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"Aut viam Inveniam aut faciam. -- I shall find a way or I shall make one."- Hannibal.

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I'm a 21-year-old male who is currently at college. I'm a creative writer who loves to draw, read, write, paint, cook, game on my Ps4 and just relax and enjoy life. I love all genres of literature, so long as the books are actually good, but my heart belongs to the Fantasy genre, and I have already begun writing my own books. I actually kind of dig the default "Cigar smoking executive with aviators" profile pic, so I'm going to keep it for now. I guess you can message me to know more.




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O.OO.O omg bubba!! thanks u a lot for so amazing review<3<3

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Holy shit. Now I see why Lana is at the top of the models list! This girl knows what she is doing, with sexy cosplay, a double helping of cock, and plenty of messy cum, this is an extremely erotic video! I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! The video is also of top notch quality, both audio and visual, so Lana appears crystal clear in all her erotic glory!

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omg! hehe the mark of 10 min? wow!! thanks! i really enjoying making BJ maybe its for that my BJ vids have this effects! ^.^:@

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This video was fantastic! I would highly recommend! Almost 25 minutes of erotic sex for a small price- one of the best purchases I've ever made!

:)^.^ thanks u so much for recommend my vid bubbajones! ^.^ this was a crazy night on cam long time ago hehe :@

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Fuck this video is hot. Nobody does creampies like Keri, and this is 10 minutes of free sexiness. Awesome.

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Mia might be the hottest woman in the world. Not even kidding. This video is awesome, just like everything else with her in it, and it's a great quality video- I highly recommend you add it to your collection ASAP!

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Amazing! I could listen to Kat and her sultry voice all day long!!

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Amazing! I can't ever get enough of Kat- she is a gorgeous woman who can't help but strike the sparks of Lust in a man's heart! This video is great! I recommend you get it!

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Wow. This video and its jaw-droppingly gorgeous star simply blew me away! This is one of my all time favorite videos, and I simply can't get enough! It has endless erotic rewatch ability! Take my advice and get it NOW!

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This video is amazing. The production value on this great- awesome lighting and clear sound and picture. And the actress is simply stunning!

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Holy crap! What an amazing erotic video for such an amazing price!! I loved this video, can't get enough of it! Amazing quality!

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What a video, and more importantly, what a spectacular woman! Roxiii Rebel is a Goddess of eroticism who no man could ever resist! In just this short video she's made a more significant impression than any other girl on this site! All hail the new Queen, the ruler of men's daydreams and fantasies!

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Yet another spectacular addition to Ruby Rapture's erotic gallery!! This video has great quality, top notch professional lighting, sound, and video. Well worth the purchase!!

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Oh. My. God. I didn't even know it was possible to look that good in a sweater! This video is amazing, well worth purchasing, and stars an absolutely jaw-dropping gorgeous blonde. I think it's safe to say CeCe will be haunting my dreams and fantasy for a long, long time to come!

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Fantastic! Stunning! Erotic video making at its finest! This video is a must have, and the gorgeous star of the show will not disappoint you! MonMoon is a smoking hot babe who will leave you aching for release!!

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Breathtaking, stunning, fantastic, erotic, spellbinding, captivating, and gorgeous are all words that describe not only the star of this video but the content and quality of said video as well. Mia has taken an extra step to make this piece that much more special- and by God, did it take me far! I've watched this video, again and again, never getting even remotely tired of it, and just when I think I've run out of stamina, watching it again gets my engine revved up to the max! This is one of the best videos I've ever purchased, and I highly recommend it to everyone! MiaRand is a Goddess!!

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My god, fantastic!! Luna is a gorgeous Blonde, and just imagining her as my sister makes me stop caring about so-called "taboos" right away. This video has really good lighting and such as well, and good quality audio, so there is nothing to distract you from the jaw dropping babe that is the main star! Absolutely get this video, and enjoy it over and over and over. I certainly have.

Thank you so much for the great review! <3 Glad you have enjoyed it ;P

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Unbelievable. It is truly just unbelievable how much this woman truly embodies the meaning of erotic beauty. She is gorgeous, and in this video you'll be able to see every inch of her flawless form and features illuminated in the professional quality lighting of this video. Truly, my only complaint is that there aren't more videos of Birdy, because I've already watched this one over and over, and I need more Birdy! Best purchase I've ever made, and get ready to be put under her spell once you look into those captivating eyes of hers!

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Amazing. Stunning. Breathtaking. Scarlet is a gorgeous woman, with the kind of looks and sultry presentation that can put any man into the palm of her flawless hand. This video has good audio, video, and lighting- it is very well worth the purchase, and I'd be willing to bet you'll be back for more!

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This video is sensational- a must have! Staring a jaw-dropping redhead with a seductive voice and flawless body, this video will make you try to jump into your screen to get a piece of her. Amazing vid, well worth the purchase!!

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What a great video! Sarah is a 10/10 babe with a very alluring, beautiful body and a seductive voice. This is a fantastic 14 minutes I got to spend with such a gorgeous woman, and I have rarely ever been so aroused!

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What an amazing video!! Naughty1 is a smoking hot babe! This video has really great quality, despite being outside- in addition to the charged hotness that is brought by Naughty1NextDoor being outside in public! This is a very worthwhile purchase!

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Holy FUCK! Now, I'm a long time fan of Samus Aran, and I have to say, I could not ask for a better cosplay goddess than Berpl to play her. Combine that with the primal eroticism of that exotic dildo, and I was hard as a rock in mere seconds!! The Princess does an amazing job in this video, and the presentation is also TOP notch- amazing lighting, sound, and props. If you aren't a Sci- Fi fan, you WILL be after watching this video! One of the best purchases I've ever made on this site!!

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This video is fantastic! A messy, erotic experience that will give you an erection that's harder than anything you've ever had before! To top it off, listening to the erotic moans of this beauty will quickly push you over the edge!

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I love Kaylee and her videos, which have one fault and one fault only- there are not nearly enough of them. I never last very long while watching one- between Kaylee's breathtaking figure (especially those long legs and perfect ass), dazzling blue eyes, flawless skin, and her sensual erotic voice telling me how much she wants me, I just can't hold it in. This video should be in your cart if it isn't already, I 100$ recommend you to buy it! And make sure to leave all the hearts you can and tell your friends, because this girl deserves to be at the top of the list!!

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What an arousing video! I just recently discovered wulf, but I instantly added her to my favorites list! This video is a great purchase, and will certainly leave you sexually satisfied but still wanting to see more! I highly recommend it!

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This is a grat video!! wulf is a beautiful woman with a solid understanding of how to make an erotic video! She also has stunning eyes! All in all, this video was well worth the purchase, good quality just like the other tentacle video!

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Holy hell, I was not expecting the truly breathtaking video that I got! Marie is a sensual and erotic woman like no other who took me to a whole new level of arousal with this spectacular video!! It really is worth purchasing, and this woman deserves to be at the top of the model list!!!

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An absolutely fantastic video! This woman is already a Goddess of the erotic, and this video is fitting of that title! With great audio and video quality, not to mention a star who is so beautiful she belongs in first place in a worldwide beauty pagent, this video is absolutely worth purchasing without delay!!

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Fuck, this woman is a goddess! I have been enchanted by Ruby Rapture before, to say the very least, but every video I purchase is a top quality masterpiece that puts me further under her spell and this video is no exception! I LOVE Ruby's videos, and have never regretted or gotten bored with a single one of my many purchases! This video has top notch lighting and sound and will take anyone and everyone to the peak of what their stamina can take!

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Possibly the most erotic video I've ever seen staring a woman who's looks leave any possible description of beauty in the dust. With spellbinding eyes, a seductive voice, and a thin, spotless, tantalizing body, KayleeHeart has created an erotic masterpiece. Buy this video now, and spread the word because a copy of this video should be put in a time capsule to show and teach future generations how JOI is meant to be done! 100/10! Best 20$ of my LIFE!

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What a fantastic video! Hearing Audrey moan with lust and pleasure as she sucks that huge cock was too much for me- I ended up making a huge mess! ;)

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FUCK! This video was so hot I couldn't even make it all the way through! Audrey is a gorgeous woman with curves that draw you farther and farther in! I would HIGHLY recommend this video!

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Awesome! For a free vid, I'm happy with what I got. Plus this woman is jaw dropping- I've had loads of enjoyment time and time again

Thank you! :)

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This is one flaming hot piece of woman! And the video did the correct job of the trailer- I want to see MORE!

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Mia is amazingly hot- I'd give her 5 stars if she sat on a washing machine and played a kazoo. Plus, the vid is free- so Enjoy.

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If I had a wife, I might leave her for Jenny if I had the chance. This woman is a GODDESS

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The description doesn't lie- SUPER cute is right!

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Loads of messy fun! 10/10, would do again!

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If Only I actually could- I'd give everything I had!

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My God this woman is amazing- sensuality given form! I've been making a shopping list of her videos, and something tells me I'm never going to get tired of watching them over and over again!

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Jenny is a Goddess, and this video is worthy of that title!

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This video is AMAZING! A captivating masterpiece of erotic art- and MiaRand is the only girl who could pull it off. This jaw-dropping gorgeous woman will leave you with stars of admiration in your eyes, and you'll realize that you have been watching this video over and over and over again! Aside from perhaps the hottest star out there, this video also sports professional level lighting, audio, and video quality- making it not just a good purchase decision, but a necessity! Bookmark her homepage and add her to your favorites list, because MiaRand is the only woman you'll want to watch after this video puts you under her spell!!

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This is one of my top 5 videos of all time. Lindsey personifies eroticism and the beauty of the female form in a way like no other. I guarantee that you will be hard pressed not to prematurely blow your load when watching this video- it has never failed to get me off. Lindsey's gorgeous looks are worthy of worship and combined with the melodious sounds of her pleasurable moans, it is impossible for any human man not to hit the very heights of sexual arousal.

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Ruby Rapture is on of my top 10 models on this site without any doubt. This video is great quality- with fantastic lighting and sound, it is a worthwhile purchase! To see Ruby playing with that sloppy cum, talking to you in her sultry voice, this vid is great for a quickie!

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God, I wish that dildo was attached to me- I find myself literally jealous of an inanimate object! This is a video that deserves 10/10, with great lighting and sound quality it is well worth the purchase! Believe me, you won't be able to hold your load long during this video!

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She's done it again! Ladies and Gentleman (but probably mostly gentleman), look no further for your release! Ruby has provided it! This video has spectacular lighting and sound quality, and an even more praiseworthy star!

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This is one of Ruby's best videos in my opinion- she is without a doubt a master of eroticism. This video, like all her other work, has spectacular lighting and sound, high resolution, and a star that embodies the concept of lust. This video is absolutely worth purchasing!!

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What a stunning video!! I found it so easy to immerse myself into the situation, and in no time I was locked in the fantasy she creates- this is a great video of very high quality, and it is well worth buying!!

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I simply don't understand why this video doesn't have more likes- it deserves thousands, as it is one of the hottest videos I have ever seen in my entire life. Ruby is a tantalizing redhead who gets my engine revving faster than anyone else, and her videos like this one are great quality with good lighting and sound! She may be the most underrated Goddess out there. I highly recommend this video and others- BUY IT NOW! You will not regret it!