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Heyy, Leaving Some <3 
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left ya some hearts as well, might have to take you up on a custom, you are beautiful!:A:x


Thank you for the hearts! I felt the love!

my pleasure! cute tushy! I might have to bug ya for a custom in the near future! xoxo

Thank you for the hearts:)

my pleasure, thank you as well and for saying yes to my custom request! xoxo

Hello Dear! Check out my store ! -50% for all videos and customs!!!

50% again? just might have to get another shiny hiney tushy custom with you & Misha if I can handle it!

Yes we decided to continue our super sale in January too)) sure - with pleasure will do it))) muahhh

which profile should I use to order it though, the price is a little different under each profile, its only $5 difference but under Kate Ross its $65 for 10 min video, but under Russian Beauty its $70 for 10 min video! I don't want to rip you off but most people would choose the cheaper option! just thought I'd let you know in case you want to make the prices the same! xoxo

He he than sure choose where the cheaper)))👍😘😘

thanks I just ordered it on the KateRoss profile but I went for the 15 min. option this time since you let me get the cheaper price! thanks again! xoxo

Thank you Dear))) with pleasure will do this video for you!!! 💋😘😘😘

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Thanks for the love <3

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I'm here for Custom Videos: Solo Girl or Girl/Girl! My Fetishes include: Tushy Talk, Oil, Tickling, & Spanking! I Love when Girls say cute words like Tushy, Hiney, & Boobies! I also Love when Girls Spank each other on their Naughty Hiney and Tickle each others Tushies with their fingernails! I also Love to see Oil all over a Naked Tushy to make a Shiny Hiney Tushy Tush! I Love the Sensuality and Eroticism of all of it!!!








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great video, I love when girls say tushy and hiney instead of ass and I love when girls say boobies instead of tits! she did exactly what I wanted while getting all oiled up and shiny! she looks great with shiny boobies and a shiny hiney! she is very naughty too so she spanks her naughty tushy nice and sexy! I recommend a custom from this girl, she pays attention to detail and is very fast with delivery!

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so its called Strap-On Spanks & More, I think the operative word here is MORE! you had boobie licking, tushy spanking, cookie eating, hineylick maneuver, strap on action! what else could you ask for? these 2 make a great team! I'd write more but I have to stop by the ER and get my heart & respiratory system checked out! thanks alot ladies!

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wow, this girl has a naughty tushy! I like hands on the hiney too, the paddle was nice but skin to skin was so sensual especially going from spanking to tickling with the fingernails! Ember is a good hiney spanker and tushy tickler! the only thing that would have made it better for me is if they both said tushy and hiney, so it looks like I'm gonna have to beg them for a custom video because these 2 are awesome together! this was hiney heaven to say the least!

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this girl is amazing, face of an angel, body of perfection, heart of gold! if you like oil and perfect boobies and tushies, get this video! she is so gorgeous with her sexy voice and the way she runs her hands all over her skin as she oils up her amazing body! she fondles the boobies and spanks the hiney a few times too! she is the best! do yourself a favor, get this video, then get yourself a custom video!

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Guys and Gals you have to check out this video, its awesome! even if you don't like cute words like I do you have to love gorgeous bodies and this girl has a body to die for covered in oil for your viewing pleasure! her voice is beautiful too and the way she caresses her shiny oily body is like an art form! this is a must see! I also recommend getting a custom of your own from her, I'm so happy I got one and will be getting more!

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this video has something for everybody! feet, booty, boobies, cookie or ti ti, not to mention plenty of oil and use of a dildo! I love this girl especially her angelic voice, perky boobies and hiney hall of fame tushy-tush! Bella is perfection!

^.^^.^ u make me blush! thanks u so much SeymoreHiney:x

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wow! this girl is super naughty with her dirty talk and she is a great tushy spanker! she makes her hiney all shiny with oil then spanks herself so hard! her cheeks were like 2 red cherry tomatoes! her buns were so hot I thought she was gonna start a fire! her voice is so beautiful talking so naughty while she oils up her shiny hiney and spanks her naughty tushy! this girl is 1 in a million!

awwww thanks u so much:A<3:x

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this girl can't be human, she is perfect! her body, her voice, everything is incredible! she oils up her whole body, fondles her perky boobies as the oil drips down her tummy to her yummy cookie or as she calls it, her Ti Ti, which is so freakin cute! she turns around and straddles the chair sticking out her perfectly round tushy giving herself a shiny hiney, squeezing her hot buns with her hands! I think I'm in love!

hehehe thanks u so much SeymoreHiney!! :A:) hehehe im human totally a crazy one but yes am i:P

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very sexy video, she is so naughty! her boobies are so perky and pretty! love her round naughty hiney too, her tushy definitely needs a good spanking! love how sensual and erotic she is with every move! the mirror was a nice touch, it was like a Girl/Girl video with twins, lol! she kisses the mirror in such a seductive way, very hot video!

u get it!! yes the mirror effect is that one! like 2 Bellas hehe thanks u so much<3

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fierce, friendly, fierce compe-TUSH-ion with 4 beautiful booties in a relay race for the ages! Anatomik Media never disappoints! they do great customs too by the way!

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great custom video! she pays attention to detail, says all my favorite words, gets so oily and shiny, and gives herself nice sexy spankings! her tushy belongs in the shiny hiney hall of fame! great at roleplay! I recommend getting a custom from her!

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Bella, Bella, Bella! have mercy! 1 hour of tushy perfection! how 1 woman can be so dirty, naughty, sweet, erotic, sensual, and adorable all at once I'll never know! the energy, effort, and creativity she puts into her videos is amazing! she really is perfect and probably just a figment of my imagination, lol, I just hope I never wake up from this incredible dream!

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how is this girl human? she is an expert in the art of the tease! she is so erotic and sensual with her videos! I love this woman! the tushy toy, the squirting, the slow mo was a nice touch! Bella is simply amazing!

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wow, this girl is unbelievable! spanking, fingers, and anal toys! best tushy ever! the moans are so sexy and erotic! she really knows how to have a good time!

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Bella is so perfect its not fair! she is such a tushy tease and I love her for it! she is great at stripteases and playing with her yummy booty and I lose my mind when she has a shiny hiney! she ends up with sticky buns so to speak! I suggest you hydrate before watching this, oh, and bring a towel because you will make a mess!

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these 2 are unbelievable! they have the best boobies and tushies! they get all shiny with oil and tickle each others shiny hiney tushies with their fingernails and massage each others boobies! they touch each other so sensually and erotically! get this video and then get a custom from these 2 phenomenal ladies! they are custom video experts, you will love them forever!

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this girl is so naughty, she gets shaving cream all over her boobies and hiney! then she shaves her pretty kitty until its as smooth as her cute tushy! she shows you different angles, nice closeups, its almost like you are there in the room with her! get this video then get a custom, she is amazing!

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so dirty yet so fresh and so clean clean! she touches her boobies and cookie as she gets all soapy! watching the water cascade down her sexy body over her naked boobies and shiny hiney tushy tush was so sexy! she is so awesome, be smart and get this video! then be smarter and get a custom, trust me!

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she makes bath time sooo fun, getting all soapy and then watching the water cascade down her lovely back and tushy-tush! total hineylicious tushy tub fun!

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luckiest toy and butt plug ever, she is so gorgeous and fun!

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shiny hiney tushy extravaganza with the naughtiest beach bunny around and the luckiest co-star ever, his hands were in hiney heaven!

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This is possibly the best video ever created! get it and you be the judge! Trust me everybody needs this video! 25 minutes of pure pleasure! even if you don't like cute words like tushy, hiney, and boobies its still the best video ever made! How can you not like those words though especially the way LumLum says them so cute and sexy! Her voice is magical, her body was sent from the Heavens! Oil, Spanking, Tushy Talk *my favorite*, Slow Motion, Toys, Fingers, Anal Play! This video has everything! I think I'm in love!

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guys, this is a must see! this girl is so beautiful from head to toe! she has the face and voice of an angel, her body is awesome! she covers her boobies and hiney in oil and gets all shiny and sexy! the way she rubs her boobies and tushy with her hands is so sensual and erotic! trust me, you need to get this video and more importantly you need to get a custom from this gorgeous girl!

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this girl is awesome and this video is so sexy! her voice and body are amazing! she looks sooo yummy covered in oil getting all shiny! she talks so sexy, her voice is a big turn on! this video is a must see! I recommend getting a custom from her too, she is awesome!

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wow this video was yummy, Hiney Love from Honey Gold! her tushy is so pretty especially all wet and shiny! she has fun with tushy toys and candy cane that looked delicious, wonder why! lets just say I'll never look at another candy cane the same way again! her facial expressions said it all, I'd say her tushy was in hiney heaven!

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Kryska's cheeks were blushing big time and I don't mean the cheeks on her angel face! her tushy is straight out of hiney heaven! her hot buns can take a good spanking, she must have a tough tushy-tush! very nice video!

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not sure if she went to medical school but she definitely has her PHD or Perfect Hiney Degree! she gets her tushy nice and pink, she could probably win a Hot Buns Contest after this video! gonna have to get a custom from her after seeing this video!

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this video is awesome, she is so hot and makes her skin so soft oiling up her boobies and hiney! her voice is delicious too and the way she caresses her shiny body is so sexy and erotic, this is a must see! I recommend ordering a custom from her too, you won't be disappointed! you might be short of breath after watching it but not disappointed thats for sure!

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WOW! this video was awesome, it was a custom for me and they did everything perfectly! they are such beautiful ladies who pay attention to detail! if you love pretty girls with awesome boobies and great tushies covered in oil then this is the video for you! the way they tickle each others tushies with their fingernails is so erotic and they massage each others boobies so sensually and sexy! I recommend a custom from these 2 gorgeous angels, they are amazing!

KateRoss Dec 23

Thanks Dear

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if you love oil and shiny boobies and a cute round tushy then you'll love this video! she oils up her boobies and hiney so sexy and erotic and her voice is awesome! I love the way she talks about her boobies and tushy as she massages the oil into her skin! this is a must see! getting a custom video from her is also a must! you will be so happy you did!

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OMG! I LOVE THIS WOMAN! Guys or Gals you NEED to buy this video, you HAVE to buy this video! It is Unbelievable! For any Ass Man or Woman out there this is a Must See! She tries on different panties even Superman or in this case SuperWoman and trust me she is a SuperWoman and her Hiney Hall of Fame Tushy is my Cryptonite! She caresses and wiggles her booty as she tries on each pair! She smothers her cheeks in oil and they sprays them with a water bottle to make them even more shiny! You can literally see your reflection in her Perfect Shiny Hiney Tushy Tush! Trust me she does not skimp on the Oil & Water like some girls, she goes all out with it! She squeezes, spanks, and even spreads her delicious cheeks for us! She fingers her wet Cookie or as she likes to call it, her Titi, so cute! She even slides a finger into her perfectly round tight Tushy-Tush of perfection! 31 minutes, $9, are you kidding me? Guys if you don't get this video you are only hurting yourself! I'm In Love!!!

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awesome video from an awesome girl, she looks amazing covered in oil and she caresses her body so sensual and sexy! her voice is so beautiful, her body is amazing, her face is angelic! guys get a custom from her, you will be so happy you did!

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Devouring a Cupcake never looked so good! this video is Delicious! handprints on the hiney, boobie sucking, cookie eating, hineylick maneuver! just don't blame me if you get Diabetes just watching this video! Gia I Wuv U! hiney hugs and tushy kisses!

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Gia's Tushy, wow! fingering, face sitting, pussy eating, spanking, and did I mention Gia's Hiney Hall of Fame Tushy, omg! I wuv her! *blushing*

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very intimate and sensual video! they explore each others bodies with their fingers and tongues, very erotic! I think I'm in love with Gia *blushing* she is amazing, I just hope I get to hear her say tushy & hiney someday before I die!

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what a video if you love spanking, fingering, and pussy eating! I love spanking and these 2 end up with hot red tushies, I'm talking hiney hall of fame worthy! they slide their fingers inside each others wet pussies or as I like to call them delicious cookies! speaking of that, they eat each others cookies like its their last meal, wow! Gia's sexy friend even bites her hineylicious tushy in the beginning, so hot!

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great video, she did exactly what I wanted in this custom I ordered! she is so beautiful and sexy too! face, body, voice are beautiful! I recommend a custom from this lovely girl!

Omg! Thanks so much! Was really fun! i love to do this vid! muuua kisses! <3:);)

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awesome video! great voice, great body, great everything! I recommend getting a custom from this gorgeous girl!

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2 pretty girls with cute tushies and sexy voices! 1 of them gets a shiny hiney, so sexy!

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great video, she is so beautiful from head to toe! her voice is awesome too! if you like oil & booty you will love this video! she uses alot of oil and spanks her naughty hiney so good! her tushy belongs in the hiney hall of fame! get a custom from her guys, well worth it!

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great video, I got what I asked for and the delivery time and price was more than fair! she is so sexy too, from her body to her face to her voice! I recommend getting a custom video from this angel!

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this video is amazing! gorgeous face, gorgeous voice, gorgeous body! you see everything all oily and shiny! she talks so sexy and touches her body so sensually and erotically! this is a must buy and you have to get a custom video from her, she's awesome!

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wow, what a shiny hiney tushy goddess! this girl has tushybuns of steel and the cutest shiny hiney! she is very generous with the oil too, you can almost see your reflection in her hiney! she massages her hiney hall of fame tushy so sensual and sexy too! great video, everybody should order a custom from her, she delivers very fast too!

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great video, so sensual and slippery! she knows how to please! get a custom from her guys, you won't be sorry!

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this video is awesome! she is so sensual and erotic! everyone should get a custom video from this goddess!

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shiny boobies, shiny hiney, and pretty cookie!

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damn, that was hot, 2 sexy girls with pretty voices, nice boobies, and naughty tushies! only thing better than a girl with a shiny hiney is 2 girls with shiny hiney tushies! I see a g/g custom video in my future with these 2 angels, I hope so anyway!

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this video is right up my alley and most guys alley if you like sexy girls who use buttplugs or as I like to call them Tushy Toys, lol! if you're a fan of the whole body, you'll love it because this Wicked Vixxen shows it all! she rubs her cookie in different positions so you get to see multiple sexy body parts at once! I think my favorite part is when she bends over and rubs her cookie & clit because I'm an ass man so I can see her Hiney Hall of Fame Tushy, Her Sweet Wet Cookie, and her Perky Boobies all at once! this is a Must Buy if you ask me!

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wow, this girl got skillz! she goes down on Lucky POV style and she's good! she works it with her hand while working her mouth up and down teasing the tip at tmes! you get to see her pretty face and awesome boobies too! why do I call the guy Lucky? purchase the video and you'll see and agree!

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love that tushy-tush! love how she wiggles and spanks her heavenly hiney!