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I'm a student in Los Angeles. My profile is of my real male friends doing....various things. ;)

Los Angeles, CA United States Joined May 2016
uCaughtAlex Jun 23 2017

I'm not a fan of spit but your intros are so fucking awesome. Love the closeups with lip licking. I have seen them from twitter.

Dolphine1971 Nov 13 2016

HI. I really love your videos. I also love guys go cross eyed. Are you good at crossing eyes? Both eyes to center. If so, I really would love to have a custom video. Thank you

jessilove23 Jul 16 2016

my name is Jessica please write me here, (
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Welcome to my MV boys profile. Because let's face it, you are here to see all the boys. Like that milkshake song. Remember that one? lol. Anyway, I'm a student in Los Angeles. My profile is of my friends doing various fun and kinky things. Most of my friends say no when I ask them to let me film them for my site. The ones you see in my profile are the cool ones that said yes. And let's face it. Those are the friends we are interested in anyway. So have a look around, and thanks for stopping by.

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