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I just simply love the view and the sponge Bob panties! It does sound like her juices are hitting a tin roof. Just awesome. Maybe a little more light between your legs but. Other then that 2 thumbs up.

Hairy Squirting May 15 2016
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Honestly the best squirting video I have ever seen! She sure can squirt. A must watch if you like squirters. Sexy naughty and enjoyable. I'm a stocking/socks man myself and they toppled it off in this video.

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Fantastic video. Loved every second of it. If you love seeing major squirts this is the video. I must watch for sure.

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I would love to come home from school and visit you any day. Lovely creamy finish too.

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Damn this video is amazing. Love the dom action in it easily subdued by the Hitachi. 2 beautiful women with high socks. Loved every second of it.

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No matter how awkward you vet ill still love it. Sweet teaser.

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Amazing video that glass dildo does you wonders babe.

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Great video. So many hot women it's hard to focus on just one. Loved every minute of it!!!

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Wonderful video. Slow sensual sexy and the faces you make... God damn babe your amazing.

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I loved it. First vid of yours I watched and it was all about your pussy. Can't wait to see another one. Loved the sexy outfit with the stockings and heels too.

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That sure was quite the ride hun. Great vid sweet dirty talking and lots dildo fucking. Lots of angles just would have liked some more pussy gaping closeups. Awesome video.

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Amazing vid all shot close-up. Feels like your right in the action.

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That was an awesome video babe. I loved how to tried to get some projectile squirt. You have an amazing pussy babe. Thank you.

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For starters loved the pantyhose. Nice soft dirty talking to go with caressing and fondling your beautiful body. A great tease video with some nice views.

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Its a nice tease vid because of the music playing through most of it. Lovely pussy play to start.

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This is a nice video to watch. Very pretty girl on a chair playing with herself non stop. Beautiful pussy and 2 views. If your a boobs guy not the vid for you.

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This is a nice video. She gets what she deserves in this and am surprised she gets to cum considering she's supposed to be punished.

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That is one phat juicy pussy getting nice and creamy. If you like close ups download this vid.

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I'm a big. Socks/stocking fan so this vid appeals to me. Great view from both sides only problem is its not very long but an awesome video none the less.

Pussy Eating Apr 6 2017
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I love to see a girl squirm from someone eating their pussy. Only problem I had was that there was no camera angle change through the whole video.

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Wow what a hot creamy and wet mess! The whole vid is pretty much just a closeup vid plenty of orgasms and tons of moaning for those people that love it. Its a must have video. I'm looking forward to more of Luna's videos.

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Awesome to have 3 beautiful girls fuck themselves in the pool. The cameraman is one lucky guy. I would have liked to see closeup orgasms but still good without it.

Fingering Feb 4 2017
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It was a very nice softcore vid of full nudity and fondling. I enjoyed it and will more then likely enjoy your other fingering vids.

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What a great video. I'm a sock fan and those socks with some beautiful close up pussy views had me going again and again.

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Not a bad video. A little short and not that exciting for you hun but I like the ball gag and nipple clamps involved. Also enjoyed the doggy style view.

Shy School Girl Dec 20 2016
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Just amazing. Her moaning is such a turn on and I love the toe curling in those stockings. One of my favorites.

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Wow babe that had to be cold! Love thevid what a beautiful pussy you have with that tat right above it. I wonder if it hurt?