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Not to sound snobbish or anything but I consider myself to be a connoisseur, I know it's silly but ever since my first porno mag when I was young I have been hypnotize by the female form. Over the years my kinks have grown so here's the short list of my favorites: Taboo, cosplay, roleplay, petite, booty, and your can't forget perky breasts! If I buy any vid I almost always leave a review but be warn I do speak my mind (always polite) and I do give my own feed back which has burned me a few time


1990-09-26 (27)






American United States

Lives in






Hair Color


Eye Color



5'11" or 180 cm


230 lbs

Body Type

About Average



Recent Reviews

●●●●● Read Review

Wow...Terras, Tuckers, and tentacles, oh my. I'm normally pro werewolf but this particular cum sucking vixen can stalk me anytime! The way Emma starts off, clad in a crimson cloak looking as sweet as can be until her cloak falls away...and the exact words that came out of me as soon as that fabric hit the ground was, "son...of...a...bitch..." The body suit (aka armor if sex) is completely captivating and hypnotic. Sexy and erotic doesn't even fucken scratch the surface of the subject and that gentleman is just the reveal, we haven't even gotten started on the actual scene! This tiny petite vampire taking on three monstrous dildo cocks, both description and size, is completely in the Halloween spirt! She takes them in all three of her tight, wet holes in sluttish delight; sucking, fucking, DP, and anally until bathing herself in there cum, and then she takes on the main course of Crash and further destroys her pussy, but is that enough? Noooope she then masturbate in her gooey triumph! Good god this is one helluva clip and I highly recommend picking it up (actually any of her content is worth the price of admission)

something tells me to give a big thank you to olddogjim for funding this, seems his style (^_^)

Thanks so much Lyons! ❤️

●●●●● Read Review

No offense Emma but you need to knock the intense badge to freakin hardcore! I'm serious, this is one of the most hardcore erotic scenes ever! Public, check, Interracial BJ and railing, double check, and fucking with the door open risking anyone seeing or hearing what your doing? Fucken Check. It's not easy to say but I believe this clip even out ranks her interracial threeway. All her public play and sexual intensity in this clip is mind blowing and will grab you by your freakin eye balls and glue you to the screen! Plus to cap off the whole scene with a finale is she gets the glory shot and walks out of motel room with cum all over her face but if you look at her body as well you can see all the signs of her being fucked ragged. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go grab another creampie cookie and re watch Emma's highest erotic achieving clip!

Lmao creampie cookie 😂 You crack me up! Thank you so much for your awesome review!  ❤️

●●●●● Read Review

...and boom goes the dynamite! Physical video proof that you should keep your eyes open on craigslist! Emma dressed in one of her battle armors of sex, suited for sexual combat and a good shower of protein, (lucky s.o.b's). This is an amazing display of Emma's oral skills and her raw sexuality, almost a prelude of whats to come. FYI guys if you like this Emma's funding for her first gangbang is at 50%, the dream is within reach!

I know the gangbang is in reach!! Thank you so much Lyons! 😍

●●●●● Read Review

It's probably no secret that I'm the one funding this taboo series and I've honestly never spent this much on erotica ever but these women have proven every cent was worth it! Emma and Puck, two of my favorite MV stars having sex together is fucken mind blowing and is everything you would expect it to be; sexy, raw, erotic, and down right nasty! They've done pretty much everything requested and so much more! They way this clip builds from innocent confession to a no hold double dildo ass to ass fucking with Puck verbally and physically dominating Emma at every turn is an extraordinary delicious dream! There timing, attitude, and the display of the characters I had created goes beyond that of cam girls and enters the realm of stardom because they actually put the effort and craft into there performance.

Emma begins with describing her incestuous affair from the previous chapters in which arouses Puck. She tells in detail every sexual act performed or forced on her and her growing addiction to it! Puck instead of being repulsed dives down the taboo rabbit hole with Emma and begins masturbate to the tales. I've waited a long time for some girl on girl action with Emma and she did not disappoint! Puck and her ride, suck, fuck and spit that double horse dick dildo to the god damn extreme! If you ever wondered why Emma and Puck are seemingly always in the top brackets of MV stars this erotic performance will answer any and all questions in great detail. If this is your first time glancing at these two beautiful woman BUY THIS CLIP! Its a great way to see an example of both these awesome girls in action and just a taste of what they can offer you. If you like this rare clip you'll go crazy for its mate in Little Pucks Profile where they go sneaking into the brothers room ;) and hell you can find the rest of the series right here with Emma's Secrets!

I know they're proably tired of me saying this but THANK YOU SO FREAKIN MUCH!!!!

Thank you so much! So very glad you liked them!! ❤️❤️❤️

●●●●● Read Review

It’s only fair to admit I’m going to be extremely bias on this one because I have had a crush on Raven since I was thirteen and titans aired the first time. Puck goes up and beyond again for this clip. Her costume and makeup are perfect and the way she progresses from innocent Raven to full blown sluty Raven is amazing. Pucks sluty Raven look is jaw dropping and completely heart pounding! She really expresses her sexual energy so you almost feel it through her clip. Since Little Puck is an empath in her own right this was a extremely well chosen clip for her and worthy in anyone’s cosplay or Puck collection!

●●●●● Read Review

Holy shit...I'm...I'm gonna nee a minuet...(goes makes a stiff drink and comes back)...fuck. This clip in incredible, the videography, all the close ups on Pucks more intimate parts just amazing. This honestly reads like a mind break hentai, no fucken jokes. Puck starts off confused and scared until she is quite literally fucked and knotted into submissions, her mind broken by the army of dogs, horses and dragons. Out of all her clips i would say this one is her highest degree of her skills in making personalized customs. I fear Kitana will be spending the next few thousand years being the fuck toy of the hordes of hell...and by the end of this clip she wouldnt have it any other way. A huge fucken THANK YOU to DCS777 for funding this amazing custom. BUY THIS CLIP!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Well I wanted to throw my hat in the Halloween custom ring and well...fuck. Emma crushed my script and did what she does best, bring fantasies too breath taking life with a few of her own twists. Honestly, second only to her personality (she is awesome to chat with) her ability to take you custom approve fantasy and enhance it puts her to the top list of MV stars. Emma is freak in jaw dropping in the lil red costume and what she has underneath? Completes the class that I was looking for! Also who could forget to add the added effect of a real blowjob and a creamy cum finished? Simply an amazing job by a professional. I may have to do another custom with this costume, maybe as the real little red being taken in the woods by a big bad wold dildo (of course if olddogjim doesn’t beat me to it lol). Emma as ever you are a goddess and thank you for bringing my series to life

Thank you so much Lyons! Little red with a wolf dildo does sound fun!! I am so very glad you enjoyed it! ❤️❤️❤️

●●●●● Read Review

...well holy shit...gents if you thought part one was extreme, prepare to have your brain fucked side ways and back cause in part two Puck knocks the dial of the freakin board! The first thirty seconds you get a good look of what Pucks afternoon was like after the ending for part one (where she offers herself as the apartment sluts to the roommates) and god damn it must of been wild. She has used dildos everywhere (including inside her), used cum filled condoms and wrappers tossed about (especially on her), and cum (lube) in puddles in almost every crevice (especially hers!) and guys...thats just the first thirty seconds. The next minuet is where Puck in a whorish slut filled haze begins demanding to be used not realizing your her brother until she gets a good look and then the horses are off! As Puck gives you the sloppiest blowjob she tells you how your roomates spent the next six hours fucking her, sexually torturing hers, quite literally mind blowing her and then inviting all there friends to come gangbang her...all in vivid details. This is one taboo ridden, slutified, whore based, mind fucking, aheagao expressed, submissive, borderline NETORARE scene of all time, you really dont want to miss this!

●●●●● Read Review

If Amazing, Fantasy, and Erotic had a child and that child grew to be a MV star that child of prophecy would be Emma! You give Emma her rightful due, an approved script, she will bring your fantasy to life, this series and her countless other Taboo fantasy clips is evidence to the fact. Emma comes home from her big game needing to be fucked, goes to the trouble of sending out her parents only to be shot down by her brother who has been tormenting her the whole night with a remote control vibrator. He then dresses her up as a sex kitten after he makes her give him a little strip show. He then has her crawl to him meowing all the across his room to his feet...and Hell I would love to tell you more but I'm not that mean enough to steal the show from you. I can only say if you wanna add to the erotic level of this clip I would highly recommend picking up part four of this series here take the link, hell I would recommend the whole series for Taboo loving fans and lets face it, your reading this review so you are a fan. Emma I know I've said this before but you are a goddess and thank you for bring my fantasy to life

Thank you so much!! So glad you liked it!! ❤️❤️❤️

●●●●● Read Review

Holy fuck this video is seriously hardcore! From start to finish is nothing but erotic domination and anal annihilation! These two play off each other so freakin well its scary. Puck play the big sister training her baby sister Emma into being there daddy's fuck toys and streetwalkers. The way Puck dominates Emma can really get the blood boiling. She even straps on and face fucks Emma telling her about her Hooker storys where daddy is her pimp and thats exactly what awaits her. By far the best part is when they spit exchange there daddy's cum for a few minutes in sticky whorish delight although watching Little Puck Molest Emmas ass is a close second! I honestly think Puck is obsessed with Emma's perky little ass because she is always (even in there other shared videos) playing, stretching and foundling it lol!

Thank you so much Lyons! 😘

●●●●● Read Review

The way I feel for this video, the quality, time, and effort put into it is quit honestly hard to put into words but I'll try. YOUR DICK MAY NOT SURVIVE THIS CLIP!!! The shear eroticism, sexiness, and down right nasty sluttish whoredum is almost to much to handle! I originally placed this order a month ago and it was worth the wait and the time! Puck and Emma "Flesh" out the characters I created and play out the taboo scenario to a TEE! Watching two of the best MV stars having sex, fighter over your cock, and listening to every filthy things coming from there sexy mouths is an unprecedented inconceivable miraculous event! I've waited a long time for some girl on girl action with Emma and I never dreamed she would have on with LITTLE PUCK! Puck and Emma fight, blow, suck, fuck and devour the brother and themselves in erotic whorish delight! My personal favorite scene is the last few minuets where Emma and Puck are on all fours, asses next each other high into the air with cum leaking out of there freshly fucked pussies asking, nay begging to be fucked again! How the hell could a man choose between Emma's perky little ass and petite body or Little Pucks bodacious booty and all the curves in the right place?! HOW?!

If you ever wondered why Emma and Puck are seemingly always in the top brackets of MV stars this erotic performance will answer any and all questions in great detail. If this is your first time glancing at these two beautiful woman BUY THIS CLIP! Its a great way to see an example of both these awesome girls in action and just a taste of what they can offer you. If you buy this and get the taste for more Puck and Emma action you must buy the first part of this clip at Emma's profile Emma's Secrets where its just the two of them, a taboo tale and a double sided horse dick dildo! Hell if you like this you can find the rest of the series with Emma's Profile and Puck literally has dozens of taboo debauchery videos! ( I can personally recommend Unleash the Freak: Bad Auntie POV and Lil Sis Ass Fuck with ATM and Creampie)

I know they must tire of all my gratitude and compliments but THANK YOU, YOU GODDESSES!

●●●●● Read Review

I know I've said this before but Sweet Jesus...
Emma takin a BBC dick like a champ. From start to finish there isn't a sexy moment. Seriously the tight perky body of Emma riding and getting railed by a BBC is erotic as hell. The finishing blowjob scene of this video alone makes its an instant buy.
Brova Emma, Brova and most defiantly encore!

Thank you so much! Will be more coming! 😘

●●●●● Read Review

Wow...Emma has out done herself with this gem, quite the flashback to some of her best customs in the b/s blackmail series. I love how Emma is shown so innocent in the beginning and then just progresses to fallen taboo whore by the end, so goddman satisfying. Literally the best part of this clip is her actual confession (which you may need to pause here and there or trust me you won’t make it to the end) and she tells it so emotionally it’s almost like it really happend. You can tell how turn on she was when telling her story, when she begins to finger herself, you can hear how wet she is! (Superb sound on that camera, you can hear every squish and drip of Emma’s wet pussy!) Emma once again you bring my fantasies to reality, thank you, you goddess of MV

Thank you so much Lyons! ❤️❤️❤️

●●●●● Read Review

God...damn...I’ve had this personal image of “whore” Emma in my mind for a while and she brought her to life! The whole attire gives and instant blood rush and keeps you hypnotized to the screen. From start to finish is a complete erotic journey from her dialogue about being a whore to her fucken action on taking on four cocks (one real!) in a cum lovers showery dream! Personally I love how hard her nipples strained and poke through her body armor of sex (body stocking), so fucken sexy! Emma as always your a goddess and thank you for bringing my fantasy to life!

Thank you so much! I always love bringing your fantasies to life! ❤️

●●●●● Read Review

BBC anal training? More like BBC Anal domination! Emma brings it with this new clip and she gives everything that shes known for;
-sexy as hell while being cute as a button: check,
-absolutely dick stiffening filthy dirty: check,
-super sexy body stocking (aka her body armor of sex): super checked
-taking on a Juggernaut cock in slutish delight and eating the slaty finish: FUCKEN CHECK!
Emma takes on this monster of an BBC in order to gape her ass and it is sixteen mins of jaw dropping action, you see her being used as a freakin anal sex toy in quite a few positions until she takes the whole behemoth! If anal is your thing, read carefully...PICK THIS CLIP UP!!! lol I know this is an anal clip but my favorite part is when he begins to breach her asshole and he keeps slipping into her pussy, it's almost like her pussy was trying to get in on that action!

Lol my pussy always wants some of that action! Thank you Lyons! 😘

●●●●● Read Review

Well first off a big thank you to jeromekurtis for funding and writing the custom, welcome to the fold brother. Good lord what really sold me into picking this up...her little silk black robe and her very fine taste in fine but honestly Emma fits "Guiding" smoke'en hot teacher to the letter. You can just picture her as an experienced teacher, wanting to "help" an eager student. The way she goes from soft spoken mentor to edgy dominant deviant is truly head spinning! The way Emma seduces you with the dialogue, her choice in dirty words, Jesus her voice is practically verbal aphrodisiac. I love watching her work on invested story customs, her craft truly shines and she shows how professional she is. I'm sure she added a few of her own twists to the tale which no doubt added to the depth of the quality. Gents, at the end when she whispers "I fucking own you" I swear my heart skipped a beat and I'm damn sure yours will too!

So Miss Secrets, class begins at eleven sharp? I'll be sure to be right on time, I'll even bring an apple!

Thank you so much for your great review Lyons! ❤️

●●●●● Read Review

Not much of a foot guy but Monica might give me a reason to jump fence

●●●●● Read Review

Woot, first review! I caught wind of this clip a few weeks ago and have been eager for its release ever since! Emma in broad day light at the beach, stripping out of her tiny bikini and playing with her self for all to see was most diffedently worth the wait! The parts where she gets caught is so cute as she shyly covers herself (lol). Also Emma has gotten a new camera (Great news for all you fellow custom orders) and the quality has become impeccable! Any who call themselves an Emma secrets fan NEEDS this clip!

Thank you so much Lyons! 😘

●●●●● Read Review

Alright let's get started, the Description pretty much covers the roleplay pretty well so I'm just going to go over the highlights. The shorts Puck wears in this clip are fucken amazing for this little booty princess! You would swear there almost painted on and that alone makes this clip worthy of any price. The real turn on is when she goes into details about how she'll whore herself out to her roommates to avoid getting thrown out, I'm mean some of the things she lists if out of this world! Personally I like her being the official apartment BJ alarm clock, where she wakes you up by blowing you til you nut although I'm pretty sure the flaw in this crazy awesome idea is everyone would be constantly be running late lol. Anyone whose ever had a roommate has had this fantasy and I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Little Puck would be the BEST roommate!

●●●●● Read Review

First off I need to thank the nameless benefactor who helped fund Emma's new outfit, you sir are fucken AWESOME! Now onto the review:

Emma you beautiful deity that has blessed my custom and brought it to life! Everything, EVERYTHING I wrote or asked she did and went way beyond! I love how she adds her own twists in my request witch helps evolve the story and taboo deliciousness. In this clip she her body is hypnotizing with her rhythmic moves and stretches, so much in fact you might need to back track just to here what she was saying, I know I had to! Emma being dominated and blackmailed by her brother is starting to affect her better judgment cause now she starting to tease her own father! Emma has also started to gain some ground with her brother and seems to take control of the power struggle between them (I love how she does that!) She has become very adept in becoming a little tease, so much that her brother takes it out on her perky little ass cheeks by spanking the hell out of them! Then he goes further and adds EXTRA punishment! For your information fellow gentleman and ladies, no dildos and no lube. Whole sexual scenes done with a real, blood pumping dick which sends this clip skyrocketing! I feel like i'm repeating myself so sooner or later I'm gonna have to switch to french but this is now my new favorite!

I'm so very glad you enjoyed this so much! I had a lot of fun making it! Thank you so much for your great review 😘

●●●●● Read Review

Emma is making it really hard to pick out a favorite from her collection! Good god this video is damn satisfying if your into girl on girl play. Everything you could wish for pretty much occurs: Making Out (with tongues), fingering, and the all favorite of eating out. Emma walks in on Kailey Haze (Who you should check out on MV after this cause you know I am) playing with herself and joins in. Honestly they play this scenario so well, Emma does her signature move of dropping her robe reveling one of her red body stockings (aka body armor of sex!) and trains Kailey into playing on the other team even. Kailey on the other hands plays cutely shyness to a T even when she's been turned into a slut in heat needing dog dick. This is a MUST SEE! Even if your not into Beast taboo the first thirteen minuets or so is nothing but girl on girls action! The best scene in this is the finisher, Kailey gets creampied and Emma slowly cleans her out! Can not wait to see this match up again!

Thank you so much Lyons!! 😘😘

●●●●● Read Review

Holy fuck this video is seriously hardcore! From start to finish is nothing but erotic domination and anal annihilation! These two play off each other so freakin well its scary. Puck play the big sister training her baby sister Emma into being there daddy's fuck toys and streetwalkers. The way Puck dominates Emma can really get the blood boiling. She even straps on and face fucks Emma telling her about her Hooker storys where daddy is her pimp and thats exactly what awaits her. By far the best part is when they spit exchange there daddy's cum for a few minutes in sticky whorish delight although watching Little Puck Molest Emmas ass is a close second! I honestly think Puck is obsessed with Emma's perky little ass because she is always (even in there other shared videos) playing, stretching and foundling it lol!

●●●●● Read Review

First I need to express my gratitude to jeffkatie916 for funding and ordering this clip.

HOLLY HELL!!!! I can hardly believe Emma has taken this monster on! I honestly thought she would only go as far as past the tip a little but she take almost have of it inside her. Watching her pussy stretching itself to accommodate what I can only assume to be one of the largest and thickest dildos on the planet, practically hypnotizing. You would think she would take it slow and easy but she fucks herself with that monster at a fast paste destroying her pussy in mad blissful glee. Ladies and gentleman, I hereby dub Emma THE size queen with this performance I dare, nay I double dog dare anyone to say otherwise.

Lol thank you so much! Love stretching my pussy!!

●●●○○ Read Review

All right we've all hope when Misty grew up she would look a lot like this, love the touch with the pokeball panties! Highly recommend giving this another shot with the correct focus, something tells me It will fly like hot cakes :P

●●●●○ Read Review

Certainly an out of the box type of cosplay I have to admit but still pretty erotic. Miss crush is built very, VERY well with all the right curves and proper proportions. Plus that little heart shape Tatt on her ass? You can't help but smile devilishly. She hits all the right points and positions only thing that would make this video better is if it was a bit longer

●●●●● Read Review

Buckle your seat belts because it's gonna be a fuckin bumpy ride! The Taboo and primal whore attitude Miss Puck brings with this is quiet breath taking. The dirty talk, the spit play, moral and physical degradation is erotic as hell! She's turned me on to a few new kinks with this one so hell yes to Five stars

●●●●○ Read Review

The cosplay outstanding and the contacts she uses stunning but the feel of this is quit tame for one of miss Larkin's video. Don't get me wrong the role pay is very hot and the action portrays her orals skills very, VERY well just could of gone a little longer and naughtier in my opinion

●●●●○ Read Review

This Kikki has one bodacious body. Her large breast (heart shaped aureolas, nice touch) narrow waist, a killer ass, and her face is quite stunning. This video while erotic could use a little more dialogue and dirty talk in my opinion but straight to the sex always has its merits as well.

Diffidently going to be looking up more of her videos if more of this is to follow

●●●●● Read Review

This is a really cool, not to mention insanely hot clip! I love how she traversed from open camera watching her clips to her actual clip, this feels so realistic. This is almost fourteen minutes of sheer erotic slutty confession and blood pumping action! You play a boring office guy who finds four hot clips from his sluty coworker, all four clips (especially the last two) are fucken crazy! Best part, I got this clip from a $5 dollar raffle vote, highly recommend voting for her in Profile or innovator of the year, I have yet to be disappointed in any drawing with Puck! Honestly I would LOVE a coworker like this <3!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Ho Ho Holy shit! I'm just gonna say I have no qualms if Emma wants to where THAT particular holiday baby doll nightie outside of the season, its if both mind blowing and jaw dropping! This hot number suits her completely. Now the custom itself, perfect, exactly how I wanted, filled with dirty dialogue and anal domination. There is about ten minutes of super close in shots of Emma's asshole getting fucked and her pussy begging to be touched. I dunno if its me or not but her pussy looked EXTRA tasty in this one, almost like she was puffing out to get some attention lol. Emma, thank you for this Christmas gift and as always thank you for bringing my fantasy to life, looking greatly forward to the new year supporting you (^_^)

Thank you Lyons! Hope to bring many more fantasies to life in the new year!❤️

●●●●● Read Review

Another clip out of the ball park. Puck always showing how devoted to her clips. Her makeup, room scene, even the constant change in dildos were perfect to her unique style and to the story. I love how as the story progressed the dildos got larger, and larger until Puck almost couldn't handle it! Trust me by the end of this clip you'll go roaming in the woods praying to get scooped up by this Nymph and her siblings!

●●●●● Read Review

Son of a bitch...I can not believe I’ve waited this long to see this clip...I new this would be amazing but it’s just unfreakin believable! Puck begins wearing the shortest short shorts you’ve ever seen with a tight white crop top that becomes see through very soon. Puck quite literally man handles herself; slapping her perky breasts, pinching her pink nipples til she squeals (which is fucken amazing), slapping her ass til she cry’s, spreading her glistening pussy begging for your touch all the whole through begging to end she’s spilling a torrent of delicious saliva all over herself. I have never wanted to jump though a screen as much as when I viewed this clip (not counting a intimate private clip (-_^) ). Puck promises that pt 2 is somehow more erotic than pt 1 but I can’t see how that’s possible but I’ll just have to see for myself! Don’t make my mistake and pick this clip and her mate as soon as you can, you WILL not regret it!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

Well holy shit...this is my first clip of Valerie and she is freakin stunning. I've always had a thing for redheads (thanks to Faye Reagan) and Valerie is hitting all the points! She's freckles, slender, great body, large perky breast, and a jaw dropping booty! Hell she even has a bit of a sexy accent, 11 out of freakin ten! Now the clip itself is way hot. She comes in dressed as a nun and then blows the hell out a BBC, so fucken taboo! Lol then she rides him cowgirl regular and reverse so you get to see all her good points, especially that gravity defying ass! Now the down points are you don't see her strip out of the nun costume or the progression to the fucking but that nooooooo ways hampers this clip although in my opinion could of used a lil more dirty talking :P I'm glad I found this MV star cause I am hooked line and sinker after this!

u didnt see any strip becasue we did what we could...we didnt have a tripod ,film videos was super spontaneous.
thank not for review ,bu for showing your love to me.

●●●●● Read Review

Holy...I'm gunna be honest guys and just say I gave Emma the full reins on this one (cept story direction) and she did not disappoint. Emma is a rare woman who combines cute with raw sexuality; added with her amazing petite body and perky little ass along with her creative dialogue, superior acting, and facial expressions are what sold me into being a loyal follower (although I think I prefer the term Vassal). She kicks the next chapter with a sexy school attire and a top grade performance that leads her into dumping her boyfriend on the phone while getting railed by her brother! She might want to add cuckold to the the tags because she fuckin nuked her BF to the god damn stone age when she describes every detail that happening to her...just god damn. Emma, you beautiful fantasy goddess, thank you!

Thank you so much Lyon! So glad you liked it! 😘

●●●●● Read Review

I may be bias for Belle is personally my favorite Disney princess (not counting Jessica Rabbit and yes she it don't care what anyone else says!) and having Puck bring out her deviant side is fucken mind blowing. The way she moves from sweet and innocence to no holds bared sexual crazed beast is hypnotizing. I know this is porably gunna be on everyone's reviews but it just goes to show you how great of a scene it is, Puck drags a thorned rose across her breasts and stomach and it just so sensual, especially her facial ques. From there on out though she goes on a slutish rampage fucking most of the cursed servants and then taking on the Beast himself where he finds that even his beastial fury is no match for Belle's primordial whorish need. Can not wait for part two!

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Holy shit...whoever ordered this clip (Thank you by the way mysterious benefactor) most diffidently got there money worth. Emma is dressed like an honest to god street whore in the most sluttiest bikini you've ever seen (not count those that could be dental floss) with a skirt so short it leaves nothing to the imagination. She gets pciked up by these two guys and goes back to there place and she gives them a twofer special on BJ and Anal. Personally I would of chipped in for her tight pussy as well lol. Anyone into hooker play this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up your street. I mean I've never had to pay for sex but I guarantee if Emma was working my street...well lets just say I would be poor in wealth but wealthy in joy (^_^)

Thank you for the review and the deliciously slutty clothes 😘

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If you thought part one was hot get ready to knock the dial up to eleven! Puck can't help but sneak into Emma's brothers room after hearing every detail of their taboo affair. She get's caught by said brother in mid blowjob and just as she begins to mount him get caught a second time by furious Emma! She strips off all her cloths in .5 seconds and throws Puck off her brother and shows whose is who's but Big bro isn't having any of that and brings Puck back into the action. They tongue battle briefly over the big cock that come between them and then get recklessly fucked until he nuts in both of them. After hearing that Puck wants to replace Emma as head sister slut, she demands that her brother fucker Puck hard, showing her what Emma has had to live with everyday...hell has no fury in this clip! Also the ending is perfect with both Emma and Puck's cum filled pussy's facing and swaying at you on all fours. Each begging to get fucked again and hell its a hard choice between Emma's perky little ass and petite body or Little Pucks bodacious booty and all the curves in the right place...some hard choices ahead!

Thank you so much Lyons! You always think of great customs! Love how your kinky mind works! 😘

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(Sigh) Another Emma & Kailey Haze is truly good! If any of you has seen the first part of this clip (which if you have't move your ass and watch that gem!) this one absolutely goes past infinity and way, WAY the beyond! Kailey has taken advantage of Emma's hospitality and has been fucking Razor(the dog) wild all day while Emma was out. She comes home with enough time to see Razor pump Kailey full of cum while she relishes in sluttish delight (So much for shy and innocence lol). Now after a few hours of extreme Kailey fucking and training, Razor is understandably tired, so tired in fact he can pay not attention to Emma. Now Emma is fuckin pissed that her fuck toy is used up for the night and decides she needs to show Kailey who the hell is in charge. Now here is where things gets interesting and Emma throws her usual role of subservient and passive obedience out the fucken door. She changes into a kinky leather outfit and force Kailey to eat her out. Then Emma goes the extra mile of dominating her and destroying her perky ass with a full on Dog cock dildo strap on! This is one clip you dont wanna miss!

Thank you so much! 😘

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Wow this may be intentional or not but if you watch any, ANY of Little Puck's Auntie taboo clips, they literally role right into this one! Puck and Berpl play so well with each other, Puck the bold naughty sister while Berpl the apprehensive innocent turned naughty. This video is full of nothing but Taboo goodness left and right ending in a sticky cum shower for both of these deviants!

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I'm gonna be honest dont care much for cuckold (Well on the receiving end anyway lol) but if you tune out the story (No offense bro, whoever wrote this) you have epic Emma BBC action! Great shot with her begging for more and with every gyrating thrust her facial expression is in black cock heaven! Top it off with a deep creampie and its a hell of a video although if your not into cuckold you may want to re read the info of this video particularly the end :P

Thank you!! ❤️❤️

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Challenge accepted. This might only be me but I thought the elephant suit cute, you know playing on innocence until she blew me away with her gang bang fantasy. Ashley's dirty talk is amazing and I swear to whatever deity that exists she was actually turning her self on! Several times in the video she almost starts molesting herself and one or twice she almost blows her elephant trunk! Honestly hope challenge three is her stripping out of her suit and playing with the trunk for real!

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First I need to express my massive gratitude to strife4321 whom without this beautiful masterpiece of erotic sluttyness could not exist, now onto the review.
Holy hell. I honestly don't know where to begin on this one...Puck is sluty, erotic, passionate, and the big one: real! I can guarantee there no fake emotions expressed in this video! The way she kicks seduction right out the window and proclaims fuck me is pretty mind baffling. Anyone with a girlfriend would find her hard to resist and the fact that you have a girlfriend feed into her ravenous sexual hunger to consume your cock. Wished there was a drool/spit and slut tag cause this clip needs them bad! I still can't believe she can somehow combine being cute and attractive with erotic slut...its amazing! I would let her have me until I begged for mercy, twice!

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Wow Emma finally catches a break! No force, no blackmail, maybe a little extreme dirty talk but overall this is a very nice Vanilla clip. Starts off gentle and escalates too some decent wet blow-jobs and a lite hard fucking. Emma shows she doesn't have to be your cum ridden sex slave but be your soft, gentle lover with loving caring eyes. Overall a nice change of pace! If your a fan of Vanilla clips and happy endings this is the clips for you! Five Star performance! Such a sweet tale...

Oh wait did I forget to mention the delicious taboo incestuous creampie impregnation? Maaaaaybe not that big of a change of pace for her then, eh?

Thank you so much for your great review! 😘

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Whoa...if I knew Bunnies were this playful I've would of picked one up a long time ago! I love how Violet starts cute and adorable in the beginning and just evolves into erotic heaven. Her taste as usual in lingerie is impeccable and love the bunny nose and whiskers makeup, very nice touch. No bunny is complete with her tail and my oh my what a tail Violet has...wolf. Five stars if you excuse me I have to go see a girl about a bunny

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whoa...a real life pov of Puck devouring a BBC in whorish's pretty mind blowing. I'm actually impressed this stud lasted three minuets let alone nine! Puck goes through the whole dame book of the art of Fellatio from simple sucking and licking to thunder throat fucking. It's a helluva a video and well worth anyone time and money. Hell there even real sex action in the last four mins as stated in her description and its no joke either.
Five stars, easy

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New Favorite Video of all time! The way emma teases you through the whole video is a challenge all on its own. Her acting is waaaaaay beyond most of the girls on MV because she really puts effort in her videos plus helluva little black dress and the crotch less pantys; perfect. The best part is when she feeds herself a real creampie from her pussy...still processing the overwhelming sexiness from that. Her work just keeps impressing me every time she updates. Honestly with the erotic display here she proves why shes in the top ten of MANYVIDS. Also I can guarantee when you buy and watch'll never look at a oatmeal cookie the same EVER again!

Ha ate one today and thought of you! Thanks so much so glad you liked it! 😘

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Helluva cosplay! Miss Elle really looks like Khaleesi in this costume! Love how we get straight into the action. Best scene is the doggie and a few ass slaps always the best.
Five star and more if I could

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Schoolgirl uniform, mmm so kinky. Puck's dirty talk just hits the freakin spot on this one and describing in sexual detail to a priest about her daddy, almost too much to handle. She just goes to prove that no man can resist her erotic charms