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United States United States Joined March 2016

$5 Vote= fan sign OR photo set 
$10 Vote= voter video (giving you 3 chances)
$25 Vote= pussy/ass candy with video of me making candy tasty! OR custom photo set 
$50 Vote= 2 videos OR creamy panties
$75 Vote= creamy panties with video of me making panty creamy and one photo of me wearing panty
$100 Vote= 5 videos OR 10/min custom video
$150 Vote= 15/min custom OR 20/min video chat
$200 Vote= 12 videos OR 20/min custom video 
$250 Vote= 25/min custom video
$350 Vote= 30/min custom video along with 3 Videos 

Every vote over $10 will include voters video.

Vote by clicking the vote for me button, then put the thin blue circle around my picture (I'm in the middle) then press vote now!

Sexy, stunning, beautiful, perfect. If you're looking for someone to make your fantasy become reality, stop right here. Order a custom and she will NOT disappoint. Absolutely nailed my request and I couldn't be happier. Thanks SOOOO much!!! <3

Thank you so much!


Your are gorgeous and have an amazing body.

Thank you so much!

Emma is truly amazing!
Thank you for the custom and bringing a fantasy of mine alive.. 😍❤️.

Thank you so much for picking me to bring your fantasy to life! ❤️

Happy birthday to the goddess of fantasies! Emma you are easily one of the best clip artiest on the web and of a whole different caliber compared to other MV stars. We (your fans) are lucky that someone like you understands the level of fetish we have and that you put the time and effort into your craft. Thank you so much for all your work and satisfaction, once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Omg you are just the sweetest! Thank you so much Lyons! To hear this means so much 😘

Happy Birthday Emma, you are the hottest and dirtiest girl on MV, hope you have the greatest day imaginable and all your dreams come true :)

Thank you so much freerunner! ❤️

Kayut69 Mar 30

Emma you are so fucking hot. I’ve got a huge load with your name in it.

Awe thank you so much! 😘

Kayut69 Mar 31

Oh you’re welcome . Corporate rules are you’ll have to sign for it.

Hello. The profile pic you put on for the nerd contest recently - what video is that from please xx

It's called "please fuck my mouth"

Ordered a custom from ESL - she totally nailed the tone and texture I was looking for.  She’s a very naughty girl.  Will buy from again.  Four Stars.

Thanks for the love, excellent vids!!!!

paforget Mar 17

Seriously, I am completely lost. I can not decide. Very few manyvid stars can offer a quality like the one Emma offers us in each of her videos. I read tons of reviews of a lot of videos. I listened to the clips in a loop and I do not get tired. It does not matter if she goes down with her brother, her dogs, a horse, a demon or anyone else. What does it matter the number of voices where she gets pregnant (voluntarily or involuntarily). I still have a hard band. Yet despite all this, I do not know which video I should buy.

Do you have any suggestions for me to buy my FIRST video of this goddess?

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Dont tell on me because what I do here is secret.... our little secret. ; )

My kink is getting you off! I love knowing that you are jerking off to my videos!

Please email me with your clip requests. Also I would love to make a custom video for your eyes only. I am open minded and willing to try most anything. Contact me at and I will make your fantasy come true!


Naughty Girl


1985-04-03 (33)






White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

United States





Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



32" 25" 32"

Breast Size

Natural 32D


5'2" or 157 cm


95 lbs

Body Type









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