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So much to enjoy so much to get into. I wonder what trouble I'll get up to today

Canada Canada Joined March 2016
johnp76 Dec 5

Thanks for the follow ❤️❤️❤️

Hey lovely new and exciting videos might be coming soon! I met a new awesome cammer and we’ve been talking lots about doing videos together!! 😸😸

ZoeSlave Nov 16

Will be doing meets at Taboo Edmonton all weekend!!!

Love you Kitten

ZoeSlave Oct 15

Thanks so much sweetheart!!

ZoeSlave Oct 15

starting to become live again more and more often, keep up to date on twitter or in the now by jumping on my snapchat lovelies

Been going through alot super happy to have all my lovelies around and that have been super supportive of me and trying to have a better mental health! Hoping to be live more and start getting more content out

ZoeSlave Jul 31

Getting my gf to become a canner today can’t wait to have all the fun with her on cam

online #MFC at Zoe4Slave and be live during the week f ytou wanna cum to get to know me better I know I wanna meet you

Finding it easier to cope with my mental health which means it’s easier for me to cum online and cum for you

ZoeSlave Feb 28

Going to be live on MFC tonight don’t forget if you wanna see what I do throughout the day or be apart of it you can always jump on my SnapChat I love seeing my beautiful lil freaks there

ZoeSlave Jan 19

Hopefully working on some new content for tomorrow super thankful for all the votes and hope all those who entered the best luck

ZoeSlave Jan 16

Pricings on some items have been reduced hopefully you lovelies find it more reasonable. 
Also big shout out to all you fabulous lil freaks who are and have been voting for me this is my first big and even real contest ever for me! So thank you each and every one of you

Hey sweeties I wanna know my mystery box is in the process of being revamped when I’m live if you could win a shorter custom video would you want to play with my box more!?

ZoeSlave Dec 31

My beautiful little freaks! Your patience has paid off my lovelies one of my darling girlfriends is working on getting my laptop functional so I’ll be back soon

ZoeSlave Dec 20

Being live for you lovelies has proven a lot harder since my laptop is no more :( hoping to get it fixed or replaced soon
Though I’m curious to know what you darlings really enjoy, like about me, wanna see... etc
Any all contributions are always greatly appreciated especially if it’s to help me be back and broadcasting to making better videos for you darling

ZoeSlave Nov 30 2017

Not sure how many of you lovelies have noticed but I have started to go through some of what I offer and been making adjustments hopefully for the better and more reasonable donation amount for you beautiful little freaks :3
Found a loop hole and able to cam off a mobile device will be more laid back and cozy working on how to make the most of it and rewarding for you dearies @ZoeSlave

ZoeSlave Nov 27 2017

My Laptop and it’s Charge Ford have blown up internally until I have it replaced or fixed I unfortunately won’t be able to cam :( missing you guys sooo much on the plus side my work device is able to still make videos and so hopefully can produce more of those

ZoeSlave Nov 11 2017

Backs of the Swag I will be giving away at Edmonton Taboo are being signed today, might need to make more. First ine to bring me a silver and gold sharpie gets all 4 of them

ZoeSlave Nov 11 2017

Backs of the Swag I will be giving away at Edmonton Taboo are being signed today, might need to make more. First ine to bring me a silver and gold sharpie gets all 4

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Just a little slave if a kitten. Tend to get into trouble. Love to play dress up.

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1991-01-25 (27)






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Athletic & Toned