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Jonzib Nov 11 2017

I just wanted to contact to order lexxxi custom together

Emil12314 Nov 12 2017

Sure, how would you want to do that?

Jonzib Nov 12 2017

Contact me zidonezid@gmail.com

misssassfun Nov 3 2017

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LexxxiLuxe Sep 13 2017

Thank you for the review! <3 I'm glad you enjoyed my video ^_^ If you have any ideas for more videos, I'd LOVE to hear them <3:A

Emil12314 Oct 15 2017

Hey Lexxxi, sorry for the delay, I just saw this now. I have lots of ideas, how about making some playful mixed wrestling videos? What do you think?

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1987-06-10 (31)




Canadian Canada



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



5'5" or 165 cm

Body Type

About Average







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This is great, Lexxxi has such a hot body, and her face is beautiful, especially with no make up! The giggles in the video are sexy too. I'd love to see more of this kind of stuff!

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This is a great video, Cheyenne Jewel and Sinn have awesome chemistry, with a giggling and laughing, it's sexy.
Sinn's scar is so hot and badass! I love seeing it.
The best times are of course the making out parts with the moaning. I would love to see more of that with a close up on Sinn and Cheyenne's pretty faces.
There is also not much make up on Sinn and Cheyenne I think, which is good. No make up would be perfect!

Boa Constricted Jul 16 2016
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Please make more videos like this!

Wet Boner Grind Apr 16 2016
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This is a great video by Sinn Sage, please make more like this. (Also, please make ones where you two wrestle.) The camera sometimes went in and out of focus, that was kind of distracting. I liked the close up shots of Sinn Sage's face. That is easily her best feature; her beautiful face. To add to that, it looks like there is not a lot of make up, which is awesome! All natural is the way to go for Sinn Sage. Close up shots of Sinn Sage making out and kissing are also awesome!