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Joined February 2016

All these videos are from an old site I've seen called African Goddess long before 2016. It's good stuff but old

The old content is mixed with recent videos !

Lady_WOW Jul 15

So hot boobs on your main picture ! YAY!

Thanks ! :x

Hi, do you do custom photo sets?  Please PM me if you do, thanks.

Stopping by to leave some <3

Thanks !  ;)

r18man Nov 12 2017

is there a way to get a custom from Laurence? or a way for me to contact her

james5100 Aug 24 2017

im look for a xxx job

We don't hire male performers !

behildeer Sep 16 2016

your girls keep being the best, and that rock place where you shoot is really great, so very coooool

Thanks a lot !

bitmambo Sep 15 2016

Hi Lionel — what is your email address ?

behildeer Jun 7 2016

what do you think about putting ads on your vids?! half second interventions, once or twice on your clip/s, maybe the image of your commerce of choice or their motto/phrase, you know? have to talk to them of course the pitch, you'll give me x amount for this announcement on my vids, get to an agreement. cus it's cash for you, right? i know nobody likes ads, but you can charge a lil [no, literally a lil] for no-ad vids, yay hooray!

Thanks for your proposal but I am not interested in advertising on vids.

behildeer May 3 2016

hey, i want for free uh i have not decided, was going to put here the link but when went to decide, could not. all your models are goddesses! fuck, harder for me that am a black woman fan
so i have to buy first, or get both at the same time?
am a lil confused not in regarding the purchase but as to why there is no relation on pricing, length or if it is premium or not
anyways, lemme decide while you reply
thanx again sir

Amazing !! Special WE offer: buy one video get one free (you choose the free one) !!

bright angel Jul 21 2016

How do you make use of this special offer? If you add videos to the cart, it just adds up the prices.

24 hours discount !! until march 2nd, 12 AM, save 20% on the membership with the promo code "Lio8502" !

mauricef Feb 25 2016

Welcome. Just stopping by as a fan of african-goddesses. I've joined many times over the years ... in fact I'll likely join again once the Marie update drops ... she's one of my favourites. I left a heart on your profile. Best wishes!

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On 2016 we opened this Manyvids account dedicated to ebony beauties. Our content is very orginal and exclusive. It features real amateurs, you will see these babes nowhere else. No fakes, no professionals !

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