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1980-05-01 (38)






White / Caucasian



Recent Reviews

●●●●● Read Review

Ok, I know it might sound stereotypical but right from the beginning of this video I felt beamed up and transferred to a Spanish seaside locality, in a hot, lazy and horny afternoon, in bed with this gorgeous creature called Irina... I personally adore this true, sincere smile of hers and her attitude: she makes you feel comfortable like she was an old friend of yours and then she turns into a hungry tiger, determined to take you on the craziest rollercoaster ride of your life...

Her sensuality is quintessential and goes beyond beauty: you can clearly tell that she was made to drive men insane.

The balance between acquired oral skills and genuine pleasure in pleasing reaches new peaks here turning this video into something that it is very hard to beat in the PoV blowjob category. The look in her eyes and her constant vocal interaction with her partner (of course when her mouth is free to talk) also give a lot of enjoyable dynamic but I can guarantee that, with a blowjob like this, the thought of pushing the fast forward button will never cross your mind.

My favourite moments are:

- 6:16, when Irina takes her hair away from her face and puts them on a side: she looks absolutely stunning;
- 7:47, when she shifts up into the third gear and speeds the rhythm up... The way she sits astride her man's leg is mouth-watering;
- from 17:10 to the end, with cum running all over Irina's hand and her yummy moans accompany her partner into post-orgasmic chill...

Spectacular video, beautifully filmed, starring one of the most onturning women that I have ever come across.

Irina Vega Feb 16 2017

I have been excited with this review! Wow! I love it when you enjoy it as much as I <3

●●●●● Read Review

How do you comment on perfection without trivializing it? I do not think you can or, at least, I am not capable of that.

I could say that Ashe is the most beautiful creature on this planet but I am not even sure she belongs here. I could say that when Dante Alighieri outlined the idealized profile of Beatrice, putting together holy and earthly, he probably came close to what she is. I could say that watching this video is onturning but what about the several millions of sensations that Ashe is able to give you with a single move, a sigh, a giggle...

I could spend the rest of eternity just sitting here, watching it over and over again, because I think that nothing will ever come close to match this experience. But then I realize that dreams do not deserve to be spoilt by human greed.

Ashe Maree means sheer perfection. This video is sheer perfection. Pure food for the soul.

And I am not exaggerating.

●●●●● Read Review

I am very partial to Ann: since I am a lover of goth girls I couldn't help stopping on her profile and getting intrigued. She is beautiful, creative and... yes, she makes a lot of BG videos and must definitely have a thing for blowjobs and facials... ;)

Nevertheless, the video I am reviewing does not feature most of the characteristic that made her popular as it shows Ann from behind, wearing a cute schoolgirl outfit, down on her knees and busy riding a big black dildo. And man, you will enjoy this "unusual" Ann so much, let me tell you!!! This woman's arse is just legendary: you have it right in front of your face for 9 minutes and you would never stop watching it going up and down. Her pussy swallows the black giant without a single hesitation, taking care of massaging every knottiness of the dildo with her super-slick lips. This is the element of the video that I enjoyed the most: the caress of her pussy lips to the stick are so hypnotising that you will almost feel like having Ann sitting astride you, appreciating every single vein of your cock.

There is no other sound in the video besides Ann's sighs and this is what really works for me: who needs crappy music when you have such a goddess delighting your ears with her pleasure?

The video ends with Ann licking her own cream off the black dildo. Just perfect, although I would have preferred this part to be longer. But, as I said, I am VERY partial to her... ;)

To me, this is a 10/10. Download, enjoy and rate!!!

●●●●● Read Review

I have hardly ever agreed so much with a description: bloody fuck, this is already a classic! 44 minutes of threesome with 2 of the wildest women ever appeared in a film... For only 9.99????? O_o

Not downloading it straight away would already sound like a crime, let alone when you become aware that the action in this movie is absolutely mind-blowing: there is A LOT going on and it totally comes through how the three performers are enjoying themselves to bits as there isn't a single moment in which they are not actively participating to the action, keeping the same fervour from the beginning to the end. Could you blame the guy??? He's really spoilt for choice, wherever he turns he just finds mouth-watering landscapes to drug himself with!!! There is nothing that you can think of doing in bed with two women that is not portrayed in this video: fingers and tongues exploring mouths, cocks, pussies and arseholes... doggystyle with one girl receiving and one girl rimming the guy... girl-on-girl 69 with simultaneous anal... acrobatic positions and hitachi-driven orgasms for the ladies... E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you could wish for, all wrapped by delighting orgiastic vocals of the three participants.

Needless to say, Irina is out-of-this-world beautiful and Onix wild as never before: together they become a true force of nature guaranteed to blow you away. Also Sylvain, besides our envy, truly deserves a special mention as he manages to stand up to these two feral animals for 44 long minutes, torn between the challenge of holding back his load and the understandable desire to keep on fucking those bodies as long as he possibly can.

As it was originally meant to be a cam show, the video is mostly shot from one angle except for one sequence from 21:10 to 24:35 in which Irina's body gets in the limelight. Here she looks almost too beautiful to be true: I could barely keep on breathing, completely overwhelmed as I was from the desire of having her. And in these 3 minutes, through the dionysian entanglement of moist, sweaty, sex-scented bodies you will also see some tender kisses and cuddles going on...

The run to the cumshot starts with a powerful blowjob by Onix, then replaced by a superb hand&mouth work by Irina and culminating in a crazy tongue dance by the two ladies on Sylvain's tip. As his body quivers in orgasmic seizures, the merciless Irina and Onix keep on teasing him with their mouths until, fully satisfied, they pull out the cheekiest grin of their assortment.

Five stars to say the least.

Irina Vega Feb 16 2017

I'm impressed by this detailed description of the video. I'm absolutely fan of you Nightime! O.O We really enjoyed this threesome very much and that's why we want to share it with all of you for an affordable price. So you can see what kind of performances we do on my webcam on Cam4 when I set threesome shows. They are fascinating!!! Thanks for your incredible review, I send you a free video as gift now ;)

●●●●● Read Review

A mysterious Lady without a face.
A mysterious Lady without a name.
A video that only APPEARS to be like many others...

But perfection is rare stuff and this is what makes this clip different. From her fingers to her arms... From her breasts to her tummy... From the classy necklace that she wears to the cheeky piercing that embellishes her belly button... From the, shy, sensual moans of pleasure to that arm slammed once, twice into the mattress when the pleasure becomes unbearable... There is nothing, absolutely nothing in this body that does not speak of absolute perfection.

And suddenly you realise that not having her face on display actually adds to the experience: it would be a real shame not indulging in all the tiny movements, contractions, shocks that this overwhelmingly sexy body offers. It would be a mortal sin not trying to connect with her while she works her rabbit-shaped toy on her sex all the way to true, sincere pleasure. It would be madness not daydreaming to the point that you almost feel the warmth of that room, the soft touch of her skin, the smell of her excitement like you were there with her.

This video simply forced me to have everything that she has published so far. Could I recommend that enough?

●●●●● Read Review

As Domino is my absolute favourite performer of all time, it is very hard for me to rank just one video above all others. Nevertheless I think I can say that if I HAD to choose, "When the Crypt's Bed Creaks" would be the one. And this is kinda funny because otherwise than in most videos of Domino's, here you have an (almost) fixed camera that shoots the action from one angle and all the editing/production work is really reduced to the absolute essential. But this is where, in my opinion, the sheer magic is.

The video starts with Jack and Domino, here in a gorgeously Mediterranean version, kneeling on the bed, kissing and cuddling each other. Not even one minute after, Jack's already turgid shaft disappears in Domino's mouth, there where it will be taken best care of - with very few interruption - until the clip is half way through. Then Domino is set free from her black lingerie and, completely naked, lies down on her back, her face dangerously close to the camera.

And here's the thing. From 7:35 to 12:00 I am sure I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Domino rewards us with the most intimate, intense, exciting sequence of the whole adult entertainment world. In this position Domino is first fucked hard and then ferociously fingered to orgasm by a merciless Jack and... I don't know how else to describe it... you are THERE... you FEEL part of the action... Yes, true: all the way through you can't see any pussy (except for a cheeky appearance of an unprecedented punk-style bush) but there will be time for that later. Here we have a sublime example of realism that makes every "agony" video blush and run away in shame: Domino's face gets red, then sweaty, then frowning, then tense, then begging, then finally released... And all this, together with the creaking bed sounds and Domino's vocal exercises, completely blurs the boundaries between your room and their room, making you become one with the scene... So much that you can almost feel the warmth raising from her skin, the smell of her sex in the air, the caress of her panting breath on your face... It is not without a certain shame that I confess I found myself leaning towards the screen to get closer to her, to enhance this intoxicating feeling even more...

Needless to say that she is sexier than ever when she arches her back as the climax approaches and offers Jack her pussy doggystyle so that he can have his well-deserved happy ending too. Courtesy that he rewards with one of his never-ending cumshots.

An unusually raw, down to the bone piece of work from Domino that confirms how, no matter what she does, she does it better than anybody else.

●●●●● Read Review

In case the view of El Luno's arse in the preview frame of this video is not enough to push you to press the download button straight away, I think we have a serious problem here. I think it is absolutely magnificent. I think it is a firm, toned flesh sculpture that should be awarded of the title of Mother Nature's masterpieces. I think it is one of the most beautiful arses I have ever seen and the fact that in this video you can enjoy it for a total time of almost 6 minutes should already make it a no-brainer for everybody.

That said, this video is much, much more than this...

... it is the yummy sound that El Luno releases while her hand notices your hardness from under the jeans...
... it is the breath-taking sensation of feeling her cheeky finger running along your cock, tickling your shaft, weighing your balls...
... it is the feeling of brushing your swollen tip over her tongue, while she assumes poses that enhance the amazing beauty that she is...
... it is the moment when you feel you really cannot bear the torture inflicted by her warm mouth any longer, you are about to grab a condom and she anticipates you, revealing that she is overwhelmed by the same feeling and cannot wait to feel you inside her...
... it is the sigh she lets out while she welcomes in every inch of your shaft, offering herself to be taken doggystyle...
... it is the way she makes you lose the sense of space and time with her intensity, so much that you can almost perceive a whiff of that orgasmic smell that pussies can released when taken from behind...
... it is the sound of squeaking bed springs, of a howling girl fucked to ecstasy, of a dripping wet pussy swallowing you completely mixing in the air...
... it is the onturning face of El Luno when she cums, with your cock between her labia and your thumb on her clit...
... it is the lustful, sensual kiss that she drops on your thigh while she's milking you to madness, one second before making you explode on her gorgeous chest...
... it is the daydream of having sex with a haunting, beautiful young woman in a black sheat dress, stockings and stilettos, who's so intelligent and playful to make you believe you are the master while her eyes reveal who is really in charge, at the end of the day...

It is a true gem in the PoV category, filmed beautifully and featuring an outstanding performer. El Luno is not a girl. She is a piece of art.

●●●●● Read Review

This was the first video by El Luno that I downloaded after having been completely mind-blown by her free teasers: as already pointed out by other reviewers, it was because of those two absolutely incredible eyes shown in the preview frame that ravished me and convinced me to go for this one (although I could not hold back for long and soon downloaded a few others of her clips). These eyes are for me the true key players of this video: they can slash you like a blade, infecting your blood with its rusty edge, or soothe you, encourage you to erupt your pleasure all over her pretty face when you feel you cannot bear anymore... All under the direction of El Luno's beautiful mind, who doses cheekiness, desire, hunger, playfulness like an experienced alchemist to produce the perfect concoction.

El Luno is simply radiant in her sporty outfit and, as always, I am a fan of her choice of a very light makeup that does not spoil this outstanding facial expressiveness: see how her face glows in delight after she gives the first, tiny lick to the co-starring cock... She looks like she has come back to life. The blowjob is very delicate, very teasing at first, with plenty of eye-contact that El Luno shares either with her partner and the camera: the 4 tongue caresses captured at 1:42 should become part of the oral sex bible and be taught at school.

The pace increases and El Luno does not save any drop of saliva for sure as she makes the shaft slick to ease some deepthroating action: again, the way she tickles her partner's balls with her tongue while his cock is prisoner of her tonsils is absolutely epic.

Although it is a constant feature in El Luno's movies, I cannot help underlining how great the film quality is: at 6:18, at the nth series of tongue flicks, I think I can swear I felt the texture of her taste buds brushing over me and this adds a further dimension on top of what would already be a fantastic video. This is the last concession to a finer technique of stimulation as from then on things get raunchier and it will all be serious deepthroating, choking and (gentle) face fucking until the cock explodes into her mouth. And here we have the last gem of this clip: over one minute of cum playing and bubbling by El Luno, who looks even more beautiful than ever with a cum goatie and the mess drooling over her yellow top.

Absolutely spectacular.

●●●●● Read Review

The quality of this video is spot on: very nicely staged and professionally produced. Don't get me wrong though: no plastic-y, impersonal, super-studio shit here: just a beautiful woman who knows very well how to move and seduce with her body, all spiced up by some very good lighting and camera.

I thought that a woman that produces a 5-minutes long preview of this kind and shares it for free must know perfectly what she is doing when it comes to the real deal: in fact I did not hesitate and bought some of her videos straight away, which I am also going to review soon.

Beautiful stuff, really.

El Luno Jun 15 2016

Thank U so much<3<3<3

Something Better Jun 15 2016
●●●●● Read Review

This video is called "Something Better". Here comes the first question: something better than what, considering that all the material from this French Bohémien couple I have seen up to now is absolutely great? Before watching this part 4 of Nemesis birthday webcam party I seriously thought that it could not get even better but, man...

... can you honestly say that you would not instantly fall in love with the arse, displayed in a mouth-watering close-up, that Nemesis blesses us with at the beginning of the video?

... if you were in Nemesos' shoes and your woman was giving you one of her outstanding blowjobs, do you really think you could hold yourself back from slapping the same above mentioned arse red the way he does?

... when you are watching this video and you get to 6:09, don't you have the overpowering feeling to jump up from your chair and do the hola as Nemesos sticks his tongue in that arsehole the way anyone of us would have done since the beginning of that movie?

And consider that this is not even what the video is REALLY about...

There's no birthday without cutting a cake and considering this is the last part of the celebration, the moment has finally come. There is some seriously onturning anal action here, a masterpiece that you can find (for now) only in this video of the couple's.

The expression of Nemesis when her arse is violated is simply mind-blowing, one of the most exciting things you are likely to see in this life. And same goes for the moans she lets out during the whole duration of the session: a symphony that is guaranteed will make your cock explode in your pants. The position is just perfect and allows you not to miss a thing concerning the action while still admiring large portions of her delightful body.

The video ends with a rough, vigorous pussy massage that Nemesis receives from her man before getting muzzled and left there wanting for more. Absolutely outstanding the pleading glance that she gives him at 9:40 but all the (restrained) facial mimic of the last bit is truly great.

Do yourselves a favour, download this video and get ready for more: I am sure that Nemesis and Nemesos already know how to surprise us once more.

hotfrcpl deleted Jun 16 2016

^.^ Thank you so much Nighttime :x You are a true poet porn-p-

●●●●● Read Review

Since I had loved the Nemesis and Nemesos vid to bits, I really wanted to see more of this seriously hot couple. So I asked Nemesis what videos she would have recommended and she was so nice to choose this one for me. As it is said in the description, it is the first part of the live show Nemesis held to celebrate her first year as a camgirl and, as far as I can tell from this recording, it must have been a great night with lots of interaction with users and of course tons of smokin' hot sex.

This clip is completely focused on the oral skills of Nemesis, who licks, sucks, deep-throats the cock of her partner with the outstanding hunger I already had the chance to review. From tip to balls, there is no square millimeter that is neglected by her voracious mouth, so it is a no-brainer for all the blowjob lovers out there. But in my opinion there is so much more in this video that makes it special.

For me, this is not just a "blowjob" but a true "face fetish" video: from 1:05 to the end, the camera grasps every expression of Nemesis and for those (like me) who consider this her more onturning feature it is an authentic treat. Nemesis sticks out her tongue to gently caress the cock's head from below, receives it all the way down her throat to the point that tears almost run down her eyes, smiles and giggles to the fans tipping and shares naughty glances either with her partner or with the ecstatic (and heavily tipping) fans. In-between, she also receives a couple of (gentle) slaps from her partner. A truly beautiful overview with lots of different shades that is guaranteed to make e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y very happy.

My personal highlights are two. The first minute of video, with a view on the yummy back of a gorgeous Nemesis kneeling down and lighting a cigarette; and then the sequence starting at 7:23 when Nemesis gives a couple of strokes and a cheeky lick to the cock before getting face-fucked again. The sight of her chin and cheeks completely covered in drool, of her facial muscles tensing up as she receives one pound of meat down her throat, of her hand gathering some of the goo off her face and putting it into her own mouth is so intense that, for once, we can do without a cumshot and not complain... The mess that she made all over her face is even worse!

Thank you Nemesis for the recommendation: you guys scored another amazing goal with this one.

hotfrcpl deleted Jun 16 2016

I am honored that you like my videos <3<3:P

●●●●● Read Review

My sixth sense was telling me that this would have been a smokin' hot video and, man, I think I should pay my sixth sense a very nice dinner out: this couple is absolutely fantastic. Nemesis (the girl) and Nemesos (the guy) are a young, close-knit French couple that with this video gives us 37 minutes of outstanding sex.

The beginning is très bohémien, with the couple sitting on the bed of what seems to be a small flat room, enjoying a cigarette before takeoff. While Nemesos messes up with the camera, choosing the right angle for the shoot, Nemesis warms up rubbing her pussy but it doesn't take long before the sexual alchemy between the two bursts out with overwhelming violence. The way Nemesis devours her partner's cock is simply amazing, I have hardly ever seen such a hungry attack, and the reward comes in the shape of a rough fingering that is likely to bring Nemesis to the first climax of the session.

This mutual service evolves into a very passionate, strong 69 drowned in desperate, onturning grunts coming from both sides.

Nemesis does not miss the chance for riding her man and, again, the energy and drive that the couple puts in it is likely to make your jaw fall down to the floor. Nemesos slaps her tits while Nemesis releases a cry of ecstasy: it's time for some reverse cowgirl before the main dish of the day is served.

Hands are coming and going in the elastic pussy of a delighted Nemesis who cannot help releasing in the air the sounds of her delirium, so much that it is actually hard to spot the moment she cums out of what seems to be a constant, bone-shaking climax. Absolutely amazing.

The ending of the video is also very enjoyable, with Nemesos jerking off his cock while standing behind her and Nemesis furiously mistreats her clit as if she still hadn't had enough. Shame that the slightly bigger grain of the video does not let us see the cumshot properly, although we recognise a very familiar wetness on the face of Nemesis once she sits up.

If you want to enjoy an outstandingly intense 30 minutes of sex between two people who are REALLY into one another, look no further: you will be satisfied. And my most sincere thank you to the couple: some of the best money I have spent on this website!

hotfrcpl deleted Jun 13 2016

Thank you very much<3 , this comment touches me deeplyO.O , you just make me happy and excited.

●●●●● Read Review

Woah... Either you are already a fan of Ann's or you are interested to find out more about her, look no further: this video is an ideal compendium of all her talents and features. How can you remain indifferent to that gorgeous pale skin wrapped in a black and purple goth schoolgirl outfit? I really don't know and everytime Ann is on screen I have to make sure my groin does not explode in excitement.

I love the idea of a quick preview at the beginning of the movie, showing how the action will develop: this is useful if you want to jump straight to the point but personally I was in ecstasy when I could savour Ann's skillful cock-teasing in all the details. Ann loves that cock, you can totally tell by the way she touches it with her fingertips, lips and tongue. She takes her time at making it hard and slick with her mouth (I especially love the sequence starting at 6.20 where Ann is laying on her side) before hosting it in her sex.

For being fucked Ann chooses doggystyle and I must say that the view from above starting at 9.30 is worth alone the price of the movie: her arse is just magnificent and the way she leads the pounding rhythm makes us taste in anticipation what a gorgeous feeling it must be to be looked after and kept warm by those buttocks.

We all love Ann for her incredibly messy facials so could there be a more perfect ending to this video? As one of the finest blowjob artists on the planet, Ann milks the cock to explosion herself, making sure that the huge load is equally spread on her face, her hair and her glasses.

Love this video, love this girl, love to review her: 10/10!

●●●●● Read Review

...And damn... This was sooooo fuckin' exciting, Pina.

I thought that the raunchiness of the public bathroom fuck video would have remained incomparable for a long long time but I have to admit that this girl keeps getting better. In this episode, Pina chooses to give her very personal social support in the European crisis by sucking a refugee's cock. The illusion that she is doing it for mere humanitarian reasons dissolves after the first 4 seconds of the video: the smile on Pina's fave while she helps the cock out to the air is a mixture of delight, cheekiness and slutty complicity.

The super-long nails, unusual on our German heroine, seem like they are ready to tear this cock apart anytime and they are in nice, almost artistic balance with the softness of her breasts. Pina strokes, licks, sucks and even deep-throats for the whole duration of the video, leaving the steady grip around the cock for barely 10 seconds when she can't help squeezing her boobs in a crescendo of lust. What I love in particular (but it is my taste) is that she doesn't give in the responsibility of the last strokes before the cumshot to the guy: she wants to be in charge, her skillful milking goes on until the very end when she skillfully addresses the powerful squirt of white cream directly to her tonsils. The video ends on the open mouth of our gorgeous social operator, one second before she decides to swallow the sperm reduxes and give them shelter in the warmth of her stomach.

Absolutely sensational. For me it is a 10/10 without the shadow of a doubt.

Sunny Blowjob Jun 8 2016
●●●●● Read Review

Sunny blowjob: I have never seen a more fitting title!
And not just for the lakeside scenario: what is really refreshing about this video is this girl's face... Guaranteed that her smile and cheeky eyes would make any man's day!!!
The clip is 100% genuine, quality is good and duration just perfect for a blowjob video. Yes, I admit I have a thing for German girls, and even more so when they have this alluring next-door look, but I challenge anybody to refrain from daydreaming about the springy breeze caressing their skin while Zia's tongue dances around their swollen, red tip.
The last 10 seconds of the video are just overwhelming in my opinion, with Zia going back to her most innocent, oblivious of the load of sperm she's just swallowed: her eyes are a killer!
Now I am looking forward to more videos from her, preferably revealing more of that delicious body that, right now, we can enjoy in her pictures.

●●●●○ Read Review

As a "secret admirer" of Lilly I was looking forward to her first BG vid and I am sure that many like me will have great pleasure at watching this.

The video opens and we are immediately gratified with an overview of Lilly's amazing long legs, her pussy peeping out the nice purple knickers. Then the framing goes back to her beautiful face and we can enjoy in detail an extremely sensual lips (as usual, I love her taste when it comes to lipsticks) and tongue work that Lilly puts in place to help her partner explode.

Before we come to the climax, there is still room for a closeup of Lilly's fingers delightfully teasing her pussy lips and then, half way through the video on, we can start tasting the moment in anticipation with Lilly's partner speeding up the rhythm and inviting her to keep her mouth open. The first shot hits Lilly in the eye, a few drops run on her cheeks and then the guy milks the rest of the load over her gorgeous red mouth. Lilly giggles while the video ends giving us a closeup of her porcelain-white skin covered in spunk.

I would recommend to download this video every day of my life, either you are Lilly's fan already or this is your first tasting of this gorgeous German girl... And maybe, if you also drop reviews, we might convince Lilly to make more BG videos for us all to enjoy!

Santa BB Jan 12 2017
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No matter which meaning you give to it: on Christmas Eve the atmosphere is special. Even the media take a break from their constant brainwashing activity and it is not unusual that some positive, feel-good news make it and become mainstream. Christmas 2016 made no exception and though we will all agree that what we are doing to Planet Earth is horrible, for once we can report of a human being who was able to improve what Mother Nature had already made perfect. I am talking about MsMuse's hairdresser: great job indeed.

And perhaps this new haircut had a role in inspiring this video because it perfectly suits the general spirit and, although not crucial, it really makes the mise-en-scène even more believable.

MsMuse looks like she just popped out from Pleasantville, literally stunning in her green dress, red stockings and pearl necklace. From taking Christmas cookies out of the oven to displaying the most enticing cleavage ever seen, she accomplishes to all those tasks that you would expect of a good housewife from the conservative '50s. Otherwise than in the movie though, the scene is already painted in the brightest colours, which comes to no surprise once we meet the cheeky sparkle in her eyes. The reassuring background music comes to an end and MsMuse gets impatient, her fingers torturing the poor pearl necklace more and more. Did you really believe that the tree, the candles, a nice green dress would have been enough to tame the wild animal? Not at all: it was simply a trap to let us, the preys, get closer and then launch the most irreverent attack ever...

Also the indulgent pussy-play with of the already mentioned pearl necklace is nothing but a smoke and mirrors game: it said "booty" on the menu, then booty is what you will get! After all, could our heroine stick to mere pussy-play when it was clear since the beginning that a complete desecration of Christmas was at the top of her agenda? Hence the emerald-decorated butt plug that is sucked in with a moan of delight at 11:30 and will not leave its place until, thirteen minutes later, it is replaced with something even more stimulating... Something essential to bring her to an intense climax...

The clip is beautifully filmed and produced: together with Domino Faye's, my personal choice as a Christmas-themed video for 2016. Another must-have by the gorgeous MsMuse.

Psycho Kitty Jan 12 2017
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Let's cut the crap: in my personal opinion, this video is a fucking masterpiece. There is A LOT going on, A VERY LARGE bit of everything for everybody's taste, an absolutely OUTSTANDING performer: I guess that this should be nominated as the new standard for a solo video, although probably nothing will ever get close to this level of perfection.

To me, MsMuse is for adult entertainment what Freddie Mercury used to be for music: someone who transcends the limits of each single, however outstanding, skill and makes it part of a whole, thus creating a complete, all-round, unparalleled performer. MsMuses takes her love for cats, adds a body to die for, an incredibly expressive face and a very genuine sex drive. Then creativity. And then again the sensual self-consciousness of a woman in her late twenties. She shakes all these top-of-the-shelf ingredients together into something whose absolute perfection cannot even be put down in words.

The 18:30 minutes-long video is an opera in three acts.

From the beginning to 4:05, on the notes of "Psycho" by Muse, Psycho Kitty introduces herself offering a showcase of her everyday actions. She meows, rubs up, licks milk off her bowl, cleans herself... And all the true cat lovers know, they are very accurate when they do that and when a part of their body is out of reach for their tongue, they simply lick a paw and brush the interested spot, always with the usual feline dignity. Of course Psycho Kitty is not different, and...

From 4:05, when the song is almost over (from now on the only audio commentary will be the gorgeous, dripping wet ambient sounds), an iced milk ball (!) joins the scene and captures our kitten's attention... Don't we all know how playful they can be? Yes, we do. But this time it will not be just her to be completely absorbed by this game... And if it would already be literally mind-blowing to see that ice ball melting on MsMuse's boiling-hot skin until it makes a milky mess of her body, when the ice touches her clit and the white drops run down her labia, one by one, until they form a puddle on the floor we are assisting to sheer visual poetry. Here 75% of performers would fade the video to black.

But not MsMuse who, still sticking to food-related items, brings in a rocket-shaped ice cream to carry on the ritual. We are at 6:56 and the picture that you have in front of you when the ice cream comes in is likely to drop your jaw down to the floor. The quintessence of female beauty. And I am not even mentioning the moans, a mixture of ecstasy and thermal shock, that she releases in the air as the ice cream dips inside of her. Absolutely spectacular.

Nine minutes of celebrations of the female orgasm culminating in one of the most delightful explosions ever seen, with our Psycho Kitten struggling to keep cries and quivers under control. No words is good enough to give justice to what your eyes will see. To my experience, I must say that I cannot think of anything else as beautiful and as intense as her face while her whole body is overturned by the electrical shocks of bliss.

Here 99% of performers would fade the video to black and you would already be over-the-moon happy of what you got for that price. But Psycho Kitten is not only amazing to look at, she's also altruistic to the point that she doesn't leave you alone for your own climaxing moment and takes you in her hands (and mouth) for the Gran Finale. So much eye-contact, drooling and, again, intensity of facial expressions before also a plastic dildo decides it can't take anymore and, suddenly alive, explodes its load on Psycho Kitty's tongue.

Masterpiece. Chef-d'oeuvre. Legend.

Beach Cum Jan 12 2017
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Before my review, let me just have a 2-minutes rant. Until the present moment in time, the preview clip to this video has been watched 4.247 times, 17 people hearted it and no-one has dropped a review yet. Since I still want to give a chance to the human race, I am hoping that the actual paid downloads are AT LEAST 20% of the free clip viewings and that everybody still hasn't had the time to leave their comment but will do in the next 24 hours... Any other explanation would be totally unacceptable.

*end of the rant*

If in "Do not disturb", the first video of her I had downloaded, I couldn't help but stare almost in awe at that kind of unreachable, superhuman Venus who was celebrating her sexuality in front of my eyes, here MsMuse's versatility takes my hand and makes me explore a completely different, and possibly even more vivid, emotion.

How many times have you been naughty on the beach, savouring the risky pleasure of being caught? Pushing it further every time, intoxicated to the point of insanity by that girl you really cannot take your hands off of... Well, MsMuse's knowing smiles took me back to those times, ravishing me away from this cold winter of mine to a place where all I want to perceive is her. Breeze in my hair and hot, moist, salty female skin on my lips.

MsMuse's gift for you is not the shy, understated clit play of those who are unable to drink all the way from the cup of transgression: she totally goes for it, diving her two fingers deep inside and massaging her most sensitive spots with no restraints. Her face is amazing: beautiful, penetrating, wild. So much that reading her next expression becomes even more tantalising than the view on that obscenely perfect body. So much that, overwhelmed by excitement, her own sex cries a white, thick, sticky teardrop that she cheekily does not miss to taste.

And then... The dream fades away, crushed by the barbarian horde that invades the beach and makes our Muse muzzle her graces back in the bikini... If only they knew that they only just missed one of Mother Nature's most enchanting miracles! Well... You know what happened on the beach, that day: this video is the opportunity to live it again and again.

Do Not Disturb Jan 10 2017
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Why are we all on here? Because we look for arousal, excitement, emotions. Most of the times, in the world of amateur porn, this need is bound to remain unsatisfied: too many cheap products, just barely good enough to quench an urge and then be forgotten forever. These are people's products after all, aren't they? And if you can count truly remarkable people on the fingers of, let's be generous, two hands, why should their products make any difference?

But then sometimes, if you are really really lucky, you can make encounters that have the power to reconcile you with life and this is what I am talking about today. This woman is not an adult performer: she is an epiphany.

MsMuse is not only beautiful: she is THE timeless, quintessential beauty that everybody bangs on about in art books and no-one ever managed to exemplify. But it is not just this.

To see her pleasuring herself in (almost) complete silence, keeping the orgasmic explosion inside of her and thus magnifying its intensity, is something magnetic, intoxicating, addictive. The sense of catharsis that she induces with the intensity of her facial expressions is almost religious: you do feel like you are participating to her quest for supreme ecstasy, tensing up, leaning forward, pushing the energy ball down towards your groin, looking for a release that never comes... But then, when it comes...

This is not masturbation: this is a Goddess getting acquainted for the first time with a very earthly form of diversion and savouring it fully through her extraterrestrial senses.

I hardly ever come across a ticket to Heaven, especially for $9.99. It is my heartfelt recommendation not to let it get away.

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Warning: Mina's eyes are highly addictive. Intoxicating, I would say.

This, together with some seriously lethal blowjob skills, explains why she can deliver an outstanding piece of work even when, left the cosplay aside for a moment, she decides to go back to the basics.

It would be perfectly useless for me to make an accurate description of the oral techniques that she applies in here (tongue, lips, throat, hands: they are all on duty): everything is so beautiful that you just need to lay back and dream of how cozy and warm that mouth would feel while outside snow is falling. What I do want to point out though is that just the way Mina's eyes interact with the camera is totally worth the price of this video: at 2:38 you can see that her man cannot help shaking in excitement once she stabs him with those green eyes, a few German dirty words and a cheeky tongue flick... At 3:14 try and resist to that challenging, defying flame in her glance if you can... And then, at 4:13 see little Santa's helper get demoniac when she jerks your cock into cumshot, showing you who is really in control... Breath-taking.

I will not spoil the ending: just consider that from the explosion to the end of the video there is still one whole minute to go...

Now I have to remember to ask Mina what I should do to be visited by such Santa's helpers, on Christmas this year... If I have more chances with an extremely good or extremely bad behaviour... And what this implies, in detail...

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If you are on your Italian trip and you happen to come across Niky and Michela, I can tell you that you will not get bored.
In this adventure the two friends are waiting for a late pizza delivery, cheating time with that special kind of cocktail that makes the room temperature rise out of control... Evidence of this is also the lack of knickers under the ridiculously short skirts since the very beginning of the clip.

As the pizza guys comes, the two girls suddenly realise they have no cash on them: is there any better excuse for adding some sausage to these pizzas and sort the bill out otherwise? And considering Niky's absolutely remarkable, to say the least, body it comes with no surprise that the sword is already turgid and swollen when it is called on duty... Would you have a different reaction when left alone with those two hungry, wild beasts?

And while Michela jumps on that dong straight away, slurping the tip like a maniac, Niky is at first happy just to observe her friend's skills, occasionally double-checking if the taste of those balls is better than the cocktail's.

Then the angle switches to POV and here's Niky who, finally redeemed the shaft from her zealous mate's claws, masters the sucking. And this is my absolutely favourite part of the video because:

- Niky looks extremely sexy in that squatting position. A jubilation of gorgeous tits, thighs and mediterranean colours;
- there is plenty of very exciting eye-contact;
- the sequence of those two crazy, pointy tongues flicking on the mushroom's head at 13:23 is guaranteed to make your heart miss a bit.

Niky then takes the matter in her own, skillful hands vigorously jerking the cock off into cumshot. And also in this climaxing moment, she shows what a great friend she is addressing the load towards Michela's pale chest, who receives the present with authentic enthusiasm. The video ends with the two vampires spreading a nice layer of spunk on each other's breasts (they will also pick up the portion that initially did not make it to Michela's tits and smashed on the floor) and promising a much more frequent exploitation of the same pizza delivery service.

Shooting is great in terms of quality while the Italian dialogues, although funny and spontaneous, are what you would expect in a porn movie.

If you are looking for some truly raunchy action with two girls that REALLY enjoy what they are doing, then look no further and download this clip. I promise you will come back for more.

Amnesia Kean
Amnesia Kean deleted Jan 11 2017

:A:A:A:A thank you night

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Next time you hear someone saying "if these walls could talk...", please tell them that you know a piece of furniture that definitely has much more interesting, dangerous, sinful stories than any other inanimate object. It is the kitchen counter at Domino's. Kitchen counter that seems to be our gorgeous heroine's favourite setting for letting her naughty fantasies come true, like in this bright, summery video, perfect for celebrating the June solstice, which features a new, outstanding boy / girl performance.

The first three minutes of video are a solo-show of Domino, who offers us a mouth-watering overview on her exciting body only partially (VERY partially: summer has come, therefore knickers - and pussy bush - are completely redundant) wrapped into a cute, flowery light dress. And as if those long legs, arse, labia were already not exciting enough, a sunbeam coming through the skylight shamelessly caresses Domino's skin and gives further depth to its texture.

As Domino discloses her mature, juicy summer fruit, Jack joins in and invites her to bend over the kitchen counter. What is delighting here is Domino's blissful face, that almost turns into a challenging grin towards her partner as she absorbs the generous shaft from tip to balls. I love that expression. And no matter how harder and faster Jack's thrusts become: that adorably cheeky, defiant look in her face does not disappear.

Absolutely sublime is the sequence of Domino squatting on the kitchen counter facing Jack: the sexual tension here bursts through the roof with Domino's naughty eyes asking for more and Jack firmly holding her head to enhance the penetration depth and intensity. I know, I am a detail freak but watching Jack's thrusts echoing in the flesh of Domino's left thigh I can't help daydreaming of how warm and welcoming that moist haven must feel. Jack slurps the drooling pussy a couple of times and then it's time for another change of position: look at the snapshot and you will see what I am talking about. While her boyfriend does not show any intention to slow the rhythm down, Domino offers us a magnificent view of her firm breasts and yummy armpits bathing in the morning light, before sliding off the counter, down on her knees, waiting for the flood to come. A rich, gigantic cum shower that covers Domino from her cheekbones down to her chest: with all that bounty it would be strange not to keep a few drops for some nice cumplay, which Domino is very eager to deliver.

Beautiful video, perfectly compliant to Domino's high-quality standards, with lots of dynamics and some truly smoking hot action. One of the best in her top-of-the-shelf collection.

Domino Faye Jan 6 2017
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I "met" Domino with her "Circo del Diablo" video and that was (artistic) love at first sight. From that very moment she has been firmly sitting, untouchable, at the very top of my personal "top performers" list and this amazing trailer is nothing but an absolutely supreme, beautifully made <i>summa</i> of her work. In this video there is a little taste of anything that you will find in her videos: from Cover Pin-up Girl of the '50s to eye-eating Zombie... from sweet, vulnerable, candid angel to vampire... You can undoubtedly find your favourite version of Domino or, more likely, enjoy them all.

By watching this preview you will access an extremely professional, yet spontaneous, body of work in which a truly passionate young woman challenges the stereotypes of "adult entertainment" and takes the concept of Amateur porn far beyond its limits. How? Well, not only Domino is the most beautiful girl that you could expect to meet on a night out (no plastic-wrapped, adulterated Barbie-lookalikes here): she elevates this earthly, accessible beauty of hers with extremely rare features...

Domino is clever.
She understands about art.
She understands about quality.
She has personality.

Domino is truly one of a kind, she creates so much value that you will end up wondering how you could have wasted all that money on other crappy videos. So lean back, enjoy the 3:30 long preview, spot your favourite bit and go and grab the related video. You will find out that I have not exaggerated and that Domino is much more than a performer: she is like the Pyramids, like the Grand Canyon, like an Aurora Borealis... Something you must see before you die.

Sticky Dick Jun 22 2016
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Domino describes this video as a concoction of the best from her two best selling videos: the display of blowjob skills from "Glory Hole" and the sticky ingredient from "Sticky Feet". And despite the inspiration is clear, I find that this clip belongs to a completely different league than anything else from Domino (and not just from her) I have come across. Very rarely I have seen this peak of sheer perfection.

The filming quality and setting are great: they really enhance the action to the point that it feels like Domino's mouth is releasing all those gorgeous wet sounds just one step away from you. The backlight elevates Domino's tongue work, already astounding by itself, and especially when the first drops of sticky topping start falling you find yourself wondering whether you are still watching a blowjob video or some very special, intense kind of dynamic art.

The frame at 4:24 is simply unbelievable in its beauty and, in my opinion, is worth the price by itself. Domino is just out-of-this-world beautiful: her tongue languidly sticking out, the sweet fluid her partner is dropping from above lays for a second on her delighted taste buds before continuing their run all the way down to the tip of his cock, creating beautiful shapes... And, God, her eyes: those eyes firmly staring into his... Stuff that could easily bury Kim Basinger's "You can leave your hat on" moment forever, should it ever go mainstream.

At 6:05 there is another frame that will haunt my dreams for a long, long time: Domino's tongue leaves Jack's cock alone and hits the headlines by turning into a sinuous snake that strikes a few beautiful poses in the air before getting tamed and sent back to work. A mind-blowing display of erotic tension played by Domino with the grace of a gymnast and the confidence of a seasoned actress.

The ending is a messy and sticky triumph, with the sweet topping spread all over Domino's face and hand, and a huge cumshot by Jack that overwhelms Domino like a tsunami. She drools it all over her chin and chest, creating gooey lianas that shine in the crepuscular light filtering from the window in the background.

In this video Domino confirms all the outstanding qualities that she had displayed in her previous works and made a further quality leap. An absolutely majestic piece that makes it difficult to rate with only 5 stars.

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It is very difficult to put down in words the kind of magnetism that El Luno radiates. She is definitely one of a kind and should her cheeky kitten-like face or her overwhelmingly sexy body not be enough to go crazy for her, please be advised: she is also a clever, clever, clever girl who knows what quality means and, no matter what she does in any of her videos, she always deliver some outstanding piece of work.

And also in this custom clip, although the "script" was made by one of her admirers, the mise-en-scene is 100% her.

So loosen your tie, dim down the light, grab a whiskey and collapse on the leather sofa while El Luno, sitting in front of you, verbalises her will to be completely yours. To be owned mind, body and soul by her master.

At the beginning of the clip, El Luno is wearing a white shirt and a very cute skirt: extremely innocent, if it wasn't for those perfect legs peeping out and dropping a hint of what she has in mind for the evening. Then a slow, twinkly strip-tease starts: a 6-minutes long poem in images that will leave you begging for one, ten, ninety-nine more stabs by those sharp, feline eyes. El Luno dances, exposes, oils herself for you: her slim, toned body is an authentic piece of art and catching the details of how her muscles, her tendons tense up as she poses is something that I would describe as very close to a cathartic experience. One example for all: the sequence starting at 2:21, when El Luno takes off her bra and we see her sinuously moving to the music from behind, is for me something of another world... Like seeing a painting by Caravaggio suddenly come alive. Or watch the frame at 10:26: have you ever seen anything more perfect than this?

If you are not already feeling completely overwhelmed by the Stendhal Syndrome, then it will be the multi-orgasmic masturbation session that will finish you. Here, El Luno is great to make you feel there with her, enjoying the gorgeous view on the sofa in front of you, with scents of perfumed oil, good cigar smoke and wet female sex in the air. Yes, she is right when in the description of the video she says that the first, finger induced orgasm is tiny and gentle but I must say that it was probably my favorite of the row... Perhaps because it is the first moment of release that comes shortly after the long, intense preliminary teasing... Or maybe it is again the sensuality that permeates every single square millimeter of El Luno's body: seeing her young, shiny, oiled hand, her wiry forearm, her long purple-painted nails willingly contributing to quench her pussy's thirst is literally mesmerising.

The orgasm with the Hitachi is far more intense: again, El Luno's muscles do not lie and you must be a robot if you don't feel the tension growing as her perineum starts contracting and some delicious moisture beautify her pussy. But I have the feeling that it is with the help of a small, black vibrator that she really has the time of her life; of course by now every single nerve ending of hers is very well alert and reactive, so it comes with no surprise that she seems more ecstatic than ever before in this video... I challenge everybody who does not feel like diving forward and throwing their face in between El Luno's thighs, desperate for tasting the mixture of juices, oil and magic that soaks her pussy.

Thirty minutes of video that end on a cheekier-than-ever glance before the Venus rises again, rewarding us with one last overview of her perfect figure. Thirty minutes of video that, to be honest with you, thanks to the intimacy and connection El Luno is able to establish with you, were more exciting than some "real" experiences I had in my life.

Circo del diablo Jun 18 2016
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How beautiful is Domino? Immensely, I would personally say. So what's the deal in downloading first the only video in which she does not appear in all her natural splendour? I don't have an answer to that. I only know that as soon as I came across this preview I was instantly attracted by the "punk cabaret" look and had to see this video. And, man, what a happy intuition I had!

Domino is a mind-blowing halloween clown in black and white, her make-up and outfit are absolutely spot on and so is the post-production work that turned into sheer porcelain her already milk-white skin. Color saturation has been turned down, leaving Domino run her show on a background in shades of grey. The only colour allowed is the red of her shoes, lipstick and heart-shaped whip.

A few seconds into the video and Domino's intense eyes have already sucked you out of reality: welcome to the Circus, baby! She moves and dances to a schizophrenic soundtrack, from Bring me the Horizon's nu metal to "Cake by the Ocean", which enhances the sense of grotesque, of tongue-in-cheek fun of this piece of work.

At 6:00 Domino decides that it is no longer time for dancing and she seamlessly moves to a demonstration of her oral skills. A long, thin dildo, which Domino shoves down her throat with delighting chocking sounds, is the chosen guinea pig. Now the music has completely abandoned us and luckily all we can hear are the ambient sounds.

Just a couple of minutes of sucking have been enough to make the clown very hungry, so the next scene features Domino sitting on the table with a Hitachi massaging her in-between her thighs. The view is absolutely spectacular. And, in my opinion, it gets even better than that once the Hitachi is replaced by her own hand, in a delicious Spiderman pose.

But in terms of intensity, nothing compares to the 3 final minutes of this clip, when the wand is called back in action to work its magic on Domino's pussy and give her the capital orgasm of the session. Every single electric impulse shaking her clit... Every single electron adding to the energy ball growing in her brain... Every single cell of her delicious body awakening as pleasure overwhelms her... You will see this all into Domino's intense eyes as they firmly stare into yours through the whole process. Overwhelmingly sexy, especially for those who consider the eyes of a cumming girl the most exciting vision on earth.

Thanks to this video, Domino earned my support for the months to come and jumped up into my top 3 performers list: could it be any less than 5 stars? O_o

Big Squirt Jun 17 2016
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I downloaded this video mainly for 3 reasons:

1 - Jaylyn's smile. No, seriously: have you seen that smile in the pictures of her profile? Didn't it make your day?
2 - I always love some squirting action, let alone if it's introduced as "Big";
3 - the magnificence of Jaylyn's body, enhanced by the squatting position she displays in the video preview snapshot.

This must be the recording of a cam show run by this gorgeous Italian woman: the video quality is undoubtedly very good and the action takes place right in front of your eyes: you will not miss a thing. Jaylyn does not waste any time and delivers the first fountain-like eruption at 2:40 with the only help of her fingers. There isn't the shadow of a doubt that she is enjoying the treatment. At 3:55 a long, thin glass dildo is also made part of the scene and immediately swallowed by Jaylyn's sex, her hips accompanying the penetration with yummy, hungry movements. The second shower takes place at 5:09: it is an unbelievable 15-seconds long triumph of pussy juices flooding her living room, the embodiment of an overwhelming orgasm that Jaylynn does not miss the occasion to vocalise properly. Shame that we cannot fully enjoy the "O" face as half way through her ecstasy she is turned on a side but the juice tasting that follows makes up for that completely, in my opinion.

Performance is very good, squirting is completely up to "big" expectations and, from the technical side, everything works perfectly. But what in my opinion makes this video a must-have is, once again, Jaylyn's body: she is truly amazing, especially if you consider that she is not a teenager and, as far as I can understand from her profile, she was pregnant not so long ago.

You love "reality squirt" videos? You will hardly ever find anything better than this.

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I have never been so much into BDSM and I would have picked any "more traditional" female solo masturbation video over something involving ropes and ball gags every day of my life. Then I stepped into El Luno's profile page and after having fallen in love with the first free clip I had downloaded (Sexual Teasing in Stockings) I immediately felt like wanting more of her.

Well, of course I have not yet run out to the shop to buy hooks and ropes, and I would lie if I said I have got into that, but it is already marvelous to have been given a key... An interpretation... And for this I only have to thank El Luno and her undoubtedly very artistic take on the matter.

This clip offers a preview of what you will find in El Luno's "Sadistic Rope 2" video. Production, film quality and soundtrack are absolutely excellent: "Bondage Song" by London After Midnight is only apparently an obvious choice (especially considering the music culture of your average 25 years old girl) and I love the way the footage matches the music in a sick crescendo of tension and pain to the final release. The choice of neutral colors of the scenario creates a great contrast with the red ropes and the shiny nipple clamps, just like El Luno's "cute girl" outfit and hairstyle conflict with the suffering facial expressions that she displays as the torment gets more and more unbearable.

The preview ends with an overview on the beautiful body of El Luno, seduced and abandoned by pain, curling up in foetal position with a mixture of relief and satisfaction on her face.

Could I give any less than 5 stars to a piece of work that actually had the power to "teach me", "make me understand" something new? I really do not think so. Therefore I recommend to download this video to all those who are not familiar with BDSM: it is likely to broaden your horizons. If otherwise you are already into that, then do not waste one single second and make it yours (not only the preview, also the real deal) because El Luno is a truly outstanding performer.

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Despite having been in love with Jayne (as a performer, of course ;)) for a very long time, I had not yet downloaded any of her videos. Therefore I wanted something special to start with. So after having fought for a while against the more animal part of me, pushing me to purchase a clip where I could enjoy her gorgeous body as much as possible (and especially her legs: absolutely incomparable, to my personal taste), I decided to follow my sixth sense. I don't know why but after all this time spent daydreaming about her I wanted something that could let me "feel" Jayne. Given the premises, I thought that a PoV video would have turned out to be the best choice.

Well, this is not a PoV video. This is an experience. For 11 minutes you ARE with Jayne, you can perceive her there, if you close your eyes (not too much though... it's always a video ;)) and let her rock you to the sounds she makes you can actually feel the things she is doing to you. Almost unbelievable.

One example for all: at 3:03, when Jayne kneels on the bed to take her shorts off, I found myself feeling those exciting, breath-taking, naive "butterflies in my stomach" as if I was about to have an intercourse with my best friend. It's real, it's happening, maybe it's even "wrong" but you find it impossible to resist. And that familiar smile you've known for a lifetime tells you that, no, it's not wrong, she wants to go through that experience too. With you.

The vivid, crispy sound obviously contributes massively to give you this impression and the video quality is simply great: you can even see the texture of Jayne's porcelain skin, almost breathe in the scent of her chest as she leans towards you while riding.

But the really mind-blowing thing about this all is that Jayne seems to "react" real time to your presence, she anticipates what you would love her to do in a way that for me has much to do with magic. Whatever is going on out of the eye of the camera, down there, Jayne seems to appreciate it a lot.

Her facial expressions are out-of-this-world beautiful and, again, real and throughout all the duration of the clip she is very vocal: no dirty talking, just the beautiful symphony of her pleasure sighs.

I must apologise but I do feel like I cannot make proper justice with words to what this clip can give you in terms of emotion and intensity, so I will keep it short and sweet: this is the most overwhelming hardcore (but is it really hardcore???) piece of work that I have ever come across, and not just on here. And Jayne undoubtedly confirms her place on the top step of my personal podium.

T-o d-i-e f-o-r.

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Summer on the Italian Riviera, mid nineties. Random fragments of memories that come out of the blur: the smell of coconut suncream... a juke-box playing Bon Jovi while you play beach volley with your mates, trying to pull in the giggling girls watching from a distance... your holiday girlfriend giving you a salty nighttime blowjob on the rocks (literally) while everybody else is watching shooting stars...

And then her... That unforgettable her... The perfect family woman, you would say: fairly older hubby, 2 kids on the verge of school age, a crosswords magazine permanently in her hand... But... That look in her face whenever you walk by... That hand, indulging on very specific spots of that killer body while spreading sun lotion... Those generous breasts, just about to burst out of the tiny summer dress... She had haunted your dreams of those sweaty, sleepless summer nights since you first spotted her... You had any kind of fantasies about her... You would have put your milk-white, teenage cock into every single one of her cavities because, "man, I am telling you... I know how she must be like..."

And then suddenly you are there, in her bungalow, kneeling down on her bed. Everybody's out celebrating the last night before going back home, just a few steps away... Crappy music in the air, fairy lights blinking in the dark, a fireworks show keeping hubbies and kids busy...

You don't fucking know how you could end up there: the only thing you are perfectly aware of is that she is savoring your cock with slow, intense tongue strokes and she seems to be enjoying the sweaty aroma... Every lick is a hungry moan... "Posso?" (can I?) she politely asks before taking your pleasure tool in her hand to brush it better over her sensual, meaty lips... Teenage cocks must be like an Aladdin Lamp for this lady: the more she rubs it with her mouth, the more the genius flows out and fills her from the inside, the more she moans in uncontainable ecstasy...

"Now I have just learnt that I should not waste any more time with those stupid brats my age... This is just unbelievable..."

And as this thought hits you, also the cougar milking you feels reacquainted with the hardness of a young cock... ""Cazzo, com'è duro" she moans in awe, while she rolls out the whole length of her tongue and restlessly flicks it all over your swollen head, her eyes firmly staring into yours...

You feel the load getting bigger inside your balls and you feel almost ready to thank the mysterious lady with a nutritious face mask, so your hand tries to reach your cock to jerk off until the eruption comes but she does not let it go. She is in charge. She has a twenty-something years experience in milking cocks, do you think you can do any better?

Luckily for you she's merciful, or maybe it's just that hubby and kids might be already on their way back, so her hand speeds up the rhythm and her mouth get beautiful shapes as she tastes your nectar in anticipation... The ending is frantic: a triumph of tongue // hand madness makes you shoot a liter of spunk on her gorgeous face while the lady vocalises her delight for an unexpected and very sticky after-dinner...

Great video: would have been a round 5 should the male contribution to the talking had been slightly less lame, but this woman's performance leaves very tiny room for complaints. She is absolutely fabulous. And at this price, this video is a no-brainer.

Thank you Paola: you REALLY are inspiring.

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This girl is clever. Clever, clever, clever.

My name is Agent Cooper of the FBI. I am a sucker for the smell of black coffee and a slice of Norma's cherry pie. I was sent to Twin Peaks to investigate on the murder of a girl Laura Palmer, found in the river with signs of multiple sexual violence, all wrapped in a plastic bag. I spend my nights at the Great Northern Hotel and, before sleep, I always record a vocal message to my imaginary friend Diane. I do that every night but last night. I could not sleep so I had to pay visit to Manyvids, where I downloaded the video I am now reviewing.

And since I have watched it, I have been trapped into the Black Lodge.

Yes, I met Laura Palmer in here. She also kissed me. But somehow I could not care less about her as the vision of another girl, also wrapped in plastic, blew my mind. Literally ravished me. I could not help being hypnotised by the slow movements of her hands as she was trying to free herself from the plastic tape. Her eyes did not leave me for a single second, making my spine tingle in a concoction of desire and fear. Then she laid down and, by spreading her beautiful legs wide open, she showed me what I believe is what here they call "Garmonbozia": a furry, untamed gate to a warm, moist room of the Lodge where all evils suddenly disappear and there is nothing but delight. A part of me was pushing me to dive into it and relieve all my pains but I could not: very few lucky people are allowed in there.

Understanding my internal troubles she smiled at me and invited the Man From Another Place (in the form of a curved purple dildo) to enter the room. Two obscenely long, pink doors gathered the new comer and made it disappear inside her. The girl was ecstatic, her core shaken from the inside by the lodger, and I could see the fire walking with her more and more as her whole body was shaken by orgasmic spasms. She held back a cry and had to close her lids to prevent eyeballs to jump out of her face: this is what happens in the Black Lodge when the Chosen Ones have their portion of Garmonbozia.

This girl, not Laura, is the keeper of the nectar. And this is why, now that I have seen her, what used to be important has no meaning anymore. I got to have her, I cannot leave this place until I do and this means that I am likely to be doomed forever and ever... Until BOB decides to make me do it.

Clever, clever, clever Brenda: I loved it.

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Lady Tellus does not have a girl-next-door appearance. Lady Tellus IS the girl next door. And I am sure that there is at least one lucky man on this Earth who could go and borrow some salt at her place, daydreaming to catch her in the outfit she has on at the beginning of this video. Lady Tellus is 100% natural: no make-up or filmmaking-pulled frivolousness whatsoever. And I believe she does so because she knows that men, deep inside, want a woman that looks like a woman, not like a doll... They want feet to smell like feet, sweat like sweat and sex like sex, especially if there is a beautiful, untamed bush retaining the fragrance of a whole day at work.

Lady Tellus is my perfect Friday night. You come home and can finally devote yourself to some old-fashioned debauchery, so much overwhelmed by the sex drive of your woman that other basic needs like eating, drinking or seeing friends become instantly meaningless. All you can think about is enjoy that woman to the point that you both howl so loudly that the neighbours have to call the police (mainly because they envy you, not because you are actually bothering anybody).

When Lady Tellus kneels down on the bed and parades her arse with pride, she knows that we are all craving to grab her buttocks, spread them nicely and deeply inhale some of those womanly aromas that will be further fuel for a full-throttle night. And after having shown us the menu for the night, it's time for the first course: a nice, hungry, electric-blues paced blowjob down on her knees, with a couple of lovely glances to the camera and some cute self-inflicted face-slapping with cock. Here you can tell that Lady Tellus is completely focused on her task, so much that she does not even seem to be on air: I like this as it goes in the need for a 100% natural feeling I downloaded this video for. And as we cannot enjoy first hand the wonders of her mouth, Lady Tellus decides to give us something that not even her lucky partner can have in that very moment: another gorgeous shot of her arse, this time taken while she's sitting astride her guy and her head keeps going up and down along the shaft.

The next course is a beautiful doggystyle: every inch of that cock enters the luxuriant pussy with Lady Tellus barely letting out a sigh, her face delightfully pushed into the duvet. The pace increases and finally that cheeky arse gets the slap we would all have wanted to give for ages, while the camera moves to give us the real highlight of the video: a POV overview of her arse, of her back, of her raven-black hair that really made my day. At this stage it is Lady Tellus leading, bouncing back to absorb inside herself as much of that cock as she possibly can.

A good old-fashioned missionary with legs up in the air is the last course of the meal: despite a lovely pussy view at 5.45, accompanied by some tiny, shimmering wet sounds, I must admit that this sequence would have greatly benefited from having her face too in the frame. Is there anything better than the eyes of a girl when she's about to get lost on Cloud 9?

Very onturning video, rich of cues that we want to see developed in greater detail in the forthcoming clips. It would have been a 5 with a full picture of Lady Tellus while fucked missionary stile and, above all, a cumshot at the end but... Hey, this is her first attempt to a BG video and if these are the premises, I expect something super-hot coming soon.

Download it: you will see that Lady Tellus is the perfect Friday night for you too.

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Sylvie is great: not only she has one of the hottest bodies on the planet but she seems to be born for staying in front of a camera and doing porn. Believe me, this sentence is less tacky than it could sound at first: I have hardly ever seen someone who fucks so comfortably while on air and conveys so much confidence, creativity and enjoyment.

In this episode, our German heroine delights us with a nice fuck in a Jacuzzi bath tub. Not even 30 seconds into the video and the cock of the lucky partner has already disappeared into Sylvie's mouth but we have to wait until 1:30 before the room gets really hot: the guy sits on the edge of the bath tub and Sylvie exposes her epic arse to the eye of the camera, while still sucking him. There is time for a couple of extremely hot arabesques traced by Sylvie's restless tongue (I need to download one of her blowjob movies, hoping that she does it again like that... It's so fucking hot!!!) before the cock enters her pussy from behind. Her reaction to the pounding is so refreshing: she grins like it was a reacquaintance with an old friend, enjoying every inch of the shaft. A quick pit-stop to wear a condom and Sylvie sits on top of the guy to brush up her equestrian skills.

Doggystyle position again, and this time we are truly blessed by a clearer view on Sylvie's face: this is the real deal. Thrusts get faster and faster, Sylvie grunts, gnashes her teeth in delight and the guy cannot control himself anymore and explodes his happiness in the condom: I can't blame him, really... It must be REALLY hard to stand Sylvie's ground... Although I cannot help seeing a little tiny note of disappointment in Sylvie's eyes for a promising ride that had already come to an end... I would have loved to see Sylvie cum (and I think she would have been happy too) but my desire is bound to remain unsatisfied until the next episode.

Nevertheless Sylvie cuddles the cock, now back to bare again, inside her warm mouth, trying to squeeze out the last drops of sperm in case some were still hiding in the urethra.

Download recommended.

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I am always hungry for some new German girl (yes, they are my passion) and I could not remain indifferent when I came across this beautiful girl's profile. The snapshot of the video did a good job at making me choose to download it because I wanted to see her full figure and, possibly, her skills once in action.

Despite the title would speak of a sex scene stolen on a drowsy morning at the hotel, the filming is made from multiple angles, so here we have an attempt to put together a product that does not look completely amateurish. Film quality is good and the duration of the scenes is ideal. The guy redeems the black ankle socks, presence which will haunt the video until the end (German heritage? ;)) by pounding her properly, especially in the good old missionary position: the thrusts make her rich tits bounce up and down, giving us a hint of how cozy and welcoming that body must be. Same impression I get from the doggystyle session in which the girl is given the rhythm by pulling on her hair: it must feel really good in there!!!

After a quick pussy close-up that makes us appreciate the wet sounds during penetration better, it is blowjob time: thanks to the girl's fantastic blue/green eyes and tiny dancing tongue, in my opinion this sequence deserves to be considered the highlight of the video. The cumshot is not particularly rich: it works for me as I can finally enjoy her face, now truly at its most beautiful, and I am fond of the moment when the guy, with one of his fingers, makes sure that the important nutrients once contained in his balls do not go wasted.

I am looking forward to downloading more movies with Pussydoll in. For now, I am happy to recommend this video to all those who are looking for some genuine, non-artificial action.

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I think I have to start with saying that I adore Ann's body and, in particular, I am completely, utterly in love with her skin. So smooth, so white, so soft: just the thought sets me on fire and, to be honest with you, I have to strongly squeeze my thighs to shut up the lustful cry coming from in-between them.

Therefore this video is a true treat for me as it is all about Ann's skin magic and the natural lotion that she milked out of a lucky cock with the help of her skillful hand and barbed claws. It is such a pleasure to indulge on how her hand, kissed by perfect light, lusciously moves up and down, most likely grazing the sack with a hint of black nail. Every gesture seems to be part of a magnificent sensual symphony, every move is functional to give overwhelming pleasure to her partner. Half way through the video she receives the generous white load on her shaved groin and here the focus of Ann's touch moves from the penis to herself: she spreads the sticky lotion all over the soft mons pubis, revealing the recipe behind the perfection of her skin. Once the beauty treatment is over our Czech vampire also shows us her secret towards eternal life: she dips her index finger in the small pool of cock juice that remained in the hollow of her thigh and lusciously brings it to her mouth.

I love this video: it is so perfect that for once I can accept to do without seeing Ann's face properly. Highly recommended if you want to quit the raunchiness for a second and let this gothic beauty's cozy groin cradle you.

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Pina is one of those encounters that unfortunately I never have in a public bathroom, so I have no other chance than daydreaming about her cannibal eyes staring into mine while she finishes me with her mouth.

Pina threw a spell on me which pushed me to get more and more into her since the very firs time I crossed her profile: she gives me a very special feeling, a truly animal arousement that pushes me to wait for the next episode of her adventures with a kind of craving that I hardly ever experience. Knowing that I will never be disappointed.

Pina does not certainly use the foil: she hits with the club and does it really really hard. Just see how, in this video, she "moistens" the cock of the lucky guy before making it disappear in her hungry pussy: absolutely spectacular!!! Then she fucks it for no longer than 30 seconds, just enough to put out the fire in-between her thighs, she strokes it a couple of times before kneeling down and swallowing the missile. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why you ABSOLUTELY MUST DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO! The way Pina sucks that dick is simply outstanding and the view of her super-sexy figure, of that body that seems designed to give true pleasure, of her naked feet on the public bathroom floor does nothing but contribute to that animal energy I was talking about before.

The video ends with Pina that, after having received the cumshot in her mouth, keeps on torturing the guy with her tongue and her eyes.

Duration is perfect, filming quality is appropriate, the price makes it a must have.

For me Pina is undoubtedly in the gotha of the 3 best blowjob artists on this website.

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This video is complementary to Lilly's previous facial video where the cumshot remained all on her face and beautiful mouth. This time the gorgeous German redhead goes all the way and, after having tried to expel the load from her vagina (you will love the way she chooses to do so!), she gathers it on her finger and brings it to her mouth.
Video quality is good as always: I love how she captures the situation and makes you feel part of the moment just like you were there, locked in that bathroom with her.
Download with confidence, enjoy the movie and start daydreaming about how that load could end up into Lilly's pussy... Which, hopefully, we will be able to see in one of the next updates ;)

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Who doesn't dream to receive a blowjob like this???

Dee is very genuine, don't expect video effects or post-production shit: this video brings you directly between the lips of this hot native american girl and its intent is sharing with you her skills and the love for the supreme art of blowjobbing.

I love her look when she stares into the camera: those are the eyes of a girl enjoying what she's doing and challenging her man to resist... Perfectly knowing that her hands, wrapped in nylon gloves for the occasion, lips and tongue will prevail soon.

Dee is hungry and ravenous and she shows no mercy: she wants to feel the load in her mouth and goes for it without compliments. And in the end she does not miss the occasion to show us once more what a naughty girl she is when she takes the load in her mouth, spits it over the cock and repeats the ritual a couple of times before swallowing her daily dose of micronutrients.

Download with confidence and watch whenever you want to daydream of a girl that is waiting for you, craving for your cock, after a hard day at work.