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Kalee_ Feb 18

You made perfect 3D works, keep it up! And thanks for purchase :)


Hello sending some💜💜💜<3<3<3

Thank you!

WOW ^-^

Thank you XD

Thanks for your purchase and support. Please feel free to leave a comment and rate our studio.

Wayne & Dee Siren

norcal87 Jan 31 2017

Hello! Super interested in a custom video. Can you message me if you're available?

XalasStudios Feb 4 2017

Email me at thefootjobbeauties@yahoo.com

abe7700 Jan 12 2017

Hera is beautiful. How much would it be for a 10 min custom pov video? First few minutes of titty f*cking Hera (her on top of me), and the remaining 8 minutes of me on top of her pounding her and making sweet passionate love. I know you're probably busy, but how much would something like this cost? Thanks again...

abe7700 Jan 9 2017

Is your cpu powerful enough to create VR videos? If so, when do you think you'll have them going? Thanks...

XalasStudios Jan 10 2017

Nice question, as long as people continue to support me ill be able to purchase a much powerful PC to do VR videos.

abe7700 Jan 11 2017

Are you at least almost there lol? What are we talking about here, an Intel HD, AMD RX 480, or and Nvidia geforce gtx 1080? Or greater lol? Very much looking forward to it!

XalasStudios Jan 28 2017

I am almost there, I also invest my money in other equipment because I'm a youtuber as well lol.

SlickRock Dec 25 2016

If I Pay The $20 A Month, Will I Be Able To See All The Videos?

XalasStudios Dec 27 2016

Not all, some movies in my membership are exclusive only to membership and there are some that are only available as clips but a huge portion of my movies are in my membership. Just don't expect all of my futa movies to be in there.

SlickRock Jan 1 2017

Will I be able to download?

XalasStudios Jan 4 2017

If they aren't part of the membership then that means you will have to buy them.

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I enjoy making 3D Hentai. My work mostly consist of foot fetish material because animated foot fetish content is really hard to find so I figure that I would be the guy to fill in the void for the foot lovers out there. . You can find a wide variety of scenarios that will satisfy your fetish. I provide premium content such as CG Image Sets, Comics, and Movies. I encourage all of you to go to my Tumblr to see previews, sneak peaks, and get info on how my membership works.

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