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certainly didn't disappoint -- very very nice gloved play!

alymac Jul 25

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it <3

glad you did <3 :)

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Really sexy video overall. The outfit is the best :)

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I really like this video :) The moaning is really sexy, and the facial expressions are pretty good. I kind of wish you played with your nipples a bit more!

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Great video! Nice tight glove play, very very cute moans and super intense and sensual edging at the end :)

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Oh god. I love this video. It's a very sensual, personal video, one that delightfully combines everything sexy. There should be many more videos like this!

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Another extremely sexy video, with perfect tight gloves :)

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Great breast play and fingering. The gloves add an extra element of sexiness to it :)

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Great outfit, nipple play and fingering with tight long-cuff medical gloves :)

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Basically everything about this video is perfect :)

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I really really like this video. The gloves' tight fit is really great (and rare!), the roleplay is very captivating. Please do more of these!

The Nurse Nov 23 2016
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Would have been even better if both gloves were on!