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Joined February 2016

Love my custom video! Went the extra mile and was fun and sexy, highly recommended!

Visit my website to get a streaming-only membership to see my videos, including retired footage.

I have sent you some love! 
I love your profile.:)

Thank you Hatty! :)

Lordoftheskies7 deleted Dec 16

Loved your takeover

Lordoftheskies7 deleted Dec 16

Love your takeover

Do you offer custom audio? If so please let me know!

Dashingtea Feb 27 2017

YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL! <3 Any chance you may be in to more "rough" content? Let me know. ;)

kmoutray Nov 5 2016

I bought a pair of her used panties. They smell and taste great, and are just the right amount of dirty.  I use them to masturbate while I watch her video's or live Chaturbate shows. It's the next best thing to being there. They can also be sent clean if you wish.

XXX ISLAND Jul 24 2016

Leaving ❤❤ because your cute😊✌

Princess Shaye Jul 8 2016

You're soo cute lovey! xx

LatinoLobo Mar 17 2016

you're cute and sexy! would you ever consider making a tickling video?

happylilcamgirl Jun 11 2016

Hey there! A tickle video has been made. Check it out and enjoy!

LatinoLobo Jun 12 2016

Awesome! Thank you so much! I'll buy it and leave a review :)

Levilevi93 Mar 7 2016

Hey there, i think you are absolutely cute af! Loove your feet, ur lgeggings, ur face and glasses, big clit and tits! :) will you make any vids showing asshole or anal fingering? thatd be nice, and your armpits being shown would be fucking sexy! :)

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I'm a student, fuck machine enthusiast, FTM, 24/7 stuffing domme, evangelical Christian, and an AVN nominee. ^_^ Follow my social media @happylilcamgirl ~ twitter ~ tumblr ~ instagram ~ snapchat ~ youtube


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