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This video was fucking hot. I don't even like bondage and I loved the video. Her outfit was super sexy, I loved the fishnets, the lighting was great, and the way she didn't actually say anything was fucking hot. It was super submissive of her, perfect for the video. I loved the different positions she masturbated in (one highlighting her ass my favorite), and the way she drooled...the soft and light moans drove me nuts, and the facial expressions she made while she was pleasuring herself, icing on the cake. Great job with the video!

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This video has it all. Teasing, dirty talk, sexy poses, and some great dildo fucking in multiple positions. She's innocent and cute yet incredibly sexy. This is a bargain and you'd be crazy not to buy it!

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That surprise squirt at the end, so fucking hot. Great video Ellie!

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This video is fucking amazing. Her ass is the Mona Lisa of asses

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Another great public video by Ellie. Definitely worth grabbing.

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This video was extremely hot. If you're into naughty public play then you'll definitely want this one. Thanks Ellie ;)

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This video was very hot. It really does make you wish you were that lucky guy.

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Incredibly hot video. She's so fucking sexy. Definitely worth it!

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Very hot video. She is super sexy. You'd be crazy not to get this.