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Well i believe the meaning of life is that it`s one big joke ,so lets laugh it up. i don`t know about you but i much rather be really weird then be really boring ,because weird people make fun things happen are you with me :-D

For all the cam girls and studios reading this please don't see me as a kinky perverted guy in his 20s staring at a computer screen, see me instead as a friend. There are so many amazing Individuals here in general i cant befriend you all but i can try ;-)


Blue Collar


1990-09-04 (28)








Australian Australia

Lives in

Orsinium High Rock Tamriel





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5'7" or 170 cm


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I don't really feel it was worth the money The video Footage is very far away from the models And you can barely see them I feel like I just paid for a silhouette Essentially

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I purchase this video And felt extremely satisfied with it

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I love this video with the horse cock It's sexy as hell you should make more Videos like it ;-)

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Well the thing about me is I absolutely love and adore Hentai And in particular futanaria . What really strikes me as peculiar and Interesting with this Video is the fact that Trinity May Was actually able to make this a video where she is very submissive which also subtlety gives it a humiliation Vibe to it too Which ironically actually works very well In this video.

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it may sound weird but I kind of always thought that xenomorphs from the alien movies in some ways were pretty sexy. I liked how submissivealexis makeup style was heavily influenced by it. i know a lot of people say that the Xenomorphs look horrible and terrifying but there's something beautiful about them, i love how their skin or exoskeleton reminds me of leather or latex, in some ways it's kind of a turn on how they crawl on all fours snarl, poke their tongues out and hiss at people before they claw them to death.

After seeing that I kind of hope Xenomorph pet play becomes a thing

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I am scared but also aroused .But to be honest that is a absolutely beautiful toy. look at the colour it is amazing ,And the size you could probably bludgeon someone to death with it, I hope she uses it for good instead of evil ,Maybe a little evil if she wears it as a strap-on dildo If that is even possible lol

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