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Hi, feel free to use this code for more vids fac2706

thanks! :)

Thanks for the love ❤️

Thanks for the love xx

xoxo :)

Sexpot4u Aug 18

Dropping by to say hello!  Drop a message my way sometime!

xoxo hi :)

Thanks for the love, check out all our new porn!


Thanks for the love! <3

xoxo :)

taking a bit of a hiatus xoxo

back early lol ;)

KandiiX Aug 9

Thanks for the love. Gave some back! <3

xoxoxo thanks beautiful, you are so sweet xoxo :)

Stay tuned, I will be back and better than ever Thursday August 17th :)

hey guys I am back ;)

Showing love. ..nice vids.

thanks <3

Just heart you hun

thanks xoxo

Would you do skype shows? Would love to skype with you

hello, yes I do Skype shows, I would love to set one up, I should be available next week/the week after that for skype sessions :)

hey everyone. I am taking about a week off to work on my sites and to get some shit in my life together. I can't wait to be back next week! xoxo Jasmine 420 :)

Hey everyone, I won't be fully back to work for about a week but I am partially back to work now xoxo Jasmine 420 :)

Hey everyone, I have been doing well but I have been dealing with some anxiety. I am taking a week off of work to do a one week anti anxiety program- I am taking the week off so I can fully commit to crushing my anxiety! Thanks for understanding and for being supportive guys. I can't wait to get back to work anxiety free back and better than ever ;) XOXO Jasmine 420 :)

beautiful bbw !<3<3<3<3<3

thanks so much lovely :)

Left you some love, sexy lady! 😘

thanks lovely :)

Hey everyone, my friends left early, I am back to work, just getting my profiles up ;)

Hey everyone, I will be busy with friends but also I am going to be working on some stuff with myself and with my scedural so that once I am back next week I am back better than ever and can model consistantly! XOXO :)

Hey, it looks like I have some old friends and a family friend visiting for a week or so tomorrow so I'm gonna take a little time off from work and then as soon as I have my house back I will be back to work lol!! Then I can cam again and all that fun sexy stuff lol Xoxox

Always the sexy curvy goddess sexier belly ever xoxoxo

thanks so much my amazing pet! I love owning u ;) xoxo your curvy stoner goddess

Nice work. . Showing love

thank u xoxo :)

hey guys I am back xoxo :)

Hey everyone, I will be back from vacation with my laptop and back to work around Tuesday July 25th xoxo Jasmine 420 :)

Hey guys! I will be on vacation for about a week - once I'm back my laptop will be fixed and I'll make new vids and stuff xoxo

Hey everyone, I need my laptop to cam (I should get my laptop soon) but other than that I am basically fully back to work using my phone :) I even have some new boy/girl content up for sale :) xoxo Jasmine 420

Left you some hearts girl <3

thanks xoxo

💋💋 thanks for the review my beautiful lady! 5 stars for you glenn coco ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

awww lol xoxo <3 <3

Hey guys! My technology is improving but still somewhat glitchy. Everything will be good July 16th. Xoxox

Hey. Currently my laptop is being fixed- it was glitching- as soon as I have it back I will be back to camming and making vids. XOXO :)
My phone is good now so I can do pics and stuff like that xoxo

Hey everyone, my laptop is getting fixed and now so is my phone service and wifi. Everything should be fixed around Wednesday July 12th. I will be back and better than ever as soon as I can! Also, sorry for all the breaks guys- life has been hectic! Things should be calming down and I should be able to stop taking breaks once I am back to work again! XOXO Jasmine 420 :)

Hey everyone, it's Jasmine 420! My laptop is currently having issues so I can't cam and stuff for a few days. I will be 100 percent back to work as soon as I have my laptop fixed! Currently I have my phone so I am able to do photos and stuff like that. Before my laptop got weird I managed to do two videos for sale- they are up right now on my manyvids page. xoxo Jasmine 420 :)

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Cam girl/model. Good vibes :)


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White / Caucasian


American United States

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Wonder Land




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Natural 46DDD


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