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I keep hammering at that five-star button, hoping that if I just keep at it I can give this *ten* stars. And I want to praise not just Puck's gloriously filthy performance here, but her creativity and (again) enthusiasm. This was my first custom request from her, but I only gave a few paragraphs setting up the basic scene, and she went way, *way* beyond that to give me this perfect fantasy full of little extra touches I hadn't even thought to ask for. The description of this clip is one thing, watching the gleam in her eye (not to mention on the rest of her body) as she brings it to life is *entirely* something else! Trust me - as much as you might enjoy the clips she's made for others, YOU WANT YOUR OWN LITTLE PUCK CUSTOM. I've already ordered *my* next one. And thinking about the one after that.

●●●●● Read Review

"Mommy's been bad too." Oh, yes she has, and you're going to enjoy every minute of it, especially if you enjoy some extended playtime with her plush backside and the tease of that little plug winking in her ass (not to mention her nipple chain, which I *definitely* want to see more of). The shoe focus was actually a bit of a distraction for me, but if that's a plus for you it'll be a big one. But above all it'll be Puck's genuine excitement first teasing herself then frantically working her toy that'll make you look forward to the sequel that the end hints at. If whoever requested this doesn't already have that lined up, I'll have to add Mommy 2: Even Badder to my own list.

●●●●● Read Review

Pee videos may not be your thing. Huge fantasy toys may not be your thing (though if either of them *are*, you're wasting your time reading this instead of enjoying this clip - GO BUY IT NOW). But you might be surprised by this clip - at first Puck confessing her fetish to you feels like an intimate GFE, but *then*... Watching her playful glee as she works those toys, and her reactions as they squirt inside/gush out of her is simply amazing. I expected to enjoy this clip, but not for it to rocket into my all-time favorites. My only wish is that the final shot had a slow motion replay. Thank you for sharing this with us Puck!

A Son's Secret Nov 5 2017
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*Very* hot twist on the usual mom-son thing - a woman getting so turned on by a "real" taboo story that that she wants to play it out herself is an incredible turn-on.

●●●●● Read Review

I *love* watching the pure glee Puck radiates while playing with her big toys (the dragon literally "popping" in and out of her is great). But my absolute favorite part is the first few minutes, where she's just looking into the camera and talking dirty while she seductively plays with a much smaller knotty toy as a sort of warmup. I watched all the way to the end, but then went back to finish at the beginning, if you know what I mean, and I bet you do.

●●●●● Read Review

I'd give this six stars if I could - watching any woman orgasm is hot, but Annabelle quivering and moaning up against the wall is something special. Her natural look in this clip makes it feel natural and real, sharing a genuine private moment instead of a scripted fantasy scene.

●●●●● Read Review

I can't express how much I love this clip, from the first shot sliding lovingly up her gorgeous backside as she's bent over the oven to watching her gently push her cock inside her little boy to watching her beautiful boobs bounce as she really gets going. Annabelle is the *perfect* loving, beautiful, and gloriously perverted Mommy.

●●●●○ Read Review

Kitty, you're *adorable* - you playing with the giant toy at the beginning, and the wide-eyed look on your face when you first slip it in were a *huge* turn-ons. My only complaint (and sadly it's a pretty big one) is the harsh buzzing sound of the Hitachi that you add to the mix almost immediately after that dominates the rest of the clip. I'd love to see another clip of you with just the big horse toy, esp. more play with it before slipping it in and in more positions.