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Hi dear boy)) How are you?)) Have you seen the new hot perfect anal lesbian cosplay video?)):sticker2-6:

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Thanks for the 💕

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Tysm for tour support I will send your package tomorrow :3

KzTheWizard Dec 8 2017

Thank you! :)) Can't wait for it.

Hazel West Dec 7 2017

Hiya, thanks for hearting my profile (I hearted yours too!) I post new vids several times a week and often add new store items, so be sure to check out my page again! Xx

KzTheWizard Dec 7 2017

I will! Plan on buying some of your videos soon, they look amazing.

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Thank you so much baby! Be sure to watch all of my new content and cum back for more 💕

KzTheWizard Nov 27 2017

You're welcome cutie! <3

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:xHi! Want something new? Check out my kinky vids!

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Electric Wizard <3

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KzTheWizard Nov 5 2017

You're the bestttttttt <3<3

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HI. For a $20 vote in the Halloween contest you can get all 94 of my videos! :) Have a good day!

Miss_LoLo Oct 23 2017

Hi babe! How are ya?

My BOGO October deal is almost over 🙈 Stop by soon! x💋x

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I'll check out your videos and see what I like!

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Thank you so much!!! If you like my videos, please leave a review!! 😍

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You're welcome! I will leave reviews for them soon! :)

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Once again thank you very much kind sir :)

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You're welcome again :)

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Thank you so much !! Enjoy :)

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A guy whose sex drive is too high




1994-07-09 (24)






Black / Ebony


American United States

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Los Angeles





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6'0" or 183 cm


235 lbs

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I always wondered what people get when they buy one of these and luckily you showed off what you do. Pretty informative vid.

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The sequel to one of my favorite amateur vids and it holds up just as much as part 1 does, love the scenario, its really fucking hot. The sex in here was great as always, I really enjoy watching you ride dildos, you're just great at it. Hopefully there's a part 3 in the future someday...

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This was definitely worth the money, I enjoy the eye contact and you look really cute in this. Great video overall.

Magpie Kent Jan 3 2018

Aaw! thank you so much <3

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I loved this video, the concept is really cute. Enjoyed the fact that you kept teasing the viewer that it could be them getting their dick sucked, but it's their friends instead and they just have to wait until next time and how you got more into sucking the cock as the video went on and was complimenting it, I think that adds more to a blowjob and you are the gagging queen because it's a lot in here, liked that a lot.

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The smoking part before the blowjob was hot enough, your eyes are pretty intense and when you see em', you instantly have to stare at them back. The silence made it all the better. The blowjob section of the video was fucking great, you went all out on it and I loved the little tease where you was hovering the cigarette over the dildo making it seem you could drop some ash on it, but went right back to gagging on it. This is probably the best smoking video I've seen on the internet by far, not lying.

celestica_wars deleted Oct 23 2017

Thank you SO much 😍

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I love Neko videos and this is no different, I loved the intense eye contact blowjob at the start of the video then your started strip teasing and I really started to love the video, your body is really beautiful and you put it on display here that it sure is.

●●●●● Read Review

Another amazing video that can only be made by you Kez ;) This has always been one of my biggest fantasies, being able to fuck a random girl, but she approaches me first about it. The way you handled things in this video were great, if you got your eyes on someone's cock, you're definitely gonna get it no matter what because you know how to speak to these guys and they hear what they wanna hear and you give em' what they want, to release their cum all over ya tiddies. I honestly wish I could've been the guy in this video though lol, he was so lucky to even get your attention. This is a instant classic and a prime example of why I love your content, you have no fears when it comes to sex and that's a big turn-on.

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I can't I just watched a video of someone titty fucking in the open like this and I loved every minute of it, I kinda hoped that you did get caught and you just kept doing it in front of them lol. Your tits are like the perfect size and I loved watching you bounce them up & down against that cock while continuously spitting on it. I'm loving the videos of you fucking yourself at work, it's so taboo and risky, makes me wanna try doing something at work one day...

Maid Ice Play Mar 19 2016
●●●●● Read Review

This is a pretty short video. but man does it deliver. It's 4 minutes of nipple play with some ice involved and I gotta say I got hard before she even started doing that because the body on this woman is just that amazing. The quality of the video is really good, felt like the nipple was right there in my face as this was going down. The only con I say about this video is that I wish it was longer, but i'm contempt with what she has brought us.

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This was pretty cute, I don't watch many "Little" sort of videos, but I enjoyed this a lot, you got yourself a new fan with this vid actually :)

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Evil & Erotic are the two best words to describe this video. You pulled off being a succubus perfectly, makeup was on point and your voice just made it all the better.

●●●●● Read Review

Very romantic, but sexy. This is something I would do with my GF on a rainy day if I had one, the dress you were wearing looked really cute on you too!

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This is one of my favorite "cuck" type of videos, though it's kinda incomplete, that doesn't really matter when the content we get is already high quality enough. Your personality was made for this. You was really sexy here, I can just feel the sexiness.

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I fucking love this vid, being teased by a hot goth girl is number 1 on my bucket list and this did it for me. The part where you started showing off your goth ass is pretty much my favorite part especially when you started twerking for a bit lol

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Really cute scenario, loved the cute skirt you were wearing in this video plus you keeping the shoes on added to the vid for me.

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Whenever I feel like being treated like a loser and talked down upon, I go to this video. she's pretty aggressive and you can tell by her smile she's enjoying every minute of it.

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I typically don't buy spanking vids, but I loved this one. Celestica has an amazing ass and she shows it off perfectly here, lot's of good spanking and some cute teasing. Won't regret this purchase.

●●●●● Read Review

I loved this video, really enjoyed the teasing in the beginning before you started using the sabers on yourself, so cute.

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This was amazingly hot, I always love a good Daphne cosplay and you killed it and this video is probably one of the best involving a knotted toy imo.

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This was a great little Christmas video, I loved how you rode the dildo though, that was my favorite part, well actually the whole video is my favorite part. Looking forward to buying more videos from you, so good.

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I'm a sucker for AOT cosplay and you pulled it off well. Liked the dildo fucking on top of the mirror and also your tiddies looked extra nice in this video

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This is the the kind of video I never knew I wanted, but happy it existed. Never had the fantasy of a nerdy co-worker having a crush on me and masturbating to me when she's home, but now I kinda do lol. Really good original video and you looked gorgeous in this. I need more solo videos from you, you seem to shine more in them :)

●●●●● Read Review

This is a great video, classic fantasy about fucking your sister and you pulled it off well. Your breast are like the perfect "sister" tits if that makes any sense lol just the type for a brother to look at and be curious about. The POV stuff was well done and the facial was the best, love seeing girls with glasses getting cummed on with their glasses still on, makes it even hotter. Highly recommend this video to anyone reading this review, especially if you love fake taboo stuff.

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This video is amazing, I've always had this fantasy of walking in on someone doing something like this in public, at work no less. You are the exhibitionist queen, no one can take your spot, I got a little anxiety watching this towards the end when you moaned loudly and your coworkers definitely heard you though, that was scary, but you made out in the end. You know someone doesn't care about being caught masturbating in public when they got their pants on one ankle lol, loved this video! Keep up the great content!

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My fantasy has always been wanting to fuck a goth girl and it being from a really random situation, this video is perfect for me. Not only is she a goth girl, she's a really thicc one. My favorite scene is the doggystyle section, it's so good. I would love a sequel to this video honestly.