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I miss you....just DMed you

TysonTT Aug 17

Thanks for the love! x

Hey there, I'm interested in Skype or a custom :)

Hi there, can I have ur mail to buy a custom viddeo?


Aviv24 Aug 4

Hey, can we talk aboit custo in pm?

Hi!!! Hope you are having a great day!!

lynchry Aug 2

How much for this 10 minute bj only video?...You leave me a breakup blowjob video on my doorstep.  You start the video with your new man just sitting on the couch.  You wear a really hot tight outfit (I like that better than nude for a bj) You give him the best bj of his life while he just sits back and relaxes.  You tell me multiple times you hope I'm so jealous and crying from having to see this video.  Ask him a couple times during the video if it feels good (I'm sure he'll say yes)  Lots of sucking the tip and popping from sucking so good noises if possible.  Look at the camera a few times and maybe say "Ryan, I hope you're jealous and crying and sad"  throughout.  For the finish jack him off with your hand so he cums everywhere...that's the scenario.  Wow, I'm already jealous.

I like these kins of videos too! I've written a few stories about this kind of thing.

Zaddyk Jul 31

Hi. I'm interested in calls or Skype. Could you message me please? (: x

Can you message me, love to talk about a custom video.

TylerA97 Jul 29

Babe, message me, would love another custom from you (;

Please Goddess Build a torso toy or a bear torso toy so i can buy a videooo.Pleeseee Do something!!!!I love you kissess

kel98765 Jul 26

Can you message me about a Skype? I'm going to buy one. I'd love to Skype.

dsander Jul 24

looking to purchase a custom vid queen 

Pm me for a custom vids please :)))

;) thanks for the love! You are goals!

AntMHC Jul 22

Hi there, I'm interested in custom videos - please can you contact me?

Hey there, I'm interested in getting in the business...think you could assist me.

Mcbrown Jul 20

got a question about a custom please dm me

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy! :)

Been awhile, my lil Canadian Girl.  Email me back pls :)

Thank for the hearts love <3<3 love your beautiful self and videos 
Left you lots of love too : )

She's definitely a naughty goddess 😉 You will love her work.

Thanks for the looooove :D

Would love to order a custom. Please message me!

Congrats on 3rd place! I love the new profile picture as well! 😘

Congratulations on the win :P

sending a love your way if you might return the favor  great vid!!!

Well it goes without saying what a beautiful young lady you are.
You have the best videos on the site because all of the time and effort you take in planning them. Your costumes, themes, equipment are the best as well as the banging body of yours!
You really but in the time , effort,and money to make sure every production is outstanding and it shows in how quickly you have moved up to the top of this business along with your huge customer base.😘😘😘

abe7700 Jun 25

Hi love, can you DM me again? Sorry, been away on assignment for awhile...and now I'm back lol

magicpt Jun 19

Hey beautiful! Can I ask what's included in the small/large gift box?

Hi! I have some questions about a custom video resquest.  I want to make sure you are comfortable with the request before I buy it. :) thanks!

manlexis Jun 18

Hola! You are awesome :) I have a couple questions, one about the videos on the votes, what videos are included in the 30$? and, could you pm me about a custom vid? Have a very nice day

prezote Jun 18

Fuck me you're hot

TylerA97 Jun 15

I ordered the 69.99$ custom video babe. You get the order?

Darne57 Jun 12

Please read pm about the custom ordered. Thanks

Solkane Jun 8

Absolutely the Sexiest model!!  Her smile, her great skin, her sex appeal, her soft voice, her etc, etc, etc,

Hi I'd like To buy a  custom video Please message me

Message me so we can talk about custom (:

Hi - can you please inbox me about a custom video?

Hello sexy, incredibly hot vids!!

web cam

You are sexy, I would love for you to do a custom

Darne57 May 31

Please pm for custom request, thanks.

bigace May 29

Lilcdngirl you are phenomenal!!  So beautiful and so incredible to work with.  Just an awesome performer!      5 🌠

kochrome May 27

Hi I would like a skype session.

I like your vids very much.  You always look great, and the vids are well done.

bm10626 May 24

hello I apologize but could you please message me about a custom

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Hello! ❤️ Im lilcanadiangirl :) I am a top panty seller (#5) on another site! I am so happy to be on manyvids! I love dressing up and making videos ❤️ I hope you find something you like :3 Send me a message or write on my wall to discuss custom content just for you!❤️


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