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I really enjoyed this casual masturbation video. Clothes on; clothes off - doesn't matter. Amazingly beautiful either way. =)

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Lovely calm and sensual video. =) And I absolutely love the thing you briefly did with the faucet - omg!

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I absolutely love the red lingerie and you look amazing; as always. =) I really enjoyed how you applied lotion to every beautiful curve of your body in this lighting as well as the light finger play.

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Very sexy black lingerie and I love the view from above. Beautiful masturbation video!

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I love the outfit, story and the sexy things you were doing with the Pokeballs. You look amazing as always and I love the curly hair. Lovely vid!

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The outfit and heels look great! I love the reflection of your beautiful legs in the mirror. And I really enjoyed the very sexy way you applied this product on your clit. =)

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I absolutely love the silhouette teasing at the beginning - beautiful shapes! Wearing nothing but heels while on the bed was extremely sexy! You looked amazingly beautiful on the bed in this lighting and I loved the frequent eye contact with the camera. This video proves that even light-masturbation can be extremely erotic. =)

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Very sexy outfit at the beginning and I loved the striptease. =) Beautiful view of a lovely backside and I love how you frequently looked back at the camera. And I must say I loved how your pretty lips gripped the dildo with your movements.

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I love the socks! =) I always love watching you grind on your Hitachi like that. You look beautiful as always and I never tire of watching you have an orgasm. =)

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Sexy outfit and I loved the socks! I enjoyed the low-profile camera view and poses; allowing beautiful up-close views of the toy play. I love that we were able to see your face during orgasm. =)

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A short but sweet video with a voyeuristic point of view. I love the pose you were sitting in and your sensual movements. The natural lighting was very nice as well. The next guest who got to sit in that chair was very lucky! =)

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A ton of great content in this clip! I purchased this back before it was free but it is very much worth its original price. Considering the overall size and length of the clip, the quality is actually pretty good. I definitely recommend donating for the better quality version.

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I loved watching you ride the toy and the reflection angle was great. The position you started to use at the 6:30 mark was especially enjoyable to watch. =) Lovely facial expressions and eye contact with the camera plus a beautiful orgasm.

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Instantly love this clip because it was entirely finger play. I enjoyed your motions of rapidly circling your fingertips over your clit. The cat ears were a nice touch and I always love seeing your hair curly like that. =) Lovely vid!

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Those panties are awesome; I love black lacy things. =) I also love the fact that you were pillow humping with Kegel balls inside you! Beautiful body movements throughout this vid and I loved seeing the creamy panties at the end.

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It was very enjoyable to watch you explore with these toys. =) Some of these being the first time I've seen you use them. Lovely long clip! =)

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I loved the finger play in the beginning and how you slowly eased the dildo in. I enjoyed your riding movements and sexy moans throughout the rest of this vid; and the orgasm was beautiful. =)

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The quality of this vid is still very good and I had no problem watching and enjoying what was going on in this vid. =) I loved the way you would occasionally look back at the camera and your sexy soft moans. Lovely clip! =)

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That was a lovely outfit at the beginning and I especially loved that bra; it looks awesome on you! The teasing throughout this vid was super sexy as well as watching you slowly remove pieces of clothing. I loved the segments with your face close to the camera. =)

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I enjoyed your play session with the Hitachi in this vid and, as always, your sexy facial expressions. =) Seeing you put those stockings inside yourself and then slowly pulling them out was very sexy. =)

My Favorite Toys Nov 22 2016
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I love this pose you use with your feet up while you play. =) From your other vids, I can tell the Hitachi is definitely your favorite and it is always very enjoyable to watch you use it. =) Lovely toe-curling orgasm!

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I enjoyed the POV during this vid and how it displayed the lovely shape of your behind. =) Great vocal orgasm!

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I loved the sexy yoga exercises at the beginning and the way you teased out of your workout attire. =) The natural lighting really worked out well in this vid. Loved the different poses you used; especially the ones where you were resting on your side and your leg high up. =) Very sexy creamy ending. Lovely vid!

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It's great to see a new vid where you are using your sex machine. =) I love those thigh socks as well! Lovely clip with a great orgasm! =)

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I love your choice of outfits in vids but I also love the ones where you are nude throughout, like this one. =) This view is one of my favorites; camera slightly pointing down and you positioned sideways; because I get to see you fill the video frame. =) I loved the way you would occasionally hold the vibrator in with your foot and the orgasms were awesome. Beautiful vid!