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Forever an elusive mystery.






American United States

Hair Color


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5'9" or 175 cm


155 lbs

Body Type

About Average



Recent Reviews

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Such a splendid woman. Totally naughty and a killer body.

PORN ADDICT Sep 1 2016
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As the title shows "BREA LAVEY'S PORN ADDICT" you can see what you're going to be into for...

With Brea right close to the camera and caressing herself, pulling down her onesie making her ample breasts bare as the music plays. Biting her lower lip and looking right at you with those gorgeously striking eyes... That oh so red and devilish lipstick shining upon her lips just glows as she opens her mouth with a smile. She moves back bit from her seat stands and pans the camera up to show off more of her figure and tease her lovely butt infront of you. As the music fades you now know this is just the tease, which is a hell of a treat for any.

With some moans and the words "Oh my God, I'm so fucking horny." she rubs her pussy a little and flashes the camera a glimpse of what's to come with a smile. A little pinch and pull of her nipples while she runs her tongue along her lower teeth seductively is the last you see before the screen transitions to a message by Brea... "
GANGBANG'S MAKE ME CRAZY... I LOVE WATCHING A GIRL GET ALL HER HOLES FILLED. THE NASTIER THE BETTER" now knowing you've found a woman that is open to some fun things.

The picture comes back with Brea close in frame, starting the porno she begins to watch and you can hear all of what is going on with Sasha Grey. Brea leans back making herself comfortable by rubbing herself, smiling she removes the button from the bottom of the onesie to expose bottom fully to play easily. Grabbing her breast with one hand, playing and fingering herself with other she say "Mmm, that dirty bitch." as Sasha Grey is taking it from the sounds of it. As the video plays, she gets more into it holding her leg and rubbing harder, quicker, furrowing her brows as she gets more into it... slipping two fingers in for a moment. The moans coming from Brea being some of the most seductive you'll hear from anyone as she's going at it. With an "Oh, fuck!" she really begins to rub hard and fast; making her little flower grow red with excitement and pleasure... A slight change of positions and the video continues. Able to see more of her flower and thighs, you can see she's really enjoying herself with how flushed she's grown. Her cries of ecstasy and the action of the porno she's watching grow together at the same time, as she grabs hold of her breast with one hand and touches herself... the brows furrow and eyes narrow, she let's out moan after moan as she squirms in her chair and cums so very hard.

With the last words of Brea "That dirty bitch is so hot." before ending... The sentient can be felt my the viewer as well. ;)

-Picture is great!
-Location is suitable and lighting is good, no wash out and everything light well.
-Length is very good, being almost 8 minutes.
-The opening music was a nice fit, if you don't want to hear the porno play during the video; can easily mute or play your own music instead.
-Pricing is very good! Very much worth the price in my humble opinion.

With this addition to your library, it may just be you that becomes the "PORN ADDICT" after watching... The need for all things Brea may consume your waking moments and give one very vivid dreams.... Or that all could just be me! Either way, this is another great video made with care and lots of fun by someone that's real and worth it. Do yourself a favor and give it a gander, and hopefully a purchase.

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Starting with Brea right off showing her body, with her breasts just covered by her beautiful hair and wearing some lovely lace panties... the video is already off to a hot start.

Turning right around with some hips to show, she brings her curvy booty into full view, teasing with some pantie pulling and dancing. Staring back over her shoulder, giving a flip of her hair and a seductive look... she turns around with outrageously sexy exposed breasts. Her teasing dance continues on, making sure to give eye contact and hold it while moving around. Stripping down her panties past her hips, she bends over full showing her butt off some more. With the camera centered directly behind her, she caresses her bare butt, bends over and shows off her amazing ass and pussy... pulling on her cheeks showing more and leaving some hand marks along the way from the force. Going at is a bit more, she shows off more of the curvaceous butt and with a few good loud slaps on a cheek, gives a great look of ecstasy while biting her lower lip. Bending over to give a close up view, she teases some more with her fingers, touching all the places you wish to. Turning around she spreads her legs and teases a bit more, then takes her finger and tastes it while looking into the camera. Caressing her brats, she flips her hair over to a side, lowering herself and the camera angle. She turns away and sticks her booty out showing just how well she can use it, moving into a twerk as the music picks up tempo, giving a hot look back towards you all the while and a slap for good measure. As she finally moves into a full doggy position, ass fully up in the air, swaying and pulling her butt wide, making you want it more with a look back of her eye... with a final hair flip covering her back with her long black hair... it ends. And on to part 2!

-Picture quality is great and audio is very good!
-Location is nice and has good lighting with no wash out.
-Length of the video is good, especially being a teaser for the second part.
-The music is good, I'm not big on music but this was fitting(can always mute or listen to something else if you so wish).
-Pricing is good, pretty spot on!

In the end, it's a great first part... a great tease of what's to "cum"... which should be Brea and yourself. ;)

I would highly recommend you do yourself a favor and purchase all her content, but in the end it's your choice to make as it's your money to spend... if you are looking for an intelligent, hard working, professional, that will see to your desires, well you've found her.

POV Messy BJ Jul 17 2016
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Going quickly into the start, you are greeted with Brea's beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes.

As she's in front of you, she moves back a bit to show off her splendid body and the cute lingerie she has on, giving a little tease of what's underneath and turning around to show off more of her body.

Then she gets very close, brings the dildo out to play... beginning with some teasing licks to the tip and a look of delight on her face. She soon starts to suck and play more with it, wrapping her delicious lips around and going down.. farther and farther. While she goes at it, all the time giving a strong gaze back at you... holding your's as she takes all of it into her. Pausing to remove her bra for only a couple seconds before she's back on, going full deep throat and even to choking on it. With eyes watering and spit flowing she forces herself down farther, still hold your gaze and wanting more. Playing with her breasts a bit, and stroking the dildo some as she goes. Brea takes the whole 6.5" inches down to the base and gags some, before pulling back to breath in a gasp of air... giving a finally suck and look of pained delight.

-Very high picture and audio quality.
-Light is excellent, and no wash out either.
-It's a good length, a little over 6 minutes.
-Pure audio, hearing everything Brea is doing.
-Good for the price, very much worth it.

Just another great video from Brea, one of many that you'll more than love. Serious, this woman is amazing and worth everything, she has loads to offer.

Hurry along and purchase it already!

●●●●● Read Review

After the title fades out you're greeted by the lovely Brea.

With her seductively using the glass dildo in a way you could only wish for... the video starts off fantastically. The looks she gives and expressions and moaning throughout are astounding. Various angles and close ups are just some of what are in store for you for during the glorious shoot. You'll witness her moans of ecstasy and have a front row view to the lovely flower petals of her pussy. Riding reverse cowboy on the toy is one of the hottest parts as she stares back at the camera with a look of lust on her face. Finally to having her on her back with her legs up as she toys herself to orgasm... only to take a taste of the toy in the final few seconds... Just wow.

Picture quality is fantastic, and above average.
Video is well light throughout it all, and in all angles, without wash out.
Length is awesome, almost 11 minutes long!
Opening song is a fabulous choice... and so fitting for anything Brea does.
The price is very good and more than fair.

I'm very much a fan of this woman, and if you are too... then I suppose you wouldn't have the need to be reading this. ;)

For anyone else, do yourself a favor and discover this wonderful lady, I highly doubt you'll regret the purchase of this video or anything she goes on to create.

●●●●● Read Review

A start with a title that puts other videos to shame on here, elegant and classy name fades in "Brea LaVey".

Just the first few seconds of any of Brea's videos can tell you she's put major work into them, this is no exception either.

With the slow start to the song and a glance from Brea the video really kicks off. As she caresses her body and moves the song builds more, she gives a side long glance and smile turns around and shows more of herself. Takes care in removing the straps of her lace lingerie, teasing you with a turn and hands over her now exposed voluptuous bare chest. Her dancing continues now with the lingerie at her waist but only for so long that it takes her to turn around giving another sly smile and showing her lovely bottom to the camera. With a wiggle here, grab on the bottom and slap to her behind, she teases before taking down the rest of the lace. Baring all for the camera now, Brea gives a knowing glance back at you as she touches herself making sure you can see everything. Facing towards the camera she rubs her breasts and down to her hips, swaying and dancing the whole time, giving a hair whip... and as the music starts to end she turns away from you, giving a view of her beautiful legs and butt again. With the song ending she comes closer, get right near and give one last look and smile before it ends.

The picture and audio quality are very high, and more than standard.
The location is fitting and well lit, allowing you to see everything with no wash out.
Length of the video is great for a strip tease.
Song choice is good, it fits well with Brea's dancing. (Of course if you don't like the song, you can always mute it and put something else on)
Price point is very fair and worth it in my opinion.

If all this doesn't make you want to purchase, then Brea should. She's a intelligent, funny, sarcastic and interactive person... and amazing gorgeous! Supporting her is the least you can do if you consider yourself a fan. <3