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@Lilbthebasedgod lil b loves !

thank you so much for the follow lovely!!! it means a lot 😊 i’ve entered into the mv awards, so if you’d like to get 80% off my content, check out my mv flyer for details and vote here: freyaathena.manyvids.com/contest/2059 thanks angel! 💞💞

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Great vid! super cute girl masturbating. What more would you want?

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Wow! That was hot! One of the best joi vids I think ive gotten In awhile, and my first buy of sophias. Damn girl! Start to finish this is a masterpiece, wish I could help clean up at the end.

Haha thankyou babe!I’m glad you enjoyed watching me play with all that cum!

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This is my first purchase of the beautiful Miss Alria, and it was no disappointment. Storyline and dialogue are great. Most of the video is closeups of her face, chest, ass, pussy, so everything you want. towards the end the cam view backs off a bit and we just watch her keep fuckin herself with the glass dildo. Great vid, I highly recommend you buy this if your thinking about it. It is sexy as fuck!

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Alexia, Isabella, and Conner Jay. nuff said!!!

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Alexia puts on a perfect performance in this one imo. love her outfits, and the dialogue is hot! All she had to do was smile, and I was in another world for 13 minutes or so. Her videos are amazing!

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I was struggling by the 5th minute, These 2 ladies are amazing. New to Alexia, and I have some Isabella vids from awhile back. Damn this is a good joi vid.

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Those eyes, I could get lost in them all day. Amazing vid!!!

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Not sure about the rest of you, but I feel like I need to start celebrating Easter now. Damn!!!

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Really good vid, This is one fine lady. Thanks for sharing!

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The thing I like most about this video, is that she did not even need to get naked to make cum. She rules!!!

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If you like pov blowjob vids, dont pass on this one. How can you say no to those beautiful eyes!

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Alright most of us have probably had this fantasy, maybe not, but I have. This is my favorite so far that I have of hers. Dialogue rocks, great dirty talk, eye contact, and views for days. Abbey Im going to a festival this weekend, Wanna go? lol

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Ive taken a liking to the bathtub vids laely, I had this one for a little while now, and its one of my favorites. Probably due to Abbey, i dont know. Great tease, and dirty talk. My favorite part is probably when shes trying to ride the dildo, and its not sticking, so she says something along the lines of fine, ill just fuck myself then. I thought it was funny.

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I love this striptease vid, its got a pretty good pace to it, and i love the ink on this lady. Beautiful vid Abbey!

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After watching this, I find myself getting lost in the temptations of this dark seductress. She is awesome!

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I really like this video. Nikki is really sexy wow. Buy this vid and you will not be disappointed.

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This video is everything I asked for and more. Mika is a goddess, A really good joi vid. If you are itching for your own custom, I would recommend her, really down to earth, and very communicative on what you want. Thanks again Mika!!!!

Thank you so much for those kind words! ❤️ It was my pleasure to do it for you! ❤️ Hugs

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This is quite a long video, but i find it to be one of her funner ones. I have no problem watching her try on her new lingerie, or even her talking about her day. I really like the pink and white pair she puts on so hott. Great video! Great model!

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Alexis gives a really good joi in this vid. She looks amazing in this outfit before it comes off, and well you can only guess how amazing she is after that happens. She gives some of the best dirty talk on this site that I have come across also. Like the other reviewer says she deserves to be a top model on this site. Quality videos from a quality lady. wont go wrong purchasing any of her vids.

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I love this model! looking hott in this vid!

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First purchase of this beautiful young model. Very sexy video.

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Kat is sexy as hell, and so is this vid. This one is imo one of her best to date!

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Really great vid! Glad this was the first one I got. Excellent quality, and an excellent model. Buy this vid!

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A really good joi! beautiful model, really glad I purchased this one.

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Probably my favorite vid of hers that I have thus far. All about that ass!

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Awesome joi! alot of great shots of her nice body. the pussy closeups are amazing.

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Only b/g video I have of hers, and its pretty hot, gets some spankings, see her dick sucking skills in full effect. facial finale! lovely video.

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I love her in the sexy outfit, made my christmas a little better this past year I would say. If she has the gift package up again next year do it, its worth it!

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Watching cum drip from her vagina never gets old. Like the gothy look as well.

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Dont have a wife, but I would still allow this neighbor to seduce me, this video is still kinda new to me, but its pretty awesome just like the rest of them. Just buy it!

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Another amazing vid! I like the close up, looking into her beautiful eyes.