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Thank you very much for the purchase! I hope the videos brightened your day and you had some fun watching. ;) Would be great if you'll find a minute or two to rate it, but it's not a must. ^.^

Have a great weekend, kisses! :x

Hi Ancipiter! :) Thank you for your support !

:xHi! Passing by with love~ Just in case you may enjoy my kinky profile;)

Hello ancipiter. I hope you have a great day! :) I am new on MV. If you haven’t visited my Profile yet, I invite you kindly to do so <3. I have many different types of videos and update my profile on a regular basis. See you on the other side. Kisses Vivian :x

Petite Nymphet Aug 14 2017

Hey hey,

Just stopping by to say hello & invite you to visit my page where you can watch free previews of all my vids! My store includes:

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Hope you enjoy checking them out & have a good day,

Petite Nymphet :x

Mandy Flores Jul 16 2017

CBT Instructionals are some of my favorite! Hope you busted some big loads for me!

dulces24 Mar 6 2017

Hi Ancipiter How are you?
Thank you so much for purchase my vid :A<3 ENJOY!
I left a heart in your profile <3
See you

Ember Skye Dec 27 2016

Thank you for the love <3 I hope you enjoy your videos if you leave me a review I will send you a promo code :x and don't forget to follow me on Twitter @MissEmberSkye

SexyIsabella7 Nov 11 2016

Thank you so much! :*)

CrazyBella Nov 10 2016

<3<3 For u ancipiter ^.^:x thanks u so much

Epiphany666cb Sep 25 2016

thanks so much i left your page a <3

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Just a regular guy who likes sex with imagination, subtlety and gorgeous women.


Business owner






White / Caucasian


British United Kingdom

Lives in






Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



5'9" or 175 cm



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Great play, with sexy noises to round it off :)

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Dulce wakes alone, summoned from sleep by soft chimes to find herself strangely horny. What was she dreaming of? Soon you won't care as she drifts into pleasure, and you follow her down towards orgasm. All days should start like this.

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Sexy and playful from the first glance to the very end, you want this dancing in your life.

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An amazing idea, fantastically realised, Emma makes you want her, draws it out, then lets you go at exactly the right pace.

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We float above Braislee as she, heavy lidded in passion, attempts to maintain eye contact. We'll forgive her if she fails.

Beautiful Agony Nov 13 2016
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Possibly the hottest 4:44 you can imagine. Grabs you from the beginning, impossible not to be turned on by this.

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A simple but enthusiastic performance, does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Playful and enthusiastic, just a great short video :)

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Super freaking hot, loads of sexual promise focused into one dainty but capable tongue ;)

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Beautiful and sexy, wrapped up in a creative package :-)

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Intense & sensuous, you can let this video suck you in until you're satisfied.