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Buy me a Bad Dragon dildo and I'll make a video using it


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Hey Ms Fox. Do you do solo interracial (dildo) customs??
mapkonz @mapkonz7 years ago
Hello, I wanted to start off by saying I think you are extremely sexy,  and if this really isnt your thing, please just let me know. I am new here so I don't really know the protocols; please bear with me. Here is what I am looking for, more or less. For some reason, seeing a woman wet herself gives me an incredible sensation. I don't know why. What I would like is a short pee video, outside, bathroom, where does not matter. I would like you to wear a tight sweater, and either jeans or tights, something like that, walk/dance around for a minute, then peel off your top and just go. If you're really into it, maybe black tights and some short Lara Croft style cloth shorts...after you go, pull them down and rub yourself inside the nylons... Im sure this sounds weird but if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it! > Have a great day, Mark