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Codi Vore

Codi Vore

Las Vegas United States Joined March 2016
Punk686 Jul 14

Can you pm me about a custom video idea please.

It's been over a month since you said you were going to have my panties ready to send and nearly 6 months since I gave you the vote in the MV awards for them and quite frankly I've had enough of this. You've lost me as a fan and a customer and I feel like I've been treated like shit by you and I don't think I even want the panties anymore because I doubt I'd get any enjoyment out of them given the treatment I've had. I hope you enjoy being boobs of the year given that it came off the back of voters like me who have been cheated out of their hard earned money.

andyk343 Jun 23

I've waited nearly 6 months for panties from you, can you sort it out please this is fucking ridiculous

WOW...u r perfect for BBC!!!

andyk343 Jun 13

Can you tell me if you''ve sent my panties yet? It's been nearly a month since you said you were going to do it

What does the 12 wet vids mean for a $40 vote in this contest?

A video pack containing 12 shower/bath/water themed videos, including gg and solo

You're amazing

Just wondering if your going to send out the autographed Score Mag? Cheers

nicey45 Apr 21

Hello, was wondering if your looking for ideas for videos? love to send you some! huge fan!

lolkik Apr 14

Hey, big fan of your videos!
Have you ever looked into making a burp fetish video? I’m very interested, send me a PM (:

BigA22 Apr 9

Never sent me those nudes

hello goddess from above (that was cheesy) i just voted for you in the contest and i was wondering about a dick rating video instead of just a picture

I'll do a dick rating for a $15 vote!

Hi Codi. Just voted in the contest. How do I get you my vid list? Good luck, Ghostman

I've sent you a dm

Hello, Ms. Vore:  my name is L. Llewellyn James and I would like to ask to make a custom video, at a running time of at least 10 minutes.  

In essence, I'm not looking for any sexual imagery: rather, I would simply like to have you pose nude in a few classic art poses that are generally struck by art models for illustrators (as I am an illustrator and would like to simply illustrate you).

If you could please contact me either here or via my email at, I would send you some examples of the sort of poses I would be able to use...

I sent you a dm

iceman8 Mar 30

Please contact me about a custom video

andyk343 Mar 31

Don't hold your breath iceman I've been waiting 7 weeks for her to contact me as you can see below

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Big tittied model who likes singing, mac & cheese, and oxford commas. Follow my twitter (@Codi_Vore) for updates!


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1995-05-18 (23)






Bachelor’s in progress


White / Caucasian


American United States

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Las Vegas



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40" 30" 40"

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Natural 32L


5'2" or 157 cm


130 lbs

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A few extra pounds







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Codi Vore PO Box 231656 Las Vegas, NV 89105

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