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Am loving being a new 12-month membership member, but... your recent videos seem to have some technical problem with stuttering? Can you please look into it? Thanks, gorgeous!

buttguy Jan 13

Would Love to get another Hot Custom Vid from you. It's Buttguy from ELM.. Send me an email. Got a great offer.

jperry55 Jan 10

I  wanna lick your pussy and ass, I wanna suck your clit and rub your g-spot until you're dripping wet.We need to fuck for real...let's meet.Jeff-707-472-1346

Your videos are absolutely AMAZING <3 keep up the FANTASTIC work (Y)) and Have a Very Happy New Year sexi mami :cock::W:facial:

Thank you hunny!! You are super sweet!!! I hope you have a great year!!!

I just got my custom vid last night from Naughty! This now the second one I have order from her and I was amazed and in awe by all her effort and hard work that she put into this, she went the extra mile to make it special for me! I love working with her so much her customer service is an A+.She had my video done in less than a week and it was early on top of that! She was also very nice and curious to me and very inviting and made me feel conferable.Getting a custom from Naughty is the best way to start off the new year lol.I'll tell everyone to get a custom from Naughty because she will take good care of you!I know because she always takes good care of me! I'm going to buy another one myself soon because she nails it every time.

You are such a sweetie!!!!! One of my favorite guys!!!<3<3<3 He is super nice ladies so be good to him!!!

You are such a sweetie!!! I love working with you!!<3<3<3 He is one of the sweetest people!!! If you go the extra mile for him he will for you!!! I can only imagine what he would be like if I got my hands on him!!:Px_x

Wow Thank you so much for your kind words! It is always a pleasure to work with you!Well if you got your hands on me I'm sure I would spend every waking minute making you happy!

Hey girl! Left some <3 for you. Have an amazing 2017!

Thank you sweetie! I left some for you! Let me know if you ever want a real kiss.....yummy!!! We can lick that sucker together!!!! :P:P:P

Lauren message me babe (: we haven't talked in a while

I sent you one love! <3

You are absolutely stunning!! 😉

You are absolutely sweet!! You must be coated in I am curious about what your cum must taste like!! <3:x:@

Love you more <3<3<3<3

muk1982 Dec 20

as smoking hot as always... wow

I do like smoking.....cock......:P:P:P

My dream slut! i just have to be inside you Lauren <3

You are my dream fuck!!! Can't wait to fuck every bit of cum out of you!! <3:x:@

Dont forget to rate my vids guys!! I love hearing what you think......if you cum really hard dont be shy.....tell me all about it!!!:P:P:P

HottiesOnly2 deleted Dec 16

Could you message me?

I did love! Message me back when you want.....kisses<3

Bama19 Dec 15


Working on it sweetie! <3:x

What happened to you on mgf? Send me a message with contact info please!!

Ha!! Yep I will PM you baby!!

Ok sounds good

Do u have an email I could contact for custom vids?

Sent you a Pm sweetie!!<3:x

thanks for love... i left you some back xoxoxo :)

Thank you sweetie!! You are sooo beautiful!!!<3:x

You are so gorgeous

Thank you baby!!!! <3:x

I haven't forgotten!!

Sent you a PM sweetie! <3

muk1982 Dec 5

whats the membership about?

Sent you a PM baby....:A

muk1982 Dec 3

your pictures are absolutely stunning

You are super sweet!!!! <3<3<3

muk1982 Dec 3

what an incredibly beautiful lady...videos worth every penny...

Thank you sweetie!!!!!<3:x

Hi, I'm wondering if you have this one in dark red and I would like to know how much for you wearing  for 5-7 days with a custom 10-15 min vid with dirty talk, squirt on them, ect... you can pm me

Sent you a PM and a Tweet!!<3:x:x:x

Nova96 Dec 2

Can you pm me beautiful? Wanna ask some questions

Phathead Nov 29


Sent you a PM love! <3:x:@

Sorry I had to brake it up into lest than 1000 word posted but that how I feel about her video loved it

Thank you!!!!!!!! You are a Super Sweet Guy!!!!!!!!! I loved making the vid and cant wait to make more!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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I Love my Men! I Love being Watched! I Love chatting! I Love ALL types of Naughtiness!!!

New here and still learning the oh my I like ropes, especially big, thick, stiff ones....getting off topic lol.........anyways, just recently started my store. I have 70+ vids to load soon!

To know a little about me...I\'m NOT a porn star, stripper, or escort...I do this 4 the pure fun of it! I love hearing guys comment on my vids! Public Sex & Multiple Cocks are my favs!


Naughty Girl


1993-04-26 (23)






Native American / Alaskan


American United States

Lives in

Texas US




Open relationship

Hair Color


Eye Color



31" 24" 31"

Breast Size

Silicon 30E 400cc


5'2" or 157 cm


95 lbs

Body Type

Athletic & Toned