes out very, very nicely at 720p. For any of you guys thinking "hmm - the vid seems short, and expensive" - sometimes that makes sense but NOT this time. i have NO regrets in buying this vid. In fact, it's inspired some ideas for more! i'd give this 50 stars out of 5 if i could ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxo

●●●●● Read Review

"Blowjob before morning pee" focuses on Zhaddie's genuinely submissive nature -- her desperate need to pee -- and her boyfriend's demanding whims. :D There's a lot of back and forth talking (i.e. begging from her, dominant orders from him) and attempted bargaining. He seems to take an especial delight in torturing Zhaddie by repeatedly making her THINK she's going to be allowed to pee, only to say yet again "nope, suck my cock". You get to see her hopping around in legit desperation, squeezing her hairy cunt and (of course) sucking that uncut dick with her usual glorious skill, but also with a fervency driven by her suffering bladder.

NOTE: this is a vertical vid, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. i personally prefer "normal" horizontal vids (as compared to vertical). There's also no cumshot in this one. BUT that said, it's filmed in crisp, clear HD -- and this IS worth buying ♥ Eminently jack-worthy, and also entertaining! Haha. "Blowjob before morning pee" will make your cock hard with dreams of bossing your obedient girl around without one DAMN for what's reasonable! :D

In summation, i give this video 30 stars out of 5! ^ _ ^ (Would have been 40 outta 5, but vertical + no cumshot lost a few points. But only a few. Next time!) Thanks sugar! Love always, daddy ♥ xoxo

●●●●● Read Review

This is one of Zhaddie's first MV videos and the first i ever purchased from her. Public Beach Blowjob is a glorious sign of things to come (and cum)! ♥♥

First: this vid is extremely HD - which i LOVE ♥ (Please keep shooting in this format, babe!) You really feel like you're right there at the beach with your girl -- close enough to count the prodigious freckles on her sexy, pretty face. You can practically smell the salt air and sand in her hair. No VR tech needed! That leads to my next point. Not sure if this was Zhaddie's intent or not, but Public Beach Blowjob is very much a first-person POV style video. Which is HOT. It's like she's sucking YOUR cock! This is *exactly* what you'd see in that situation. Finally, dude -- you HAVE to see the cumshot and semen-coated aftermath. You just have to! When she offers her cummy tongue, mmmm! :D As a huge fan of uncut cocks (mmm my mouth waters), i really like how Zhaddie's BF has such a sexy foreskin.

For me personally, this video almost felt like a custom because it appeals to a lot of my niche desires. Like when she says the cock is "salty, and sandy" (and you can see the sand on it). i have a sand fetish haha :P But that being said, ANYONE who likes blowjobs and/or public sex and/or POV and/or Zhaddie will genuinely enjoy this vid. i wouldn't be reviewing it now unless i could confidently say you want this in your collection. It's highly re-watchable too, which is often not the case with porn. In summation, i give Public Beach Blowjob 40 stars out of 5! ♥♥♥

Thanks, sugar! ^ _ ^ Love always, Daddy ♥ xo (smokey sandy semen kisses)

●●●●● Read Review

Only men already in their graves can resist Little Puck - and perhaps not even then! Her previews speak for themselves. She's a VERY friendly, ultra-horny whore who enthusiastically loves sex and making you cum cum CUM ♥♥♥ You can't fake what she has in unlimited spades. So take her up on these special deals while you can - your cock will love you, and so will she! ♥

●●●●● Read Review

i fucking love this video because it's authentic. Because you're right there in the room with her ... from the moment she pulls her stretchy tits out from her tank top, to when we see the bare heels of her feet (mmmmmmm, a big selling point for me when i bought this initially) ... and those panties! :D Even before she pulls them off, look how sexy and unique they are! (i hope you still have them, sugar!) ♥ ♥ The people heard in the background also make this extra erotic to me. This is amateur gold ♥ While finding a good position on camera can be hard sometimes, the masturbation is real ... all authentic. And in the last moments of the video, seeing her bare nude black body ... she's in bed with me and i love it. This one gets 40 stars out of 5 from me, my black whore! Love you *sloppy kisses* ♥ ♥ ~ daddy xo

●●●●● Read Review

If you're a white man who loves black submissive sluts ... buy this! i love how so much of Rose's hairy cunt bush is NOT covered by this banana- yellow, loose-fitting lingerie ♥ :D Most of this video is very lip focused ... she sucks her own finger like it's your cock. Relaxed, taking her time ... no rush (in a good way). It's intimate. Her big, fat black lips contrast nicely with her pink tongue. Add in some talking at either end of the video, some humping from behind, bare tits and you have a winner! Good job slut ♥ 10 stars out of 5! This one is relaxing, intimate, sexy and certainly worth having. Love, daddy ♥ :3 xo

Freckled Smoker Jun 22 2017
●●●●● Read Review

i'm not entirely impartial here, because i already know that when Allie is behind the camera, she does an amazing job. But let's give it a go! ♥

This is more of an erotic video, rather than "porn" -- but worth having! Exploring Zhaddie from multiple angles and at least two cameras while she smokes her Camel cigarette, Freckled Smoker absolutely offers you the "you are there" feeling. It's extremely HD (all of Allie's work is). Lots of close-up shots and knowing smirks. Zhaddie knows you're pumping your cock right in front of her freckled face as she smokes! The music fittingly complements a number of the shots too and enhances the vibe of this vid. Add the Miami summer sunshine, and a brief but sexy view of Zhaddie's floral flip-flop-clad bare feet as she stubs out the butt, and you've got a video any smoking fetish fan would spurt pre-cum for and want to have.

i'd personally like to see more nose exhales in future smoking vids. Exhaled cigarette smoke is also one of those things that just films better in enhanced lighting, vs outdoors. That said, if you are a fan of relaxing erotica i can honestly, absolutely recommend that you buy this video now.

Thanks, sugar! ^ _ ^ Love always, daddy ♥ xoxo (smokey, sandy, semen-filled tongue kisses)

●●●●● Read Review

i think this is a lovely thing to do, Larkin, and very much in the true spirit of Christmas *hugs* We all need a little more generosity and love to touch our lives, and less unkindness in these times. This video is sweet -- how on earth anyone took the time to give it 3 stars is beyond me. 5 stars from me, Larkin! (They won't let me go higher than that, haha.) *hugs again* Bless You, bless Forrest and Merry Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxoxoxo