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Harlee Homicyde

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Harlee Homicyde

| Tattooed & Screwed Solo Cam Girl |

Laredo, TX. US United States Joined June 2016

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I still have some updating to do, and will get to it this week!

<3Cupids Contest Rewards: <3

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Vote from Feb 5th 11 AM to Feb 14th 8 PM EST
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For the 2018 MV Squirt Star of the Year, we placed 7th!  Not bad, not bad at all and I literally couldn’t have done it without your hustle!  We’re gonna keep kicking ass & taking names!  Thank y’all so much! 

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Focusing on:  

Squirt Star of the Year 

Direct Link to Vote:

Help me stay in top 5 to win!

$5 Vote:  1 Video of your choice

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$20 Vote:  Any 5 Vids

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$300 Vote:  Lifetime Nude Snap, All Vids, Used Glass Dildo, Random Panties (clean, perfumed, masturbated in, stuffed),  Fan Sign with boobs, booty or squirt.

💗$350 Vote:  You REALLY want me to WIN!

Harlee Homicyde Jan 23 2017

Thank you so much everyone!!! #12 Booty of the Year is awesome!  We've definitely got this next year!  🖤🖤🖤

Harlee Homicyde Jan 18 2017

Update guys!  We're still at #13!
You guys know my rewards!  Keep those awesome free/paid votes coming in and thank you so much for all your support! :g_string:

pblpbl Oct 2


Harlee Homicyde Jan 17 2017

Alright guys!  I need your help getting in the Top 10 for Booty of The Year!  I'm at 13 now!  :ass_worship:

you are amazing. Every time i see you my breath is taken away. keep up the hard work!

Harlee Homicyde Jul 30 2016

Awwwwe! Thanks love :*) You're too awesome!

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