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hi there, nice profile and pics!

Hi!! :) If you have time, please stop by my profile, & check out my NEW vids!! <3 I have solo, boy/girl, taboo, creampie, anal, blowjobs, femdom, fetish & more!! *** ALL 350+ VIDEOS FOR $150!! LIMITED TIME!!



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Eden Adore <3<3

Thank you for the follow and all the love! Can’t wait to collaborate on a custom with you soon!! ❤️

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love your hineylicious tushy tush and boobies, might have to bug ya for a custom in the near future! xoxo

Bug me all ya want hun, id love to make some content for you ! 😈❤️

Hey babe, I put up lots of new content this month, cum check it out! Xoxo :facial:

Leaving you love ♥️💋 If you'd like a custom write on my wall.  😘

ok thanks I might be in touch about a custom in the future! followed you and left ya some hearts too! xoxo

Aw okay i hope so!  ♥️😘 And thanks baby.

Thankyou for following my profile

Hi! Thanks for following & favoriting things on my profile <3 Hope to hear from you soon & maybe we can get to know each other :)

followed you on twitter too, definitely gonna be sending you a PM about a custom video in the near future if my fetish isn't too weird for you *blushing* hope your weekend is awesome!:x:A

Hey there,
I would like to personally invite you to come and check out my profile, I have new vids and store items. I love to make custom videos so feel free to leave me a wall post and simply ask for a PM if you desire to discuss one.
xoxo <3

Hey hun, come check out my profile :)

come take a peek at my page

might have to bug ya for a custom after seeing that hiney hall of fame tushy of yours!:woohoo-17:-p-

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I'm here for Custom Videos: Solo Girl or Girl/Girl! My Fetishes include: Tushy Talk, Oil, Tickling, & Spanking! I Love when Girls say cute words like Tushy, Hiney, & Boobies! I also Love when Girls Spank each other on their Naughty Hiney and Tickle each others Tushies with their fingernails! I also Love to see Oil all over a Naked Tushy to make a Shiny Hiney Tushy Tush! I Love the Sensuality and Eroticism of all of it!!!








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damn that is one tough toasty tushy tush! those buns were on fire! she does belong in the hiney hall of fame!

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great video, I love when girls say tushy and hiney instead of ass and I love when girls say boobies instead of tits! she did exactly what I wanted while getting all oiled up and shiny! she looks great with shiny boobies and a shiny hiney! she is very naughty too so she spanks her naughty tushy nice and sexy! I recommend a custom from this girl, she pays attention to detail and is very fast with delivery!

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shiny hiney tushy lovers dream! pretty boobies and hiney especially covered in oil getting all shiny! the tushy tush is awesome, such a cute round shiny hiney tushy tush glistening with oil while twerking and getting rubbed! nothing sexier than a shiny hiney tushy tush!

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sexy video with shiny boobies, a shiny hiney, and sexy tushy talk! her voice is yummy especially when she says shiny hiney tushy tush, gave me eargasms! I loved hearing those cute words as she massaged oil into her boobies and hiney so sensually and erotically! great job with this video!

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OMG this goddess is amazing! she is so beautiful and sexy! her voice is delicious! she rubs her boobies & hiney so sensually with oil and she spanks her naughty tushy turning her shiny hiney tushy tush into red hot toasty tushybuns of fire! the way she tushy talks as she does all this is amazing, her voice makes cute words sound even sexier and cuter than they already are giving me eargasms galore! this girl is perfection! you need a custom video from her, trust me!

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so fresh and so clean clean! shiny happy boobies, sweet wet cookie, and a shiny hiney tushy tush of perfection!

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damn she gives out good Vibes, lol! that is one lucky toy! loved her facial expressions the whole time! doggystyle was my favorite, I'm a Tush-A-Holic so getting to stare at her Heavenly Hiney while she played with her sweet moist cookie was awesome! she even has sexy dimples!

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cute video and she can laugh at herself plus she has a hiney hall of fame tushy tush!

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she must be fun at BBQ's, she brings the toasted buns! wow what a hineylicious toasty tushy tush of perfection! my eyes went to hiney heaven!

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good acting by both in this video, I was into it the whole time to see what was coming next! they really got into their characters! his reactions were great, she really sold the robotic dancing and everything! it doesn't hurt that she has an angel face, perky boobies, and a hiney hall of fame tushy tush either, just sayin! they are a fun couple to watch, looking forward to more videos from them!

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wow, Aimee is so fun and Caden is one lucky dude! he films her all over Vegas in public playing some fun games like Peek-A-Boobies, Peek-A-Hiney, and everyone's favorite Peek-a-Cookie! she even gets really naughty and touches herself from time to time and gets really horny and masturbates in a dressing room for our viewing pleasure! rumor has it though they edited out one part where they got caught flashing! they were walking through the frozen food section of a grocery store and Aimee flashed her Boobies & Hiney and melted all the ice cream so they were asked to leave, lol, just a rumor though! they are so fun and damn Aimee is hot, I'm such a Tush-A-Holic, I hope Caden doesn't mind me having a major crush on Aimee's hiney hall of fame tushy-tush!

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cute words, nice curvy body, oil and a toy! nice video!

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gotta be careful with these Tastykakes they are so sweet they may cause diabetes! she really knows how to shake those Sugartushy Hineybuns!

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angel face, exotic eyes, perky boobies, and sexy round hiney hall of fame tushy! I wonder if she knows words like tushy & hiney, lol, guess I should have used the word ass or booty! either way, very cute and naughty! she is so sensual and erotic! very nice video!

tnx you so much!<3:mv_champion:

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Proceed with Caution, watching this video may cause you to have a Hiney Heart Attack so Don't Blame Me! Trust me though, its worth the risk! she looks so hot in stockings and garters framing her hiney hall of fame tushy tush! she spanks, squeezes, caresses, and spreads her hineylicious tushy tush of perfection and gets it all nice and shiny! her hiney is a tushy tease though it kept winking at me, lol! she even massages her juicy boobies with oil and that voice is so sexy the way she says all those cute words, she gave me eargasms! buy it now, enjoy it, thank me later!

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wow, this girl is adorable and sexy! angel face with a body for sin, hehehe! this was a custom and she did exactly what I asked! I love a girl with a sexy voice who can tushy talk! even if you don't like cute words you'll love seeing her amazing body covered in oil all sexy and shiny! she spanks her hiney, fondles her boobies, runs her fingernails all over her bare tushy which is awesome! of course me being a Tush-A-Holic couldn't get enough of the shiny hiney and sexy tushy talk! I recommend a custom from this sweetheart!

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this girl is so beautiful with an angelic voice! she oils up her perky boobies and hiney hall of fame tushy so sensual and erotic! she even spanks her naughty hiney! even if you don't like cute words for bodyparts you will love this video because her voice is awesome and her body is amazing! I recommend a custom from this gorgeous model!

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wow this girl is beautiful, I mean angel face & body of perfection! she has perky boobies, a sweet cookie, and a hiney hall of fame tushy! the way she uses that vibrator and shows off her BJ skills at the same time, the word Impressive comes to mind! being the Tush-A-Holic that I am I loved the spanks she gave herself on that gorgeous naughty hiney too! so glad I ordered a custom from her, she's awesome!

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this angel can't possibly be human, OMG, she is spectacular! her voice and body are exquisite! being the Tush-A-Holic that I am in love and in awe of her Hiney Hall of Fame Tushy-Tush! wow, she rubs oil on it, spanks it, squeezes it, massages it and lets be honest makes us all drool because of it! those cheeks are so sweet they could cause diabetes! get this video and get a custom from this goddess! another classic from the shiny hiney tushy goddess!

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2 Dildos, shiny perky boobies, sweet wet cookie, shiny hiney tushybuns of steel and 2 Dildos, oh did I mention that already? my bad, sorry! this girl is so cute sexy and fun, get a custom from her, you will be happy you did!

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omg Kiki is the cutest lil babygirl ever with the cutest hiney ever! for a lil girl though she sure has one tough tushy-tush after all those spanks with a hand, paddle, and strap, wow! Adriana is a great tushy spanker too! hope these 2 have fire extinguishers because that hiney hall of fame tushy tush was on fire! I gotta get these 2 together for some naughty shiny hiney spanking and sexy tushy talk someday! damn these 2 are so yummy together! have mercy!

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this video is awesome, if you're a Tush-A-Holic like me you will love this video! she rubs oil all over her naked hiney and gets it so shiny you can almost see your reflection in her hiney hall of fame tushy-tush! even if you don't like you cute words like I do you will love this video with all the caressing and spanking and wiggling, her cheeks are amazing! the way she says shiny hiney tushy-tush is so cute and sexy too! get this video and get a custom from her, she is yummy!

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Christopher Columbus has nothing on Gem, she's the sexiest Explorer ever! she took that dildo straight to hiney heaven! wow, she is the best! anybody reading this needs to check out all her videos and get a custom from her, she is awesome!

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wow that was hot, good job! loved the different positions between doggy and missionary so we could see different angles of your amazing body! loved the way you caressed your body especially the boobies and hiney so sensual and erotic! playing with your sweet cookie with your fingers and the dildo was hot! I loved seeing your cookie in doggy because I'm a Tush-A-Holic so seeing your sweet cookie and naughty round hiney at the same time was a treat! great job!

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great body, very flexible! pretty face and perky boobies too!

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when Neevie was blindfolded I was checking out her boobies, shhhh, don't tell her! OMG, she is so hot with her perky boobies, naughty hiney hall of fame tushy, and advanced mouth skills! I could stare at her tushy-tush all day especially when she spanks that naughty hiney! then the way she works that dildo from licking the balls to teasing the tip and everything in between, DAMN, her man is one lucky daddy! another great video from the great Neevie!

P.S.- hey Neevie's Lucky Man, any chance you can clone her for me so I can have a naughty Neevie of my very own to cuddle and play with? her perky boobies, hiney hall of fame tushy, and angelic voice are magical! just thought I'd ask, it was worth a shot!

You are absolutely the best. Thank you so much for taking the time to review any of my videos❤️ The world doesn’t deserve you ❤️❤️🙈

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pretty cookie and cute hiney! love how she wiggles that naughty lil tushy, I bet she gets lots of spankings!

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wow, this girl is so pretty and she knows how to tushy talk! I know most guys like dirty talk and not cute words but her voice is so sexy no matter what she says! she fondles her boobies with oil and massages her shiny hiney so sensual and spanks her naughty tushy tush so sexy! I could listen to her say tushy, hiney, and boobies all day especially as she gets all oily and shiny all over her naked body! her tushy and boobies are awesome! her tushy belongs in the hiney hall of fame!

Thank you for the kind review!

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another amazing classic from Amethyst! she is so gorgeous and the way she oils her body up with her hands is glorious! her luscious boobies slip through her hands and she squeezes and massages her shiny hiney tushy tush of perfection so sensually and erotically! her voice causes eargasms its so beautiful! you will love this video just as much as part 1 I sure did!

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uh oh better get Geico, hope she has flood insurance! omg she is so sexy, the way she talks, the way she moves, the way she interacts with us as if we are sitting right there in the room with us! she is so sensual and seductive and erotic! I love how she rubs her sweet cookie and fondles her boobies! then she breaks out the big toy and makes a big wet mess, such a naughty girl, she's the best!

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Cyndi is so cute and sexy! I love cute words and her voice is so yummy when she says all my favorite words! she looks so hot in fishnets caressing her body! she has amazing perky boobies and a hiney hall of fame tushy! she rips the fishnets exposing her glorious naughty cheeks! she squeezes, caresses, and spanks her naughty hiney and oils up her boobies and tushy getting so shiny and delicious! how is Tushy Talk not everyone's favorite fetish? maybe after you watch Cyndi do it, who knows, it might be your favorite fetish too!

CynfulCyndi deleted Jun 28

Thank you so much! I had a blast making this video 😁 looking forward to working with you again 😘

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OMG this girl is incredible! she makes everything sexy! that voice, sensual touching, smoking the herb! damn I got high just watching! I must've been high watching because I got the munchies and started licking my screen trying to eat her boobies, hiney, and cookie! I could stare at that pretty face, perky boobies, and hineylicious tushy tush all day! I could never really smoke with Neevie because of the whole munchies thing, I wanna eat her all up when I'm not high so if I was high I'ld lose my mind! I wouldn't beat around the bush I'd just eat around the tush! of course then her man would kill me, I'm a lover not a fighter! so smoking the kush with my favorite sugartush will have to remain a dream forever! she'll just have to be my shiny hiney tushy talk fantasy girlfriend!

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so its called Talking Dirty Makes Me Horny, well, just Neevie Talking Makes ME Horny! wow I love her voice so much it gives me eargasms! she was very naughty and dirty in this video so I do think a red hot tushy spanking might be in order and possibly some hard nipple pinching, oh wait, that just might make her even more horny! I guess punishing her is nearly impossible, she is such a naughty girl, but that's why we love her! she is so talented too, a vibrator and a dildo simultaneously with no hands on the dildo! Look Mom No Hands came to mind as I watched that, lol! I love when she squeezes her boobies and hiney too, I'm in love with Neevie's perky boobies and hiney hall of fame tushy tush and her voice of course! another Neevie classic!

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wow! she is so good at Roleplay, JOI, Teasing, Sensuality, and Eroticism! she looks amazing covered in oil caressing her naked body, fondling her boobies, spanking her hiney! she is a great tushy talker too, the way she says cute sexy words is music to my ears! I was captivated, I felt like I was really there with her as she made the video and talked to me! I recommend a custom video from this gorgeous woman, she is awesome!

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun making this video for you! ❤️

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Damn! you 2 look good together! pretty faces, big boobies, & hineylicious tushies! she even smacked lexi on the tushy a few times, so hot! nice tushy twerkin' and hiney wigglin'! definitely need more of you 2 together, maybe with some oil, hehehe! maybe a G/G shiny hiney tushy talk custom in the future, crossing fingers! nice job with this sexy video ladies!

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fingers and toys and the sweetest cookie around! love her facial expressions as she rubs her throbbing clit! those panties are so lucky getting to suck up all her sweet juices! plus she shows her boobies and hiney which is awesome for a Tush-A-Holic like me!

●●●●● Read Review

wow, never saw so much oil in my life and I love oil, that hiney was so shiny I think I saw my reflection in her tushy-tush! Emma's oil budget must be huge, almost as huge as that toy I bet which she took like a champ I might add! I think I pulled a muscle just watching that toy go inside her sweet cookie! she is so yummy with that sexy voice, heavenly hiney, and perky boobies! she got me even more excited now for my shiny hiney tushy talk custom video after watching this video! Emma is The Bomb Dot Com!

Thank you so much! And can'twait to do you shiney hiney custom!!

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damn, that is one Bonita PHAT Booty! of course we all know PHAT stands for Perfectly Hineylicious Amazing Tushy! we even get a bonus Suns Out Buns Out Treat at the end! are we surprised? nope not at all, that's why her tushy-tush is in the hiney hall of fame!

●●●●● Read Review

1st Butt Plug Orgasm, nice job and lucky plug and toy for that matter! love the hiney spanking and she sucks on her tushy toy before she slips into her hot buns! she is such a naughty girl!

●●●●● Read Review

sexy striptease! pretty boobies and gorgeous hiney hall of fame tushy-tush! I bet that tushy looks great covered in oil to make a shiny hiney! nice video bad girl!

●●●●● Read Review

pretty lingerie, pretty hiney, lovely tushy wiggle! I really love a nice round shiny hiney tushy tush! sexy voice too! might have to get a custom so I can hear you say tushy, hiney, boobies, and shiny hiney tushy-tush someday! your voice is delicious and so is that hiney hall of fame tushy-tush!

I would love to do a shiney hiney tushy tushcustom for you! ❤️

●●●●● Read Review

naughty schoolgirl shaking her cute hiney, very sexy! nice round tushy-tush and the spanking was nice too! hope I get to hear you say tushy and hiney in a video someday! xoxo

Thank you so much! 💖

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sorry Vanilla Ice but your 15 minutes are up, Neevie Nirvana is My Ice Ice Baby! she is so pretty and sexy especially the way she seductively rubs the ice over her naked boobies, tummy, and down the side of her tushy-tush! the problem with ice and Neevie is she is too hot so it melts in seconds, she could shake her hiney hall of fame tushy-tush in a blizzard and the snow would instantly melt!

I absolutely adore you!!!<3:H:x

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this girl is so cute and sexy, I recommend a custom video from her! this video is so sexy, her voice is awesome and she has a hiney hall of fame tushy and when its covered in oil its even more amazing! check it out and order one for yourself!

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so its called Strap-On Spanks & More, I think the operative word here is MORE! you had boobie licking, tushy spanking, cookie eating, hineylick maneuver, strap on action! what else could you ask for? these 2 make a great team! I'd write more but I have to stop by the ER and get my heart & respiratory system checked out! thanks alot ladies!

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wow, this girl has a naughty tushy! I like hands on the hiney too, the paddle was nice but skin to skin was so sensual especially going from spanking to tickling with the fingernails! Ember is a good hiney spanker and tushy tickler! the only thing that would have made it better for me is if they both said tushy and hiney, so it looks like I'm gonna have to beg them for a custom video because these 2 are awesome together! this was hiney heaven to say the least!

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this girl is amazing, face of an angel, body of perfection, heart of gold! if you like oil and perfect boobies and tushies, get this video! she is so gorgeous with her sexy voice and the way she runs her hands all over her skin as she oils up her amazing body! she fondles the boobies and spanks the hiney a few times too! she is the best! do yourself a favor, get this video, then get yourself a custom video!

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Guys and Gals you have to check out this video, its awesome! even if you don't like cute words like I do you have to love gorgeous bodies and this girl has a body to die for covered in oil for your viewing pleasure! her voice is beautiful too and the way she caresses her shiny oily body is like an art form! this is a must see! I also recommend getting a custom of your own from her, I'm so happy I got one and will be getting more!

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this video has something for everybody! feet, booty, boobies, cookie or ti ti, not to mention plenty of oil and use of a dildo! I love this girl especially her angelic voice, perky boobies and hiney hall of fame tushy-tush! Bella is perfection!

CrazyBella Dec 1 2017

^.^^.^ u make me blush! thanks u so much SeymoreHiney:x