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...beautiful women being themselves...

Joined June 2016

showing love..

norcal87 Sep 28

Hello. im very interested in a custom video. would u please message me if they are available? thanks so much!

How come most new videos on clips4sale are not HD? I want gothlet homework in hd please

Unfortunately, the original footage for Gothlet in Homework was corrupt, so when I went to make the HD version of that video, I was unable to. Very sorry about that!

ToneyStarks deleted Mar 11 2017

beautiful body.. nice vids.. showing love

I have lost track of Alice, so I don't believe I will be doing more videos with her. The HD videos are much higher quality but they need to be edited down because they are too big for the server. I try not to take out anything good :)

heniu83 Jan 2 2017

Great videos you have made, girls are so natural. I love to watch Alice. Are you going to make more of her, I would love to see her cooking naked. May I ask what's the difference between "Alice in forest" and "Alice in forest HD", why HD version is much shorter?

RockstarAnima Aug 6 2016

Can you please upload the HD version for lisa tiffani? Also please have her barefoot in the future, I can fund/ sponsor for it

The HD version will be awhile coming out, but it will. Stay tuned! I'm not sure if we will do another shoot--she hasn't gotten back to me on email.

orgasmlover Jul 21 2016

OMG do you have more video of Evangeline masturbating to orgasm? I own the one where she uses the mini vibe and I just purchased the one where she uses her fingers. Very hot my friend.

I have more of Evangeline nude and receiving pleasure from an anonymous partner, but "Bed" and "Sofa" are the only two of her masturbating as of now.

orgasmlover Jul 21 2016

Does she have her own site or can she be found anywhere else? I would love to see so much more of her.

orgasmlover Jul 21 2016

Also, have you noticed any additional models of your that show their orgasm contractions when they reach orgasm?

She does not have her own site as far as I know. Modeling/performance is not her main line. As far as contractions, most of the videos are shot at such an angle that it would be difficult to tell. If you do a vids search for "explicit", many of them are mine (the titles end with "[EXPLICIT]";), and you can select one with the right angle. I don't know off the top of my head, though.

RockstarAnima Jul 17 2016

hi on your clips4sale store, before i purchase peppers interview, is she barefoot?

In the interview she is barefoot. To my knowledge she wears flip-flops in the desert videos and high heels in the bikes video. Otherwise, barefoot.

RockstarAnima Jul 17 2016

Thank you so much! :)

RockstarAnima Jun 20 2016

Great videos, but the guy interviewing / talking ruins the video

How does one conduct an interview without talking?

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...beautiful women being themselves...

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