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Hi! I've reviewed three of your videos. I don't know whether the extra solo vid is one of your choice or if I can make requests, but I'd love the "Misty Clamps" if it's possible. I wish you all the best either way! (Oh, and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.)

bryand81 Mar 26

Great fucking videos!!! Ur absolutely beautiful, hair is on point no matter the color, just as hot without the makeup as with, and those amazing big bouncy tits will have me coming back for more. Excellent work hottie.

Hey this is Kat!

I'm new to MV and want to help everyone grow. I'm spreading some love and I hearted you. Please do the same for me :) I would really appreciate it.

Thanks you! Have a great day <3

Hi gorgeous ! great stuff here

Your videos are absolutely AMAZING <3 keep up the FANTASTIC work (Y)) and Have a Very Happy New Year sexi mami :cock::W:facial:

Hey girl! Left some <3 for you. Have an amazing 2017!

kiterose Nov 29

Love the yuna vid! hope you make more of it =3

Amorlove Oct 28

hey love I will love to do a video togather with you?

Talia never disappoints! One of the hardest working girls out there. Much love! :)

ghost88 Sep 19

buy 2 videos for your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT  have a great day love you .

RainiJo deleted Aug 12

Left you some love! Check out my profile? :x<3

Youdady Aug 11


Camino Aug 1

Can you message me, I'd like to ask about a very simple custom.

Roxiemarrie deleted Jul 25

Left hearts ❤️

NaomiLe deleted Jun 29

Oh you are so damn hot!  Saw your preview on someones page and had to click your profile.  Keep it up lady! <3<3<3:W:W:W*********

stunning woman

ChibiMoony deleted May 16

Left to some hearts, feel free to check my profile out and leave me some to!💋

babygirl2387 deleted May 5

Hey! I just wanted to leave your page some love <3

saikinto Mar 19 2016

Hi Talia. I <3 ted your profile. Greets Sai. xxx

Roxielynn deleted Mar 17 2016

Hearts for you ❤️❤️❤️

christinastarrr Mar 15 2016

IHey would u like to join the contest with me an another girl. It's gonna be called Interracial Minaj

Tikib999 deleted Mar 10 2016

hi natalie

Roxielynn deleted Feb 17 2016

HOT!!!! hearted

krustyx Feb 13 2016


krustyx Feb 13 2016


dulces24 Feb 7 2016

Hi Natalia. Left you some hearts.Pls return some.Thank you<3<3<3

Hot Profile! Left you many Hearts Baby. Heart me back when you can. :x Jessica

Tonia Dyna Dec 21 2015

Hey there, I just left some hearts on your page ! I’d really love it if you could leave me some hearts, too.

KwestShawn Dec 13 2015

1. By any chance did you record the live/public cam show of you reading while riding the sybian (or was it a hitachi)?

NataliaGrey Dec 14 2015

I don't have any recordings of it, but I do have a video. I uploaded it as today's video if you're interested. :)

Mike1234567890 deleted Dec 13 2015

I let a heart
I hope mine
I love your body is very beautiful

Mike1234567890 deleted Dec 13 2015

I need a blowjob of you.

meddle Dec 9 2015

All of your videos look great ฅᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅฅ:*☆

Katrina Rose Nov 30 2015


Foxglove deleted Nov 20 2015

I love seeing you on cam! Left you a ton of hearts xoxo

Layla Nov 16 2015

left some love on your profile!

Gaberiella Nov 15 2015

Hearted you!

Haus of Khaos Nov 11 2015

Left you some hearts!

Hey there! I left you a tonne of hearts. Enjoy! Xxxx

ech0vii Oct 30 2015

I am dying to know, Natalia. Which of your scenes is your personal favourite.

Alora_Moon Oct 29 2015

Hey how did you get your live web link for MFC? I've been using the link to my profile page, as I couldn't figure that out. Very cool!

Alora_Moon Oct 29 2015

Love your dirty talking! Gave you some hearts. I am new to this site, looks awesome!

Roxielynn deleted Oct 28 2015

Left hearts

Sparkling_Light deleted Oct 18 2015

Hey how are you?

krillin18 Oct 17 2015

Hey Natalia just popped in to get everything a heart. i hope you have a amazing day and hope you take care :)

Hi hun! I left u some hearts, please return me back some love too xo xo

Vodka666 Oct 8 2015

Hi darling,

I bought a couple of your vids, love 'em.
I want you to do a custom for me with your black turtleneck a matching skirt with a bra no panties, first licking milk from a bowl on the floor like a good kitten, later modelling your outfit, begging to gag on cock and some face slapping.

How about it?

Tiny High Elf Oct 7 2015

gave you all of the hearts~*

mikevets1 Sep 29 2015

Hi Natalia,

I was wondering if i may request your email address. I'd like to get your thoughts on some custom video proposals please. You can message me, or write on my wall if you'd like.

LucidPhoenixxx Sep 28 2015

You're gorgeous! I've left hearts for you

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