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Hello! My name is Lola and I'm a 22 year old tattooed red head from the uk! I produce HD boy/girls, girl/girls and solos! I also take on customs and have space this week, sell undies and lots more! 
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TinyMabe Jul 28

Hi sexy i saw youre into fan body signs O.O:x ?

hey love! just wanted to say hi!

Hey there mister, I'm up for most things, but what's a fan body sign?

Thanks dear <3

Notice me senpaaaiiiiiiiiiii! :A:`(:O:%


Thank you so much <3

I hope u like my fansign, Ruru.
Will wait new ideas from u <3<3<3

have a great week, honey :A

Candeelace deleted Apr 29

Thanks dear for purchasing my fansign❤️

Kokowu Apr 20

Sure why not :)

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I like body fan signs...I don't kill...I don't steal...that's my thing...RURU





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