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White / Caucasian


American United States



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



6'2" or 188 cm

Body Type




Recent Reviews

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Stop whatever it is your doing and buy this video right now, you owe it to yourself to experience this video, are you still reading this... stop and buy the video then cum to it, then come back and finish reading this if you want. (5/5)

The only thing hotter than this video is Zoey Taylor herself. I love finding videos of girls asking to be impregnated and this is bay far one of the best. I am not Asian and I was a bit worried that would take me out of the video, but, it absolutely doesn't. If you are Asian I imagine this would turn you on even more while viewing.

Zoey's is absolutely next level perfection personality, eyes, body everything and she uses it all masterfully. She uses the movement of her body and some interesting camera angles to really draw you into the fantasy and her seduction. All of the poses she uses in this video are just down right breath taking. I also can not stress enough how truly gorgeous Taylor is. Her matching purple bra and panties fit her just right and it is wonderful!

Audio is good (excellent dirty talk, lots of it!)
Camera is good, I would love to see some high-end camera footage of Zoey!
Lighting works

Zoey you are a goddess, thank you so much for making this video can't wait to get more of your videos! Please make some more impregnation videos that have nothing to do with brother sister stuff.

Break Down of Video
Bar comes off at 1:42
Pussy first shown at 5:21
Panties completely off at 6:42
Simulated Bj at 8:40
Initial penetration at 14:55 in reverse cow girl position (extremely hot!)
Taylor cums at 18:25

●●●●● Read Review

This is a truly wonderful video, Eden Fern is absolutely gorgeous, her face, body and when she makes eye contact with the camera it is pure heaven! Also the positions she gets into are just amazing. Overall I would strongly recommend this video to others. I have watched it a number of times and it never fails to get the blood pumping!

Beautiful Agony Feb 16 2016
●●●●● Read Review

If you are not up to date on what Beautiful Agony type videos are then you might want to look into that before you purchases this video. If on the other hand your like me and love Beautiful Agony type videos, then this is an excellent video for you. There is one part where you see some nipple and it just made that even more powerful in this video. I have watched this video quite a few times since downloading it and it never fails to get me all the way there! Eden Fern is beautiful and watching her cum, the sound of her moans and voice after she's reached her pleasure is just out of this world! Do yourself a favor and pick this one up! You won't be disappointed!