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mscott88 Dec 16

hey, are there real farts in that new video?

They are implied.

AntMHC Jul 31

Would it be possible to make the Puppy Play custom video on Torvea Customs available on MV?

Do you have a title?

AntMHC Jul 31

It's literally just called "Puppy Play" and you're wearing puppy makeup.

Can u do a video with a girl showing off white pullup diapers thanks.

Can u pm for custon vid.

showing love

Thank you!


You  pretty

WFox031 Dec 21 2017

Hi Candle, do you appear in clips anymore?

Candle Boxxx Dec 21 2017

I retired and focus on shooting other models. :)

LoveSweetkiss_69 deleted Aug 23 2017

Hi Candle Boxxx,gave you a your vids.

Candle Boxxx Aug 23 2017

Thank you!

Cupontable Aug 9 2017


I'm looking for someone to make a custom video for me. Basically the idea is your a youtuber whose lost a 'vote' and now has to get gunged/slimed/pied.

Requirements - 
- Thet have something leather to wear but looking high street (jacket/trousers/skirt)Or I would love vinyl trousers!)
- They are lots of fun
- They are prepared to get very messy!
I'm looking for someone who can play a quite a girly girly and maybe a bit of a bimbo

In terms of script just something like "Hey guys, *talks through outfit* I've lost the vote and now I have to get gunged if I get all three questions wrong *answers all questions with ditzy answers*. Then pours gunge over herself and pies herself. Not imagining anything more than five minutes

Sound good? Let me know and we can arrange something


sa00231056 Jan 23 2017

Do you guys offer custom videos?

Candle Boxxx Jan 23 2017

Yes! If you would like to email with a script and the number of minutes, we can go over the details. :)

Candle Boxxx May 13 2016

Good luck cutie! The pink hair is very charming on you! :)

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I love making videos with all of my naughty friends! If you would like a custom, email at

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