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Emmas Secret Life

My biggest kink is getting you off! I love knowing you are jerking off to my videos!!

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Emmas Secret Life
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Emmas Secret Life
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Congrats on MV submissive of the year!

Well done on winning MV submissive of the year! Richly deserved xxx

davesyd Jan 13

Wow, amazing, kinky, freaky words don't do justice to this fantastic performer buy her stuff and give her the money you will not be disappointed

fucking hot...

Emma has been nominated for Fetish Star of the Year.  Voting starts on Jan 10th.  Vote.

Oh yes definite vote from me for that!

Fethry Jan 11

Glad to see she's finally getting the attention she deserves. At top of Fetish where she belongs.

Fethry Feb 17

Congratulations on the Submissive of the Year award :D

olddogjm Dec 12

Check out the following Emma clips too HOT for MV:

I seconded and highly recommended the choices, especially the the cum walk, I still say it’s her most hardcore clip to date!

davesyd Jan 13

Yep, the cum walk is fucking amazing. Wherever Emma has been all my life, I'm glad to have finally found her. Buy her stuff, get customs, make her famous, give her everything she wants... this wonderful kinky sexy woman deserves it all and more

Emma has made quite a few custom videos for me. Never a disappointment always amazing. She is very good in her acting and always satisfies. I think Emma is the best MV girl out there. She always does whatever kinky thing you ask and never judges. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone with kinky fetishes. Like I said she has made six customs for me and I have purchased four other of her videos and everyone of them is amazing. Thank you Emma for all your amazing videos and always aiming to please us....keep up the dirty work ;)

Awe thank you so much! Your customs are always so much fun! 💋

Emma have you ever done an MV Takeover, if you did how did it go, and if not would you ever consider it? You know we'd love to see you do one :)

No I haven't. I might consider doing one in the future though!

I've watched a few, some of the girls are very creative and seem to have a lot of fun, others look as though they hadn't thought it through and it can be a bit of a mess. But I'm sure you'd be great and get a lot of new fans :)

This is a updated post of my top 10 Emma clips for people who are new to the Emma experience and wondering what to get. This list is in no particular order and I've noted customs Emma has done for me:
Fucking a dog to pay parents debt –HD
Custom - Alpha Emma(mine)
Dog and pony Skype show - HD
Conquering 12 inch KingCock – HD
Brother/Sister blackmail Pt. 3 – HD
Custom K9Threesome – HD (mine)
Helping my pup with his bone – HD
Myhusband gets me BBC for birthday –HD
Creampied by Horse cock –HD
My very first Blowbang / Bukkake

If you are wondering, not all of my customs made the list, not even half. That is how good her content is. If you continue to scroll through the wall, you will find other picks from hard core Emma fans and MV Top Reviewers LYON18555 and MarcB1011. The truth is, it is hard to go wrong with any of her videos.

Emma is the queen of customs. In fact, most of her superb catalog is fan generated customs. The experience of working with Emma on bringing your fantasy to life is something that has to be experienced. I cannot put into words how much fun it is. Maybe Lyon can, he is a great wordsmith. Definitely give it a try. It is worth it to see how Emma brings you fantasy to life. She brings incredible acting skills and sexual energy to her work. Try it, you'll see.

Please take some time to review the clips you've purchased, add your favorites to her wall of others and show Emma some love by contributing to the Gangbang fund.

I'm new to this but am already addicted, in the nicest possible way, to Emma and her incredible customs. I have never seen such a beautiful young woman who is also a talented actor and so dirty. Emma you are a true star, you say your kink is to get us off, and you certainly do that better than anyone else. We are honoured to "know" you and I wish you all the success in the world in whatever you choose to do, you deserve it, you go way above and beyond the call for us fans :)

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Dont tell on me because what I do here is secret.... our little secret. ; )

My kink is getting you off! I love knowing that you are jerking off to my videos!

Please email me with your clip requests. Also I would love to make a custom video for your eyes only. I am open minded and willing to try most anything. Contact me at emmasecretmln@yahoo.com and I will make your fantasy come true!


Naughty Girl


1985-04-03 (32)






White / Caucasian


American United States

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United States





Hair Color

Dark Brown

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32" 25" 32"

Breast Size

Natural 32D


5'2" or 157 cm


95 lbs

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