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Submissive Teen POV

Joe Jon

Submissive Teen POV

Featuring Submissive dirty talk and creepy age play

Joined March 2016

I like the acting in your video, I will introduce more perversion into mine 😊
Keep the good stuff up

MrAndreaGabriXXX deleted Oct 11


After the gym, my underwear was wet and smelly from all the sweat. I just undressed and decided to cheat. Panties smelled so badly that they turned me on like a bitch on fire. They made me initiate this process until I could control myself and had to come. My cumshot was so intense and so public that it was one of the best feelings I had. Imagine all these hormones and sweat in your underpants after the gymnasium, and you will know how I felt.

Thanks for the purchase, welcome viewing and see you soon
Your, Andrea GabriXXX

Hey! Can you message me about customs? Thanks!

tsaa33 Jul 27

i would love to see close ups of the girls faces in position 69 while they are on top of you deepthroating you! and what would make that even better would be if you cum in their throats like that, balls deep! maybe your next videos will feature that? :P

MC BEE Jun 13

Does Custom Videos?
Please PM me for Details!Thanks.

Greets Stephan

in2sin May 11

Well done, it has been many years since I've purchased any type of content (last was Jack Zippers Blacklight Beauty). The overwhelming majority of content today seem to lack that particular zest for depravity. There is something special about how it is all put together. Granted low budget, but the feel for that creep factor is nearly perfect. The mind space in which you take a guided tour down that spiral of torment is delicious. Looking forward to what is next in store.

Thank you! Wait till you see my next movie! It may contain one of the most offensive scenes yet. (A virgin teenage Christian school girl is saving herself for marriage, and Mr.Jon uses her religious beliefs to manipulate her exploitation.)

The vids i post on MV Crush do not display on my profile page but they are there. MV is working on the problem.:)

Submissive Teen POV Crush just posted an exclusive 4 minute preview of 19 year old Lexi Lore's first scene with Mr.Jon.

Hey! Mind if you send me a message about your customs? Thanks!

Tried to upload part 3 of Teen Brace Face last night. Have emailed manyvids support, hopefully it will up by tonight. Sorry :(

No other website you can post it on ?

Do you know when u will post the Vienna rose content?

Just finished Anastasia. Have a new one with Athena Rayne coming next. Vienna will come soon.<3

Cool good to know and thanks

OTCboy Mar 13

Recently stumbled across your vids and love them!  Would love to see them sniff your white socks before feeding them your cock.

Anastasia part 3 going to be a hit

When are u going to post the part 3

Sorry. Coming very soon.

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