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Bad Daddy POV

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So I also wanted to let you know that I'm participating in the MV awards and I'm offering some pretty incredible deals! If you send me a $25 vote you'll receive an exclusive blow job video from me and 1 from the 11 other girls I'm working with ! That's 12 blowjob videos for $25!

Or send me a $50 vote and get 12 total taboo videos from me and the other ladies I'm teamed up with !

😛🤩😘 Thanks again BBY

Thanks for another purchase babe!! ;) :D I film and upload sexy new videos every week!

xoxo Mila Rose <3

hey thanks for buying my video! i hope you loved it :)

Thanks Daddy for buying my vid ❤️Hope you enjoy

Thanks for checking out my newest vid! I'd love to work with you some day ❤️

Thank you for buying my vid! Hope you enjoy...

Good choices. I’ve working to get both of them 👍🏻

Lena Paul(full bush) and Ella Knox would be my recommendations

Thank you for the purchase! Enjoy babe 💖🍭

I really feel like this could be an awesome channel, but the male talent is so overbearing. Please consider adopting the "silent male" strategy that a lot of other channels employ. The videos are almost impossible to really enjoy because of it 🙁

Thank you for buying my video, I hope you liked seeing that moment between me and my Daddy!

Hey Daddy, thanks for purchasing my video. I hope you liked my Daddy POV! I love pleasing and left hearts all over your wall <3

Thank you for your support!!! I hope you enjoyed it ;D

Thank you so much daddy!!! ill be a good girl for you any time <3<3<3

Thanks so much for the support, daddy! Hope you loved the vids <3

Thanks Daddy <3

Thanks for the support!

Hi I like all your video's email me sometime

Delphoxi Sep 18

Message me for your free videos 💋💋💋😉

Thank you for the support! I hope you enjoy :%

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im a dirty daddy that loves to roleplay

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