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Great video, starts off with CJ fingering herself and leads tonher playing with her glass toy. CJ makes great noises while playing with herself.

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Love the butt plug. The changes in speed of which she rides is great. Rides at a slow pace and a fast and hard pace. Would recommend the purchase. Love the noises and sounds

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This video was fucking amazing and not just as a great behind the scenes look vid. Thanks for the free vid and looking forward to buying your new stuff in the new year.

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Kimber fingers her pretty pussy right in front of the camera to give you a great view

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Tiny bikini, thigh high socks and Kimber's moans as she fingers herself. The perfect combination for one hell of a video.

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Some booty poppin in a short dress with some high heels on before Kimber fingers herself???? Hell yeah.

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If you are a fan of close up shots, then you absolutely need this video.

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There is just something so undeniably sexy about watching a woman fingering herself, no toys or anything

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My God, that view when she turns around to ride the toy is fucking amazing.

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Kimber in her glasses looks like a smoking hot librarian that you unfortunately never ever see.

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Thigh highs make anything perfect, add in some DP action with Kimber and it gets even better.

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Kimber gives you a slow teasing strip show before sucking on her toy and taking it balls deep.

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Watching her take a toy in both holes at the same time are what (wet)dreams are made of.

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It is CRAZY and crazy sexy how flexible Kimber is. Almost as sexy as the way she shakes when she orgasms with her glasses toy.

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She is so damn sexy I those fishnet thigh highs and tiny panties before stripping out of them

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Kimber has perfected the close-up shot. Great teasing video leading up to Kimber sliding her pink toy into her ass and fucking herself with it.

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Kimber is SMOKING hot in the blonde wig. Tons of close-ups in the video and the way her ass grips the toy is perfect.

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Greatest video ever from about the 8:07 mark on.

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Yes. Everything about this video is awesome. From the hot elf ears, to the wig, to the sexy thigh high socks. Great close up at the end of CJ playing with her self.

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CJ cums pretty damn hard in this video, such a great orgasm to watch.

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The sounds she makes when that ice cold butt plug goes in for the first time are absolutely the best. Throughout the video she increases the size of toys she uses.

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Mirror vids are great since you get to see everything, only problem is not knowing where to look! All of the views are great so you can't go wrong.

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I love CJ's riding videos, especially if they feature reverse cowgirl because then you get to see her perfect ass bounce up and down.

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Fantastic. I loved the things high socks and CJ's dp videos are the best around.

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Knee high socks and deepthroat Alice, is the best Alice. The video finishes with a great facial.

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Alice is in her super sexy stockings with built in garter belt, what could be hotter? Answer: her saying "Please come fuck my little ass." A great video that transitions from her fingering her ass to her taking a dildo balls deep in in. Perfect 5/7

Hitachi Orgasms Jan 21 2018
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Alternative title for this video, "Fast and Furious" because that's how she cums in this video.

Also, her butthole is the greatest thing ever to watch as she cums.

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You know that scene in 'Animal House' where they chant "Toga, toga, toga." Well, it doesn't work out as well when you're trying to do it as "Body stocking, body stocking, body stocking" so don't try.

Alice starts the video off with a great view of her cheeks spread and giving and even better view of her ass. This video has some of the greatest close ups and camera placement.

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Alice AND a bad dragon toy??? The only thing you need to know is get this video ASAP.

But... If you're still here and reading this, you can hear how wet she is in this video.

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Let me break it down,
1) her blow job skills are A1+++
2) thigh highs, let me repeat that. THIGH. HIGHS! Seriously, YES.
3) When she cums and bucks up against her toy, that's a hot ass sight.

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They way she moans for her ass to be fucked the entire time is fantastic. Also as an added bonus,at 2:44, it feels like she's waving to you with her toes.

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I mean really only two words needed, body stocking.