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Jerky Girls

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Please make video with girl in velour hoodie or tracksuit!

I really enjoy your studio and all the gorgeous ladies. If you might consider please film more with Jemma Valentine, Zoe Holliday, and the new girl Brittany! They are among my favorites! Thanks so much.

Do you do custom video requests?

I would love to see you guys put up some of the older stuff from Erika and Charlie.  They were always my 2 favorites.  If you got 'em, I'll buy 'em!

The start would be where you make a guy kneel in front of you and command him to take his pants off.  After he does that, you use your barefoot to play with his balls and playfully tap them around.  Lightly tap and play with his balls with your barefoot and toes letting him know that you have all the power.  Tell him that you could easily kick his balls and lower his sperm count if you wanted to.  Also verbally humiliating him and threatening him that you are going to kick him so hard you'll lower his sperm count and shrink his balls.  Let him know how big his balls are, but if he gets out of line he'll have super tiny balls because you'll make them shrink.  Maybe you can even talk about how you have kicked other guys and ruined their chances of having kids and made their balls shrink up.  Lastly give him some good swift kicks to the testicles and leave him lay there in the fetal position.  While he is in the fetal position, make him kiss the feet and toes that destroyed his nuts.


Jerky Girls - Where the girls jerk-off the boys!!

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