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paforget May 28

I just remembered that I asked you a question and I just saw the answer.
First, I would like to say a big thank you for allowing us all to see videos as beautiful especially with scenarios of this quality.
Secondly, did you think of a sequel (part 3) for the series "Rent Ur Sister Fuck Holes"?
If you can, send me a pm.

Sorry can’t pm and thanks but it’s really the girls giving the quality, I’m just providing the directions and scenes lol and yes I’ve got two more scenes planned for the rent series but not anytime soon though sorry

paforget May 29

These girls are actually great. She manages to take your scenes and make them masterpieces. If you tell me that a sequel is in progress for the series "rent", then it's perfect. I can not wait to see where it will take us.

Stop by and see me sometime, you may find something you like.  And if you do but have some ideas you would like to see, let me know. I LOVE new content help

Hy Lyon are you up for a sexy mature? I have loads of hot movies. Thanks for following me and clicking the ❤on my movies to vote me up.
Kisskiss your sexy mature
Custommoives in different languages: English, Espanol, Deutsch, CH-Düütsch, Francais,Italiano and Dirty Talk lol

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Not to sound snobbish or anything but I consider myself to be a connoisseur, I know it's silly but ever since my first porno mag when I was young I have been hypnotize by the female form. Over the years my kinks have grown so here's the short list of my favorites: Taboo, cosplay, roleplay, petite, booty, and your can't forget perky breasts! If I buy any vid I almost always leave a review but be warn I do speak my mind (always polite) and I do give my own feed back which has burned me a few time


1990-09-26 (28)






American United States

Lives in






Hair Color


Eye Color



5'11" or 180 cm


230 lbs

Body Type

About Average



Recent Reviews

●●●●● Read Review

Wow...Terras, Tuckers, and tentacles, oh my. I'm normally pro werewolf but this particular cum sucking vixen can stalk me anytime! The way Emma starts off, clad in a crimson cloak looking as sweet as can be until her cloak falls away...and the exact words that came out of me as soon as that fabric hit the ground was, "son...of...a...bitch..." The body suit (aka armor if sex) is completely captivating and hypnotic. Sexy and erotic doesn't even fucken scratch the surface of the subject and that gentleman is just the reveal, we haven't even gotten started on the actual scene! This tiny petite vampire taking on three monstrous dildo cocks, both description and size, is completely in the Halloween spirt! She takes them in all three of her tight, wet holes in sluttish delight; sucking, fucking, DP, and anally until bathing herself in there cum, and then she takes on the main course of Crash and further destroys her pussy, but is that enough? Noooope she then masturbate in her gooey triumph! Good god this is one helluva clip and I highly recommend picking it up (actually any of her content is worth the price of admission)

something tells me to give a big thank you to olddogjim for funding this, seems his style (^_^)

Thanks so much Lyons! ❤️

●●●●● Read Review

No offense Emma but you need to knock the intense badge to freakin hardcore! I'm serious, this is one of the most hardcore erotic scenes ever! Public, check, Interracial BJ and railing, double check, and fucking with the door open risking anyone seeing or hearing what your doing? Fucken Check. It's not easy to say but I believe this clip even out ranks her interracial threeway. All her public play and sexual intensity in this clip is mind blowing and will grab you by your freakin eye balls and glue you to the screen! Plus to cap off the whole scene with a finale is she gets the glory shot and walks out of motel room with cum all over her face but if you look at her body as well you can see all the signs of her being fucked ragged. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go grab another creampie cookie and re watch Emma's highest erotic achieving clip!

Lmao creampie cookie 😂 You crack me up! Thank you so much for your awesome review!  ❤️

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First a tremendous and huge thank you to the founder of this clip, you are a man with fine taste, second thank you my fellow brother sponsors for this clip (if you haven't done a sponsor with Puck yet, you my sad friend are quite literally missing out) and third but not last thank you LITTLE PUCK!!! Puck's version Senior of age Roxanne will have you singing "Stand out" and hiding your "STAND out" as you walk! She looks picture perfect of an older version of Roxanne, even her first outfit looks something a more mature version of her would wear; sky blue crop top, thong and tight shorts that hers her curves. I love the daydream sequence scene, its another tip of that hat to the movie but instead of an elegant white dress in the fantasy its an erotic white dress lingerie that leaves nothing to the imagination. After the whole dream sequence of riding Roxanne as if the world depended on it she snaps you out of it and asks for your help deciding on her outfit. She then changers her shorts to the smallest, tights, torn, booty shorts you could imagine on her (BEST INVESTMENT OF MY LIFE!!!) that does absolutely nothing to contain her tremendous ass, her flesh literally spills out from the compressing fabric! Right here you get the best image of this fiery red head and her top to bottom tight clothing (Love the high thong stings on the hips) and she gives you the offer of the life time, she reveals her perfect perky breast and wants to go out with a bang! She drags you into the closes classroom and proceeds to fuck you senseless! From here on out is nothing but cock gagging, drooling, multiple fucking positions, Ahegao facial ques, degrading skin writing, and my personal favorite Puck's signature "Dirty Talk" She begs for your touch, to be your personal slut, calling you daddy has your penetrate her deeper. After her endless streams of orgasms you finally erupt all over her face and get a good look at your high school crush; cloths torn or pulled aside, her perfect hair askewed in all directions, her skin and impossible curves covered in driblets of sweat and graffiti brandishing her as a fuck toy and daddy's slut, the broken look of pure pleasure in her rolling eyes and the torrents of your fresh warm cum dripping down her face over her perky breasts...oh yes, I think shes ready for her school picture! I'm sure we're seeing "eye 2 eye " on this when I say this is a perfect cosplay clip produced and created by one of the best clip artists on the net and you will be making a series GOOF BY NOT BUYING THIS CLIP!!!

If you've enjoyed this clip (which you will) please leaves a review to help sell this clip and keep Puck in the high MV star rankings where she deserves to be, also if you'v enjoyed my own review I can humbly suggest these other clips from Little Puck's (and my own personal) collection: - Get your Harry Potter freak on in this deliciously taboo tale of a crazy cousin willing to do anything to get out of jail! - You like cute cosplay girls turning into cum loving dick sluts? Look noooo farther! - Puck plays an absolute fucken insane Shego in this corruption clip!

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Well I wanted to throw my hat in the Halloween custom ring and well...fuck. Emma crushed my script and did what she does best, bring fantasies too breath taking life with a few of her own twists. Honestly, second only to her personality (she is awesome to chat with) her ability to take you custom approve fantasy and enhance it puts her to the top list of MV stars. Emma is freak in jaw dropping in the lil red costume and what she has underneath? Completes the class that I was looking for! Also who could forget to add the added effect of a real blowjob and a creamy cum finished? Simply an amazing job by a professional. I may have to do another custom with this costume, maybe as the real little red being taken in the woods by a big bad wold dildo (of course if olddogjim doesn’t beat me to it lol). Emma as ever you are a goddess and thank you for bringing my series to life

Thank you so much Lyons! Little red with a wolf dildo does sound fun!! I am so very glad you enjoyed it! ❤️❤️❤️

●●●●● Read Review

...and boom goes the dynamite! Physical video proof that you should keep your eyes open on craigslist! Emma dressed in one of her battle armors of sex, suited for sexual combat and a good shower of protein, (lucky s.o.b's). This is an amazing display of Emma's oral skills and her raw sexuality, almost a prelude of whats to come. FYI guys if you like this Emma's funding for her first gangbang is at 50%, the dream is within reach!

I know the gangbang is in reach!! Thank you so much Lyons! 😍

●●●●● Read Review

It's probably no secret that I'm the one funding this taboo series and I've honestly never spent this much on erotica ever but these women have proven every cent was worth it! Emma and Puck, two of my favorite MV stars having sex together is fucken mind blowing and is everything you would expect it to be; sexy, raw, erotic, and down right nasty! They've done pretty much everything requested and so much more! They way this clip builds from innocent confession to a no hold double dildo ass to ass fucking with Puck verbally and physically dominating Emma at every turn is an extraordinary delicious dream! There timing, attitude, and the display of the characters I had created goes beyond that of cam girls and enters the realm of stardom because they actually put the effort and craft into there performance.

Emma begins with describing her incestuous affair from the previous chapters in which arouses Puck. She tells in detail every sexual act performed or forced on her and her growing addiction to it! Puck instead of being repulsed dives down the taboo rabbit hole with Emma and begins masturbate to the tales. I've waited a long time for some girl on girl action with Emma and she did not disappoint! Puck and her ride, suck, fuck and spit that double horse dick dildo to the god damn extreme! If you ever wondered why Emma and Puck are seemingly always in the top brackets of MV stars this erotic performance will answer any and all questions in great detail. If this is your first time glancing at these two beautiful woman BUY THIS CLIP! Its a great way to see an example of both these awesome girls in action and just a taste of what they can offer you. If you like this rare clip you'll go crazy for its mate in Little Pucks Profile where they go sneaking into the brothers room ;) and hell you can find the rest of the series right here with Emma's Secrets!

I know they're proably tired of me saying this but THANK YOU SO FREAKIN MUCH!!!!

Thank you so much! So very glad you liked them!! ❤️❤️❤️

●●●●● Read Review

Sweet powers that be above, below, in between, and fucken beyond...this is just unbelievably incredible! Emma , wearing one of her sluty body armor of sex, taking on another set of massive BBC and doing her first ever double vag scene? Simply incredible. I don't think any words of descriptions for this clip would bring any justices to that actual depraved acts that happen. I just love how it starts, Emma dressed a nice black dress, standing between two huge BBC while semi blowing them say how lucky she is and how ready she it to be a black cock whore, drops her dress revealing her slutty net body stocking, and the says she ready to be used as she going into full cock sucking whore mode! I mean these guys tear this petite nympho ass up, literally! One of these guys tried to fuck her ass until she threw in the towel on him lol I do recommend headphones because Emma gets LOUD in this and when I say LOUD, I mean screen shattering LOUD!!! Then there's Emma's dirty talking...oh my god the things that come out of her mouth will turn your dick into cement faster than you can blink! The sluttiest thing she say is after the whole show and being used, dped, and passed around like a sex toy, is she thanks both her stunt dicks for using her...oh man its just so fucken hot. The best thing about this clip is it isnt a custom, 100% all natural Emma and its a glorious site to behold. Emma says she was walking funny and could barley stand after this clip and just by watching it, its an easy thing to believe! This has easily become her most hardcore clip she has in her collection and has already skyrocketed to the top of my favorites. This is a treat for your perverted soul so what the fuck you waiting for and pick this clip up NOW!

It you like this clip please do Emma the favor and leave a review, takes literally 5mins of your time and it helps her maintain her MV status plus she always responds with a grateful reply. If you like this BBC scene then you love these other selections from her collection: - Emma's first gangbang ever, its even a BBC gangbang! Hell theres even cosplay! - A personal favorite of mine, Emma grabs the bull by the horns and this particularly BBC bull takes her body and tight holes for a ride! - Emma's first BBC three way and DP, enough said

Thank you so much Lyons! You are right I was downright screaming in some of those positions!! As always thank you for your suggestions for other clips! ❤️

●●●●● Read Review

Sweet mother of fuck this is hot! Emma played my script perfectly and I loved the little vixens improvise dialogues and actions! Oh little sister Emma, how the mighty have fallen, at the begging of this series you were such a proud and rebellious little popular slut but now your this Taboo craving sex fiend! This chapter begins with Emma watching her parents drive away because she fucked her father crazy, thats right, he's gone loony tunes for his baby girls forbidden pussy but I guess that whats happens when you fuck your father senseless and trick him into thinking it never happened! Now the whole reason she caved and seduced her father is because she hasn't been able to cum since her brother stopped blackmailing her but now with the rents gone for the week she hatches her slutty diabolical plans to have him crawling back to her sweet, sweet ass! Emma brings back some of her hottest outfits to seduce him but each fails and with each failure Emma becomes even more frustrated until she call her friend Puck begging for any information on her brother. To Emma's horror, he's been plowing through the whole town and school, from the lowest nerds to her friend-enemy's...even her best friend. Yup Puck has been his fuck toy ever since Emma stopped. Emma then convinces Puck to web cam herself fucker Emma's brother for her own slutty materiel. The words that come out of her mouth are out of this world! Just so god damn hot, trust me you won't get enough of this!!!After this clip you'll become addicted tot he sounds her pussy makes, I know I am, I love the sound of her pussy makes every time she slides her fingers past her wet damn erotic! I can't pick out a personal favorite part because there's just so damn many! Her dirty talk, her bratty actions, her down right sexy nature...just too many but some highlighted scenes are when Emma finds her old panties in her brothers room and starts to sniff them as she masturbates and rub the cum soaked fabric all over her clearly wet pussy, her body racking orgasm at the end (I dunno if real or not, but its amazing sight to behold!), and the promise that she'll take back her brother as she pulls her dildo from her now gaped wet pussy and proceeds to blow her toy clean! Emma as always you are my goddess and thank you for bringing my twisted fantasies to life!

If you've liked this clip, do Emma a favor an leave a review, literally takes five mins to do one and it really does help her on MV. If you've enjoy this clip and my review I can humbly suggest these other clips from this series from Emma's Secret Life's (and my own personal) collection: - ch.18, the straw that broke the camels back, watch the scene that caused Emma's father to have a nervous break down and the ask yourself...can you really blame him? - ch.17, Emma is going insane not being able to cum and is quite willing to do anything to alleviate that building pressure, including whoring herself out to her brothers friends in an epic (dildo, one real oral facial) gangbang! - ch.16, Its been months since Emma has been "trained" and she wonders is she actually missing being fucked by her asshole older brother? Watch as Emma's fantasies unfold in this helluva clip!

Thank you so much Lyons! This has been one helluva series!! ❤️

●●●●● Read Review

Duh...Dum...Duntdum!!!! Yes that's right ladies and gentleman, Emma's first gang bang has finally landed! Gaze upon an weep at her eternal beauty and the equal feeling of envy of those five lucky bastards having their very essences sucked, gyrated, and squeezed from them. Now this is an amazing BBC cosplay gangbang, full of anal, dps, pussy pounding, and cum eating but I have from good authority this is not THE gangbang she has planned. This was originally supposed to be a 10 minutes custom with 3 guys doing anal and atm, then a little bit of dp with a facial ending. Imagine Emma's surprise when not three but five guys showed up! lol You can see how she had control of the clip until after the first DP, then things just go fucken nuts! Emma is so petite compared to these guys and it show especially when they just start passing her around like a fuck doll and railing her poor pussy and ass apart. The way Emma is so into this situation is so erotic, my absolute favorite part is towards then end where one of the stunt dicks accidentally cum in his had and Emma waves him over and licks, slurps and practically blows his hand getting all his cum off before sucking out the remains from his cock...mind blowing! Now brace yourselves for this...Emma is still planing on doing THE gangbang! Thats right this clip is an appetizer of whats to cum, Emma and as many men as willing to fuck her senseless and baith this nympho in the cum she CLEARLY loves so much! So keep your eye on Emma's @EmmaSecretLife1 and her clip updates for the holy grail but until then enjoy this improvised BBC cosplay master piece and watch as Emma goes into whore cum eating mode! Whoever ordered this custom, you sir won the fucken jackpot, like powerball level, I hope your enjoying and being very GENEROUS. Emma as always you are a goddess and thank you so much for providing this masterpiece!

If you've enjoyed this clip, I can highly recommend these other clips from Emma's Secret Life (and my own personal) Collection: - One of the best clips Emma's produced, you get a glimpse of the real Emma here, no scripts or pretend emotions, just Emma getting the soul fucked out of her and then taking a facial walk! - Emma's first BBC DP on camera and its an event you dont want to miss! - How does Emma get so good at what she does? Training, Training, and more Training!

Thank you so much Lyon! You know how much I love reading yourreviews! ❤️❤️❤️

●●●●● Read Review

The only thing that surpasses my astonishment of making it to this mile stone is Emma’s perfect production and acting in this latest chapter. I’ve had this particular scene planned for a while now, actually all the way back to the beginning chapters and to see it now, impossibly brought to breathing taking life is simply stunning. I know I always say Emma is a cut above the rest of clip artists but that is only because it’s fucken true! Emma Secrets puts real effort into her roles and production, reads and plays the (approved) scripts to the letter and even adds her own twists and improvisations that only heighten the exquisite experience of her customs. I am (and others) damn lucky to have found her and even more damn lucky that she’s taking an interest in my particular kinks! With in this chapter, Emma decides to whore herself to all her brothers friends in a extreme need to get off and frustration only for the situation to continually escalate to a full blow gangbang which leave poor Emma fucked senseless with all her hole gaping and leaking cum only to be still not satisfied and yet again turned down by her big brother. Her whore look is jaw dropping and will have you scraping at the screen! Emma as always and forever more you are the goddess of fantasies and thank you oh so much for breathing life into another of my forbidden dreams!

If you like this clip (and review) I can highly suggest the rest of the chapters of this series in Emma’s Secret life (and my own personal) collection: - the chapter that begun it all, become hooked into the story of a cute spunky little becoming corrupted into being a personal fuck toy by her blackmailing older brother - One of my personal favorites where Emma teases the hell out of her brother in a short skirt with crotchless panties in a merciless retaliation for her “training” - the chapter before this very one, Emma dressed in a deliciously sluty pink bikini and short short booty shorts imagining the various scenarios her brother could retake her...

Thank you so much Lyonfor this wonderful review! So very gladyou enjoyed it! 😘

●●●●● Read Review

We have a new heir to the throne of Lyon's personal favorites of Emma Secrets clips, and the winner is... "
Taking Wonder Woman's Virgin Pussy & Ass" ! Man who could of saw that coming? This clip is off the fucken chain! We have Emma dressed in a top of the line wonder woman costume (Original) and then forced to fuck her villain all over the damn room! Wonder Woman drools and suck all over his cock, gets her wonder pussy fucked silly, has her ass cracked opened and then creamed all over her face and the goes for round two! The hottest part is her slow devolution from wonder woman to wonder whore as she dirty talks your and begs to get fucked, as the villain finishes with her she bluntly asks if he's going to tell all his friends about his new wonder whore? Good he should bring him next time...Fucken amazing...bjs, pussy, anal, and facials with a real live cock...the star counter explodes in the presence of this master peace!

Since your reading my review you must have some of my interests so If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from Emma's Secret Life(and my own personal) collection: - This was easily my favorite clip of Emma's even more so than my own customs (Until its rival arose)! This is the most hardcore, public, BCC railing clip I have ever seen or own! Can't stress this enough but you can't call yourself an Emma Secrets fan unless you've purchased, viewed, and reviewed this fucken amazing clip! - you think wonder whore is impressive when captured? Wait until you meet super slut, the slut with the pussy grip of a thousand nymphos, more cum starved than a succubus, able to bring men to an explosive orgasm with a single moan! - whats better than a single cock scene with Emma? A ton of cocks for this protein hungry fiend! Watch as Emma dressed as a slutty school gets man handled and fisted by a group of guys until she begs to suck their cocks and swallow every last drop of cum they have...even the cameraman's!

As always Thank you so much for youramazing review Lyon! 😘😘😘

●●●●● Read Review

First, A huge thank you to silversoulwolf for writing and ordering this custom, you sir know your kinks!

Second, Thank you _Watts, I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you. Do NOT be a cum sucking pirate and do NOT upload these clips. Puck and MV stars like her earn there keep and price, they bring the exotic and extreme taste of kinks to life where main stream porn is afraid to go. If assholes keep stealing shit you are going to forces these Goddess to quit the game and that will be a dark fucken day so as _Watts puts it, Be a man, pay the rightful due, and enjoy some high quality porn , share the site link, not a illegal upload post!

Third, Thank you Little Puck for this incredible clip cause holy shit what a ride! Puck always brings her A game to her customs and you can't get any more game than this clip! If you have ever wanted to experience what it would be like to fuck a slut so hard that you shatter her mind, look no farther! Puck plays this super sexy pick up girl who bite off more than she can chew as you take her back to your place. Puck starts off by giving you an amazing, throat gagging blowjob which you progress to transform into a more feral demon endowed beast! As she gags on your monster horse cock her eyes roll and she moans in absolute pleasure and then you move on to her tight little pussy. You obliterate Puck in very possible way and she loves every second of it. It is amazing to see Puck take every inch of her horse cock dildo, how deep she takes it, its no wonder she walked funny after this clip (snap) I'm am confidant to say that no one does Ahegao play like little Puck!

Since your reading my review you must have some of my interests so If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from Little Puck's (and my own personal) collection: - Here you'll find a world of monster waiting to turn Kitana into there thousand year fuck toy - another moster play where Puck plays a wood nymph that abducts and fucks a boy into manhood only for him to become a sex slave to her and all her sisters - Puck teams up with Reiina Pop in a clip where two schoolgirls gets there minds shattered and bred by aliens, serious hot scene where they push out huge eggs out of there tiny pussies!

●●●●● Read Review

I'm sure I speak for all guys when I say that we all have a weak spot for "Daddy" play. Why? I can say honestly I don't know, I just do. When a girl (or woman) moans or whispers daddy into your ear something just clicks but its nothing compared to the reaction of when Little Puck says Daddy! First things I need to tip my hat too is that glasses and pig tails, glasses because glasses on a cute girl are always sexy and pigtails again I just don't know there just so god damn alluring! Puck plays typical daddy's little girl in a super sexy school girl uniform but not so typical as daddy's cock hungry slut which she fleshes out so well! The best way to describe this clip is that Puck takes her daddy in every slender hole god drilled into her. She's almost acts cutely bratty as she keep saying that her daddy's cock is her kinda like Verruca bratty from willy wonka lol. You get great shots of Pucks large perky breasts bouncing and jiggling as you take her little pussy not to mention when you tit fuck those amazing breasts while her mouth and tongue play with the tip of your dick. You get just as equally great shots of her bodacious ass your destroy tight butthole! That's right, pussy and anal POV plus her fucken incredible tongue in amazing oral throat gagging mouth, pussy, and anal the holy trinity! No Little Puck clip is complete with out her dirty lips, the things she says in this clip are so fucken taboo, filthy, and dick hardening that I cant even describe it because no matter what I wrote or describe it would fail miserably to capture the spirit of what her dialogues are in the beautiful clip! I can say that Pucks gyrating child bearing hips and her silky smooth tongue compel you do blast a huge hot load into her baby room until her pussy spills over...holy shit this is a fucken amazing clip. Anyone who does not cash in on " Daddy's lil whore pov" is seriously missing out!

Since your reading my review you must have some of my interests so If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from Little Puck's (and my own personal) collection: - another recent clip of Pucks that is filled with taboo, cute and sexy sister play, and an ass ton of anal play and I do mean an ass ton! - Another daddy taboo school girl clip that is just as grade a (or even higher in some regards) I highly recommend this clip because it plays off this one so well, almost like they could go together as part one and two - This clip Puck throws out the sweet little fucktoy act and just fuck the shit out of her daddy after explaining all the whorish things shes done

●●●●● Read Review

I feel like I've been blasted to the past and seen Michelle Pfeiffer as cat woman for the first time only the XXX rated version. Just holy crap...Puck just keeps upping the ante with her clips because every new one equals too or surpasses her last. Puck's cat woman costume is so erotic that sexy just doesn't cover the description; form fitting to all her supple curves, her plump breasts spilling out as soon as the zipper is brought down an inch, and her piercing eyes never wandering from matter what shes doing to you. She practically baths herself in cum (lube) and its fucking amazing. Her dirty talk (inspired from lines from batman returns and just maybe urther kitt cat woman)gets the blood pumping no matter what. I cannot fathom the time, money, practice, and effort that went into this production but only Puck could of pulled this off as the master piece that it is. So if your looking for the highlights of this clip; sexy cat woman, sexy eyes, POV action, creampies, a flood of cum play, dirty talk that would make Delilah blush (seriously amazing lines, I bet you cant catch all the easter eggs!) , sexy tongue play (my favorite), and one of the best cosplay I've ever witnessed so stop reading, start buying, and get fapping! If your way into DC hero plays Puck also has and, and just like I said equal too or surpasses but that up to you to decide so what are you waiting for?!

●●●●● Read Review

First a big thank you to DCS777 for purchasing and requesting this custom, you are my hero! Now for my review, It’s only fair to admit I’m going to be extremely bias on this one because I have had a crush on Raven since I was thirteen and titans aired the first time. Puck goes up and beyond again for this clip. Her costume and makeup are perfect and the way she progresses from innocent Raven to full blown sluty Raven is amazing. The way how Puck has Raven down to a pat in the begging and then transgresses to full blown corrupted sluty Raven is amazing. Pucks sluty Raven look is jaw dropping and completely heart pounding, the whorish open one piece (Love that I bought her that) goes incredibly well with what Puck was aiming for! Her acting? Flawless and on point! She really expresses her sexual energy so you almost feel it through her clip. Since Little Puck is an empath in her own right this was a extremely well chosen clip for her and worthy in anyone’s cosplay or Puck collection!

●●●●● Read Review

Holy shit...I'm...I'm gonna nee a minuet...(goes makes a stiff drink and comes back)...fuck. This clip in incredible, the videography, all the close ups on Pucks more intimate parts just amazing. This honestly reads like a mind break hentai, no fucken jokes. Puck starts off confused and scared until she is quite literally fucked and knotted into submissions, her mind broken by the army of dogs, horses and dragons. Out of all her clips i would say this one is her highest degree of her skills in making personalized customs. I fear Kitana will be spending the next few thousand years being the fuck toy of the hordes of hell...and by the end of this clip she wouldnt have it any other way. A huge fucken THANK YOU to DCS777 for funding this amazing custom. BUY THIS CLIP!!!!

●●●●● Read Review

...well holy shit...gents if you thought part one was extreme, prepare to have your brain fucked side ways and back cause in part two Puck knocks the dial of the freakin board! The first thirty seconds you get a good look of what Pucks afternoon was like after the ending for part one (where she offers herself as the apartment sluts to the roommates) and god damn it must of been wild. She has used dildos everywhere (including inside her), used cum filled condoms and wrappers tossed about (especially on her), and cum (lube) in puddles in almost every crevice (especially hers!) and guys...thats just the first thirty seconds. The next minuet is where Puck in a whorish slut filled haze begins demanding to be used not realizing your her brother until she gets a good look and then the horses are off! As Puck gives you the sloppiest blowjob she tells you how your roomates spent the next six hours fucking her, sexually torturing hers, quite literally mind blowing her and then inviting all there friends to come gangbang her...all in vivid details. This is one taboo ridden, slutified, whore based, mind fucking, aheagao expressed, submissive, borderline NETORARE scene of all time, you really dont want to miss this!

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If Amazing, Fantasy, and Erotic had a child and that child grew to be a MV star that child of prophecy would be Emma! You give Emma her rightful due, an approved script, she will bring your fantasy to life, this series and her countless other Taboo fantasy clips is evidence to the fact. Emma comes home from her big game needing to be fucked, goes to the trouble of sending out her parents only to be shot down by her brother who has been tormenting her the whole night with a remote control vibrator. He then dresses her up as a sex kitten after he makes her give him a little strip show. He then has her crawl to him meowing all the across his room to his feet...and Hell I would love to tell you more but I'm not that mean enough to steal the show from you. I can only say if you wanna add to the erotic level of this clip I would highly recommend picking up part four of this series here take the link, hell I would recommend the whole series for Taboo loving fans and lets face it, your reading this review so you are a fan. Emma I know I've said this before but you are a goddess and thank you for bring my fantasy to life

Thank you so much!! So glad you liked it!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Holy fuck this video is seriously hardcore! From start to finish is nothing but erotic domination and anal annihilation! These two play off each other so freakin well its scary. Puck play the big sister training her baby sister Emma into being there daddy's fuck toys and streetwalkers. The way Puck dominates Emma can really get the blood boiling. She even straps on and face fucks Emma telling her about her Hooker storys where daddy is her pimp and thats exactly what awaits her. By far the best part is when they spit exchange there daddy's cum for a few minutes in sticky whorish delight although watching Little Puck Molest Emmas ass is a close second! I honestly think Puck is obsessed with Emma's perky little ass because she is always (even in there other shared videos) playing, stretching and foundling it lol!

Thank you so much Lyons! 😘

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The way I feel for this video, the quality, time, and effort put into it is quit honestly hard to put into words but I'll try. YOUR DICK MAY NOT SURVIVE THIS CLIP!!! The shear eroticism, sexiness, and down right nasty sluttish whoredum is almost to much to handle! I originally placed this order a month ago and it was worth the wait and the time! Puck and Emma "Flesh" out the characters I created and play out the taboo scenario to a TEE! Watching two of the best MV stars having sex, fighter over your cock, and listening to every filthy things coming from there sexy mouths is an unprecedented inconceivable miraculous event! I've waited a long time for some girl on girl action with Emma and I never dreamed she would have on with LITTLE PUCK! Puck and Emma fight, blow, suck, fuck and devour the brother and themselves in erotic whorish delight! My personal favorite scene is the last few minuets where Emma and Puck are on all fours, asses next each other high into the air with cum leaking out of there freshly fucked pussies asking, nay begging to be fucked again! How the hell could a man choose between Emma's perky little ass and petite body or Little Pucks bodacious booty and all the curves in the right place?! HOW?!

If you ever wondered why Emma and Puck are seemingly always in the top brackets of MV stars this erotic performance will answer any and all questions in great detail. If this is your first time glancing at these two beautiful woman BUY THIS CLIP! Its a great way to see an example of both these awesome girls in action and just a taste of what they can offer you. If you buy this and get the taste for more Puck and Emma action you must buy the first part of this clip at Emma's profile Emma's Secrets where its just the two of them, a taboo tale and a double sided horse dick dildo! Hell if you like this you can find the rest of the series with Emma's Profile and Puck literally has dozens of taboo debauchery videos! ( I can personally recommend Unleash the Freak: Bad Auntie POV and Lil Sis Ass Fuck with ATM and Creampie)

I know they must tire of all my gratitude and compliments but THANK YOU, YOU GODDESSES!

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Wow Emma finally catches a break! No force, no blackmail, maybe a little extreme dirty talk but overall this is a very nice Vanilla clip. Starts off gentle and escalates too some decent wet blow-jobs and a lite hard fucking. Emma shows she doesn't have to be your cum ridden sex slave but be your soft, gentle lover with loving caring eyes. Overall a nice change of pace! If your a fan of Vanilla clips and happy endings this is the clips for you! Five Star performance! Such a sweet tale...

Oh wait did I forget to mention the delicious taboo incestuous creampie impregnation? Maaaaaybe not that big of a change of pace for her then, eh?

Thank you so much for your great review! 😘

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I know I've said this before but Sweet Jesus...
Emma takin a BBC dick like a champ. From start to finish there isn't a sexy moment. Seriously the tight perky body of Emma riding and getting railed by a BBC is erotic as hell. The finishing blowjob scene of this video alone makes its an instant buy.
Brova Emma, Brova and most defiantly encore!

Thank you so much! Will be more coming! 😘

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SCORE!!! FIRST REVIEW!!! (^_^) So fellow gentlemen in the noble hobby profession of erotic voyeurism and collecting aka being pervs lol This dolloween an AWESOME deal, for twenty five bucks you get sixteen Halloween themed clips and each is sexy in there own right but the creme of the crop is Puck's Dolli clip. Now personally dolls creep me the fuck ou and Puck's newest Dollie Halloween clip is like a fucked up toy story where the table turn on you...just like poor Sid. You've abandon your Dollie for a long time and now your back visiting and Dollie want s to show you all her adult tricks she's learned. Now this may be my medical grade pediophobia talking but if my old "Dollie" had grown to human size and started talking to me...I would of dropped my shit and ran in two seconds flat yet if this Dollie looked like Puck all cute and gussied up like this with fucken pig tails (I dunno what it is with pig tails but I just cant get enough) I would of fallen to the same fate. This Dollie starts all sweet and loving, missing you, teasing you with her body and then showing you everything shes learned especially with her wet tight throat. This Doll keeps the love flowing until shes started getting a little harsh at you for leaving her behind, her eyes go red with her grudge and she goes from loving doll ahegao to crazy ex Yandere! As you well know puck brings her weapon grade dirty talk to the show for both parts of sweet and crazy Dollie but she keeps this teasing sweet voice the whole time that just takes the erotic level of this clip to a whole new level! Now I won't say what happens next and how this end but I'll tell you two things that Puck the forsaken Dollie has shown me, one: My fear of doll is completely rational, two: there are some fates worse than death and yet better! This is the very essence of what a Halloween clip should be sexy and alluring yet also creepy and a tad scary! Also going to add again cute and sexy pigtails! Now make sure to pick this gem and the other clips fast while this deal lasts just remember to do it as a tip because this month MV is only taking 20% of the cut! Don't miss out of this extremely erotic Halloween clip or the 15 others!

If you've enjoyed this clip, please leave a review. Takes only a few minuets of your time and keeps Little Puck in her rightful place on the MV score board, also I can highly recommend these other clips from Little Puck's (and my own personal) collection, I made sure to pick out some extra Halloween vibe clips: - Oh do you like the face Puck makes when she goes Ahegao? Wait until you see her get fucked stupid by a demon and his giant horse cock! - I bet you feel lucky, you've been having dirty thought about your cute nerdy lil sis only to have a succubus take her form and sex her up for your personal use... - Now getting to go backstage with your idol is a dream come true until she make you her play thing for all time!

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Oh we need more trainers like this, I guarantee Puck would of whipped me out of my average joe workout routine and into a lean, mean, loving machine lol This clip is fucken awesome! I love how it starts off with Puck doing innocent exercises where she teases you throughout the whole workout. I never cared for push ups but with Pucks short eating into her impeccable ass with her pussy mound showing half way really got me back into the motion especially when she wen down and up with that booty right in your face! Puck has that perfect girl next door allure that just feeds into her clips, I mean when she see your cock bulging in your shorts she demands to see whats shes working with and then moans at the sight saying she wouldn't be a good trainer if she didn't work of all that energy you've built up...oh yes...shes perfect! From here is a roller coaster right of rubbing, titty fucking, cock sucking, throat fucking, pussy wrecking, with a cream-pie finish gushing from her now thoroughly stretched pussy. Of course the whole sex course was topped with Puck's weapon grade dirty talk that even by sound alone would get you off added with her ahegao facial ques just makes this a MUST in your Puck collection. Now I recommend anyone reading this takes advantage of Puck's October deal and tip her $25 bucks so you can get this amazing clip plus another clip for free, her choice and if your a regular of hers she'll pick something out your speed so what are you guys waiting for! Tip and freakin review!!!

If you've enjoyed this clip, please leave a review. Takes only a few minuets of your time and keeps Little Puck in her rightful place on the MV score board, also I can highly recommend these other clips from Little Puck's (and my own personal) collection: - You like a girl being fucked senseless, essentially ahegao, look no farther! Puck plays an inspector that goes sex dumb after she chew a special gum that make her super hot! - This is one of Puck's best clips, the way she was able to put it together and edit it is amazing! You play a POV office worker who finds some naughty files on your computer left by the office slut aka Puck! - What's better than having a super hot office fuck buddy like Puck? Making her work for your attention and touch!

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Ah jeez...I’m going to hell...but the ticket for admission is so fucken worth it! If Puck’s “Rent your sis’ series got your rocks off your gonna love what she has in store for you in this one! I love how she play the sister all cute and innocent, dressed like a cutie from a sitcom while the succubas...clearly just radiates raw sexual energy and just visual dominance, draped in this “leave nothing to the imagination” sheer skimpy dress that just fits Pucks curves in all the right damn places! This clip is clearly all about corruption, the succubas corrupting you into giving into your base desires and your sister being soiled with dirty thoughts and actions, almost like having her useless innocence fucked away! I dunno how much more clearly I can emphasize that if your kink lies with taboo, you NEED to see this clip! MMMM just the memorie of dark Puck slobbering all over the cock and dirty talking while switching over to the innocent sister discovering her self...just so delicious!

If your reading my review and liking what you find I can highly suggest these other clips from Little Puck’s (and my own personal) collection: - the ultimate form of taboo debauchery in the form of your sluty sister paying you back with her hole! - the surpassing of the ultimate form of taboo debauchery as you sister now tamed into being your personal cum bucket! - which would you choose naughty looking but actually innocent little sister or innocent looking older sister whose actually a cock hunger father fucker?

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Seems Emma's lust and need has finally gotten the best of her! "Seducing Daddy" picks up right where "I want to be my brothers fuck doll" ( left off, a desperate cock hungry sister needing to be fucked but What's a horny, dirty slut to do when her usual thick taboo cock is unlivable? She finds another one just as fat but the only one left in the house is...yup you got it daddy. Emma teases the hell out of her daddy while her mom is just on the other side until she rides him to an overwhelming orgasm but leave her own father with a series case of the blue ball. It's not til morning where she reaps what she sows as her daddy waits until his wifes leaves for work and then proceeds to fuck the living hell out of Emma's wet and very greedy pussy until finally achieving the release he need and filling his baby girl's baby room with hot sticky cum...and then has her clean every drop of him. In the end though is it all real or just the deprived imagination of a fallen father reaching farther ever still? Emma takes the cake with this one, practically breathing life to everything I wrote for the script and just damn! I love all the work and little details she adds or keeps up just for the sake of the tale. This here clip is a prime example of why I will always be back for a custom while Emma Secrets is still in the game, THANK YOU MY GODDESS!!!

Since your reading my review you must have some of my interests so If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from Emma's Secret Life(and my own personal) collection: - This is the clip before this one and I highly recommend you pick it up. Tis a tale of a lonly sister dreaming of being filled by her owner who happens to be her brother... - In my humble opinion, team up clips are the best, bring together the best of both worlds into one especially when those worlds are Emma the bringer of life to fantasies and Little Puck the goddess of the dirty talk and spit. Here is clip they made of being daddy's personal fuck toys and street whore in a taboolicouse tale that you must see and hear to believe! - I'm now at a crossroads of which Emma daddy clip I think is the best, the one thats being reviewed or the one I'm mentioning here...I guess you'll have to figure it out on your own!

Wow thank you so much for this awesome review lyons!

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Warning: This presented feature has proven to be extremely habit forming! Sweet Jesus, I have had this clip for about a month dyeing to review and now I can finally scratch that bloody itch! Not since my "RENT UR SISTERS FUCK HOLES" series have I been so helplessly addictive to my fantasy that's been fleshed out! Puck and Cattie took my custom approved script and brought it to stunning life. I wrote a tale of a troubled younger sister (Cattie) and the seemingly mature older sister (Puck) intertwined in what is easily the most erotic tale that's ever been fleshed out! This clip is filled with but not limited too sexual exploration, anonymous sex, daddy issues, sexual revelation, prostitution, and delicious taboo incest double cream pies. Cattie's bratty cuteness is rivaled by Puck sheer raw sexual energy! The dirty talk in this clip alone will get the blood pumpin let alone the actual visual scenes! What is easily the hottest scene is Puck re-accounting of her extracurricular activities in cock hardening details where she tells you what a whore she's been with your best friends, teachers, coworkers and even your very own father! Puck expressed to me just how sexy and hot she felt while doing that scene and if that got her motor running just imagine what it would do to you! The other best scene would easily be when Cattie gets her wish of becoming your sex toy by the guiding hand of her older sister. Lord so sexy watching her head being forced down on your cock while her eyes are rolling...mmm I cant stress how much I love this clip! If you dare call yourself a taboo fan you MUST have this clip in your collection, it is easily the most incestuous taboo filled professional clip on the net so far!

Since your reading my review you must have some of my interests so If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from Little Puck's , Cattie's(and my own personal) collection: - Witness two incredibly sexy and sensual woman gaping themselves in unscripted dildo fucking bliss! , - What do you do when your slut of a little sister has been ducking her share of the rent? You take it out of her ass...and her pussy...and mouth...repeatedly...then you share with your other roommates! (part three in the workshop) - this is the first clip of Cattie's I've ever seen and its still one of my persoanl favorites, its where I coined the term, Knot-struction, cum and see why!

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Ahegao is defined as fucked silly or having your mind shattered with sex. There are few that can play and use ahegao but none like Puck. I'm going to be honest and say this review is going to be bias as hell because it has ALL my personal kinks: taboo, slut conditioning, wet smooth pussy, banging ass, ahegao play and Puck's legendary dirty talk. Puck plays your mom coming to check up on you but when she sees your morning wood she cant help herself but to throw herself at you! Your father has been secretly feeding her sex crazy pills and they've altered her body and brain chemistry into hungry for sex even from her own family! She show you her sinful body and you can see hot horny she is when she spread open her leaking wet smooth pussy, just begging to be fucked but first you need to take care of mommys slutty mouth! Puck gets on her knees and begins to mindfuck herself with her sons girthy cock and keeps touching herself in amazment on how fucked up it is to be sucking her hot son's cock! Her mouth make wetter and sluttier sounds as she gags herself inch by inch on her sons forbidden dick until he cums down her throat and fills her stomach with his baby batter but hes not finished until he's bathed his cum dumpster mother's face with his warm seed! Here's hoping that there's a squeal to this and that he gets to fucked him cum hungry mommy silly!

Since your reading my review you must have some of my interests so If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from Little Puck's (and my own personal) collection: This is some of Pucks BEST Ahegao clips! - After turning your slutty sister into the apartment personal fuck toy, you here how her day was after you come home from work and what she has planned for your future! - You play an young wizard who summons the Teen Titans Raven where you become her daddy and turn her into the underworlds greatest cum dumpster! - watch as a brainy safety inspector sent to test your new line of candy becomes dumber and sluttier with every chew of gum until shes gagging on your cock and has your cum spilling out of her cunt! - Ever wanted to be a demon endowed monster shattering the mind of a bar slut until she can only think of pleasing your monster dick? Well look no farther!

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There is no doubt bikinis are one of the sexiest things a woman can wear but one pieces is almost a lost art! They way they cling to every curve and tighten in every crevice, Puck shows just how well a one piece can measure up! The super tiny red one piece rides her like a fucken thong while she shimmies her perfect perky breasts and then to top it off she blows then rides a whale cock! Anyone else mentally play the jaws theme song during any of these points? This is proof that Puck is the perfect hot tub buddie!

Since your reading my review you must have some of my interests so If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from Little Puck's (and my own personal) collection: - Join Puck and the rest of the doll house crew during a week of super silly, incredibly sexy, BTS slut action, and what is easiest one of the best $10 VOTE IN THE CREAM TEAM CONTEST! - ever wanted to be a demon endowed monster shattering the mind of a bar slut until she can only think of pleasing your monster dick? Well look no farther! - Witness Puck's role reversal as she dominates and slut conditions Cara Day while wearing one of the sluttiest sling shot micro bikinis EVER!

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God damn, only Emma could combine cutely shyness with bold public nudity and raw sexual energy! Emma looks soooooo deliciously sluty in her barely cover micro bikini, she might as well be wearing nothing at al-whoops spoke to soon! This clip hits all the points for public voyeur, sexy and perky woman naked in public, playing wither herself while people are around, and lets not forget getting caught while playing with her ass! Emmas face was priceless!

Since your reading my review you must have some of my interests so If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from Emma's Secret Life(and my own personal) collection: - This is easily my favorite clip of Emma's even more so than my own customs! This is the most hardcore, public, BCC railing clip I have ever seen or own! Emma gets fucked senseless by BBC in a motel with the fucken door open! Can't stress this enough but you can't call yourself an Emma Secrets fan unless you've purchased, viewed, and reviewed this fucken amazing clip! - Emma wears the same slutty bikini as she plays a street whore being picked up by some johns, no really she really is dressed as a whore in public on a stretch of road and get picked up in this one! - no public action in this one but in this custom (my own) I dress Emma in my perfect idea of a whore which includes the slutty bikini and god damn does she pull it off!

Getting caught was definitely thrilling but extremely embarrassing at the time!! Thank you so much! 😘

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Sweet powers that be...gentlemen you have no idea the feeling of having your fantasy fleshed after starving yourself a few months! This feeling is almost like the first time I ordered a custom from Emma and lord the emotions are intoxicating! Emma once again takes my fantasy approved custom and not only bring it to life exactly how I wanted and pictured but added her own twists that only enhance the experience! Emma plays a dirty little sister who goes through some intense withdraw. After almost a year of being her brother personal cum dump her brother ups and gives her all the blackmail he has on her for Christmas. Its been months and he has so much as even looked at her and what she fines more frustrating than NOT being hallowed out by the big fat cock she has come accustomed to using and being used is that her brother personality and mood has completely shift back to before any of the blackmailing begun, like it never happened. As if he hadn'
t fuck his slut sister over and over again, slut conditioning her to be his ideal fuck toy. Emma decides to tease him to see if he was going to keep his word and to her shock and almost disappointment he does...but later that night does he?

Since your reading my review you must have some of my interests so If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from Emma's Secret Life(and my own personal) collection: - This is the beginning clip of my own Bro/sis blackmail taboo series that Emma has breathed life into, watch as she evolves from bitchy little sister to big bro cock craving slut condition fuck toy, trust me this was money WELL funded! - Personal favorite of my series where Emma's teases you her bare wet pussy right in front of your parents and if that doesn't get you going the double entendres will! - Emma's brother decides Emma need to be punished for being a slut but how do you punish a cock devouring would be whore? Dress her up, invite a few friends over, make some money as she becomes a real whore! - this is the clip before this one in the series, emma comes to her brothers room on Christmas night in the most jaw dropping holiday baby doll nightie ever begging for the xmas present she been oh so good for all year...her brother popping her anal virginity!

Thank you Lyons!! You know how much I love this series! ❤️

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Virtual sex and POV play, quite possibility the best clips right next to JOI lol. This is another great way to introduce yourself to Little Puck, this clips has all her best features especially her dirty talk. Puck IS in the top five MV stars for dirty talking, that fact there is no MV award for dirty talk is criminal. In this clip you get a great view of Pucks perfect booty and her bouncing perky breasts, a great clip to experience a wild ride with her. Pucks take control and gets semi dominant rather that playing the passive sub roll and its a helluva change of pace! Have no qualms with Puck owning my dick lol!

If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from her (and my own personal) collection: - A great priced anal and booty clip that can fit in ANY budget, full of ass worship and anal penetration! - another clip where Puck takes control and fucks her little sisters bf to protect her and get a good fucking at the same time! - This is just one of my top ten, great shots of puck and her whole body, smooth waxed pussy, creamy orgasms and her dirty mouth constantly getting the blood pumpin, just amazing!

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This is a really incredible clip. Do you or have ever had a friend whose girl was so hot and sexy that you would risk your friendship and physical well being to fuck? Well you can live out that fantasy here! Puck has all the quality's for a great mistress, she's playful, cunning, and her raw sexual attraction past the event horizon strong! Puck plays your best friends wife who NEEDS your dick and she summons you over when her husband is off at work and she has a surprise for you. She walks in wearing a fuckin amazing super tiny white lingerie set that has a g-string that practically has its own vanishing act! She trash talks her husband as she gags on your cock and you destroy her sweet pussy and fill her baby room to the brim. Puck lets the warm batter ooze from her freshly stretched hole and then spreads it all over her and in her ass! She tells you she has another surprise for you next time...her anal virginity! You could listen to this clip as an audio and still get off from all Puck's legendary level of dirty talking and moans. The level of cheating kink in this clip is off the charts and you wont be sorry! Although you maybe get a little guilty but hey its your buddy's fault for not knowing how to fuck the hell out of his smoking dirty wife but hey what are friends for?

If Cheating is your kink I can highly recommend these clips from Puck's (and my own personal) collection: - Puck plays a scientist who just made frakencock and fucks the hell out of him infront of her wimpy bf - An amazing POV where you play a lucky fan to meet Puck, she tells your her bf wasn't happy about her meeting a fan but theirs nothing to worry about...right? - I think the tile explains all you need to know "Fuck your wifes little sister POV"

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Well this review is going to be bias as hell because this clips hits almost every single damn kink I have!
Taboo, check.
Big firm perky breasts, a double check.
Wet and tasty looking smooth pussy, check box explodes.
Impeccable gravity defying booty , check box implodeds.
Dirty talk with plenty of anal action and cute seduction, triple check!

You begin with your sister trying to convince you to give her a left, ah which of us has not haggle for a ride but she Puck goes the extra mile. She begins to tease her older brother and give him a strip show while you have a down low POV and its pretty fuckin amazing. As sson as her jacket zipper comes down, bam your hit with both barrels of her amazing breasts. As soon as those shorts fly off well...if you weren't an ass man before your damn as well will be because Puck's booty has the power of kink conversion! From here on out is a slow agonizing booty tease show with the sexist thongs with an almost none stop action of Puck playing with her smooth bare pussy and incredibly tight looking ass. Seriously your mouth is going to water with this one cause I know I was drooling almost as much as her drool kink clips! To wrap up this incredible bootylicious clip is about ten minutes of anal action, watching the hypnotic spell of Puck tiny asshole spread and encompass the girth of her dildo collection only to be destroyed by her big brother big dick! Anal virginity has been slayed as you watch your load leak from her freshly beaten up ass...perhaps her pussy virginity is next? (^_^) Amazing sexy clip which if your a taboo fan you NEED to grab.

If you like this clip I can highly recommend these clips from her (and my own personal) collection: -This series takes taboo off the fucken wall, it shall not disapoint - not taboo but its almost like a flip in personality and plot, still a top ten! - A great priced anal and booty clip that can fit in ANY budget, full of ass worship and anal penetration!

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Well fuck, where to start? What happens when a couple try to make a super soldier with crazy science? If this be comics probably a super hero or villain but this be glorious porn so what happens is you become the perfect sexual being. You flood the room with your superior pheromones and the nerdy Puck become your sexual plaything while she emasculates her boyfriend. Now there is a ton of plays here, cock worship, cucking, dirty talk, but the highlights are ahegao (My personal favorite) and her micro bikini. Now ahegao is is a hentai tag and expression for when a woman is fucked senseless to the point of mind breakage which Puck dominates here. Little to no doubt that when this clips ends Puck is a slutty broken mirror of what she was (other clips with Puck ahegao: , , The bikini she has chosen is mind fucking shattering! Its a micro bikini so its three sizes to small and it might as well be called dental floss! The top is so small and tight that your can see her breast flesh spilling from the compression of the fabric, so damn hot. With the time devoted to this clips, the camera shot and angels, all the editing this clip easily goes beyond five stars and enters the hundreds!

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Emma hits her holy high five specialist combos in this one and you've guessed it: Blackmail, cum swallowing, submissive, desegregation, and gangbang sim. Just wow...from start to finish is an filthy erotic thrill ride of a soon to be classic Emma Secrets clip. She plays a wealthy wife being punished by her husband by whoring herself out to pay for car damages and my oh my does she pay. Emma pays with her army of dildos, cum lube, and a real cock oral creampie and she just seems to get lost in the moment a few times...she even gets a offer that may save her or damn her...either or its an amazing story to view and enjoy, particularly Emma's performance!

Thank you so much lyons! ❤️

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"So let me get this straight, If I leave your innocent sister alone, you will become my fucktoy, doing anything I ask or want? Its a tempting offer but I really like your younger sis-(shirt comes off) (Ahem) still going to have to-(bends over and reveals her impeccable booty), OK I'll be straight with you, I have a thing for breaking in innocent girls so I'm gonna have too- (She arches a eyebrow and spread her long legs open)...oh who the hell am I kidding, TAKE ME!"

lol This is a fucken amazing clip that will have you pausing fro breaks! Puck plays the older sister of your girlfriend and makes you an offer you would have to be blind, deaf, and dead not to take. She tells you to leave her sister alone and not see her anymore and exchange you get to have her, Puck, in every since of the word. You throw up some resistance but as soon as Pucks filthy tongue gets moving your puddy in her hands.

Outfit: 5*
Dirty talk: 5*
Acting: 5*
Sexuality: 5*
Must stop being a dumb ass and pick this clip up now before I miss out on a completely devastatingly erotic clip that will keep me warm for months to come: 100*

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First a huge thank you to obadboy for purchasing and requesting this custom, you my friend have great taste now fro my review this is going to take a second...(composes thoughts) buy this clip. Don’t even waste time reading this, Puck has created the ultimate cosplay fantasy! Raven transformed into a cock hungry Demon slut begging her new “daddy” for a wet sticky shower and a hot rod to ride. This clip as everything! Dirty talk, exotic erotic, spot on costume, whoreish tearing and destroying said costume, and best of all pucks performance! Puck gives this a hundred and ten percent and you can see it with her eyes rolling, drool flying everywhere and how wet her delicious pussy gets...oh god I wish o could go back in time and tell my preteen self this would happen at this worth the wait! For whatever reason you haven't bought her first Raven Clip well that's unacceptable but you can redeem yourself by picking it up now:
Trust me you wont be disappointed

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This is a really cool, not to mention insanely hot clip! I love how she traversed from open camera watching her clips to her actual clip, this feels so realistic. This is almost fourteen minutes of sheer erotic slutty confession and blood pumping action! You play a boring office guy who finds four hot clips from his sluty coworker, all four clips (especially the last two) are fucken crazy! Best part, I got this clip from a $5 dollar raffle vote, highly recommend voting for her in Profile or innovator of the year, I have yet to be disappointed in any drawing with Puck! Honestly I would LOVE a coworker like this <3!!!

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Wow...Emma has out done herself with this gem, quite the flashback to some of her best customs in the b/s blackmail series. I love how Emma is shown so innocent in the beginning and then just progresses to fallen taboo whore by the end, so goddman satisfying. Literally the best part of this clip is her actual confession (which you may need to pause here and there or trust me you won’t make it to the end) and she tells it so emotionally it’s almost like it really happend. You can tell how turn on she was when telling her story, when she begins to finger herself, you can hear how wet she is! (Superb sound on that camera, you can hear every squish and drip of Emma’s wet pussy!) Emma once again you bring my fantasies to reality, thank you, you goddess of MV

Thank you so much Lyons! ❤️❤️❤️

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God...damn...I’ve had this personal image of “whore” Emma in my mind for a while and she brought her to life! The whole attire gives and instant blood rush and keeps you hypnotized to the screen. From start to finish is a complete erotic journey from her dialogue about being a whore to her fucken action on taking on four cocks (one real!) in a cum lovers showery dream! Personally I love how hard her nipples strained and poke through her body armor of sex (body stocking), so fucken sexy! Emma as always your a goddess and thank you for bringing my fantasy to life!

Thank you so much! I always love bringing your fantasies to life! ❤️

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BBC anal training? More like BBC Anal domination! Emma brings it with this new clip and she gives everything that shes known for;
-sexy as hell while being cute as a button: check,
-absolutely dick stiffening filthy dirty: check,
-super sexy body stocking (aka her body armor of sex): super checked
-taking on a Juggernaut cock in slutish delight and eating the slaty finish: FUCKEN CHECK!
Emma takes on this monster of an BBC in order to gape her ass and it is sixteen mins of jaw dropping action, you see her being used as a freakin anal sex toy in quite a few positions until she takes the whole behemoth! If anal is your thing, read carefully...PICK THIS CLIP UP!!! lol I know this is an anal clip but my favorite part is when he begins to breach her asshole and he keeps slipping into her pussy, it's almost like her pussy was trying to get in on that action!

Lol my pussy always wants some of that action! Thank you Lyons! 😘

Teachers Pet Oct 8 2017
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Well first off a big thank you to jeromekurtis for funding and writing the custom, welcome to the fold brother. Good lord what really sold me into picking this up...her little silk black robe and her very fine taste in fine but honestly Emma fits "Guiding" smoke'en hot teacher to the letter. You can just picture her as an experienced teacher, wanting to "help" an eager student. The way she goes from soft spoken mentor to edgy dominant deviant is truly head spinning! The way Emma seduces you with the dialogue, her choice in dirty words, Jesus her voice is practically verbal aphrodisiac. I love watching her work on invested story customs, her craft truly shines and she shows how professional she is. I'm sure she added a few of her own twists to the tale which no doubt added to the depth of the quality. Gents, at the end when she whispers "I fucking own you" I swear my heart skipped a beat and I'm damn sure yours will too!

So Miss Secrets, class begins at eleven sharp? I'll be sure to be right on time, I'll even bring an apple!

Thank you so much for your great review Lyons! ❤️

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Not much of a foot guy but Monica might give me a reason to jump fence

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Woot, first review! I caught wind of this clip a few weeks ago and have been eager for its release ever since! Emma in broad day light at the beach, stripping out of her tiny bikini and playing with her self for all to see was most diffedently worth the wait! The parts where she gets caught is so cute as she shyly covers herself (lol). Also Emma has gotten a new camera (Great news for all you fellow custom orders) and the quality has become impeccable! Any who call themselves an Emma secrets fan NEEDS this clip!

Thank you so much Lyons! 😘

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So a year ago I sent Puck a custom idea and script in which she surprised me with an excited response that she loved the ideas, characters, the degradation, submission, and over the moon for the taboo, she green let so fast my eyes spun! After the green lit and I paid Puck her rightful due for this custom, not only did she deliver but blew my expectations right out of my perverted mind! Puck quite literally took what I wrote and brought it to warm blooded life! Puck plays a little sister whose been room mating with her older brother and his friend for a year with out paying any of her rent. Dressed in a tight crop top and the tightest thong booty shorts that look like they may have been painted on, she is confronted by her brother where he tells her his friends want to kick her out. Puck rolls her eyes and pulls out a bag bursting with sexual toys, lingerie, and condoms; stunned her brother asks what she's doing she proceeds to tell him her plan to fuck all his friends for her share of the rent, she's perfectly comfortable being there live in slut which they could fuck at any time for as long as they please. Her brother always knew she was a slut but hearing her depraved plans gives him an idea, he then proceeds to take a years worth of rent out of his little sisters mouth, pussy, and straight out of her ass! At first she's against it but as a slut she cant help but love the filthy taboo edge and her brother having a nice cock help. By the end of the day Puck has been slut conditionally broken by her brother with cum leaking out of all her holes with degrading graffiti written all over her as and in a daze she tell her roomies there been some changes to the roommate agreements! This clip is one of the signle greatest treasures I own and if you've got a taboo kink you haven't lived until you've seen this clip! Filled to the brim with brother sister fucking, Puck's signature dirty talk, and tons of positions and lube!

If you've enjoyed this clip and my review, I can highly recommend these other clips from Little Puck's (and my own personal) collection: - If you thing "Rent Ur Sis Fuck Holes" is insane, your fucken mind will be blown when you watch part 2, its even MORE crazy!!!! - You have two typical sister, the innocent older sis and the rebellious little sis but is the older one really so innocent or is she a cum hungry slut? And your younger rebellious sis, maybe all she really wants it to be your personal fuck doll - You been having some real sick thoughts about your perky and plucky little sister so much that a sex demon take her form to have its way with you!

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First off I need to thank the nameless benefactor who helped fund Emma's new outfit, you sir are fucken AWESOME! Now onto the review:

Emma you beautiful deity that has blessed my custom and brought it to life! Everything, EVERYTHING I wrote or asked she did and went way beyond! I love how she adds her own twists in my request witch helps evolve the story and taboo deliciousness. In this clip she her body is hypnotizing with her rhythmic moves and stretches, so much in fact you might need to back track just to here what she was saying, I know I had to! Emma being dominated and blackmailed by her brother is starting to affect her better judgment cause now she starting to tease her own father! Emma has also started to gain some ground with her brother and seems to take control of the power struggle between them (I love how she does that!) She has become very adept in becoming a little tease, so much that her brother takes it out on her perky little ass cheeks by spanking the hell out of them! Then he goes further and adds EXTRA punishment! For your information fellow gentleman and ladies, no dildos and no lube. Whole sexual scenes done with a real, blood pumping dick which sends this clip skyrocketing! I feel like i'm repeating myself so sooner or later I'm gonna have to switch to french but this is now my new favorite!

I'm so very glad you enjoyed this so much! I had a lot of fun making it! Thank you so much for your great review 😘

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Emma is making it really hard to pick out a favorite from her collection! Good god this video is damn satisfying if your into girl on girl play. Everything you could wish for pretty much occurs: Making Out (with tongues), fingering, and the all favorite of eating out. Emma walks in on Kailey Haze (Who you should check out on MV after this cause you know I am) playing with herself and joins in. Honestly they play this scenario so well, Emma does her signature move of dropping her robe reveling one of her red body stockings (aka body armor of sex!) and trains Kailey into playing on the other team even. Kailey on the other hands plays cutely shyness to a T even when she's been turned into a slut in heat needing dog dick. This is a MUST SEE! Even if your not into Beast taboo the first thirteen minuets or so is nothing but girl on girls action! The best scene in this is the finisher, Kailey gets creampied and Emma slowly cleans her out! Can not wait to see this match up again!

Thank you so much Lyons!! 😘😘

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Holy fuck this video is seriously hardcore! From start to finish is nothing but erotic domination and anal annihilation! These two play off each other so freakin well its scary. Puck play the big sister training her baby sister Emma into being there daddy's fuck toys and streetwalkers. The way Puck dominates Emma can really get the blood boiling. She even straps on and face fucks Emma telling her about her Hooker storys where daddy is her pimp and thats exactly what awaits her. By far the best part is when they spit exchange there daddy's cum for a few minutes in sticky whorish delight although watching Little Puck Molest Emmas ass is a close second! I honestly think Puck is obsessed with Emma's perky little ass because she is always (even in there other shared videos) playing, stretching and foundling it lol!

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Challenge accepted. This might only be me but I thought the elephant suit cute, you know playing on innocence until she blew me away with her gang bang fantasy. Ashley's dirty talk is amazing and I swear to whatever deity that exists she was actually turning her self on! Several times in the video she almost starts molesting herself and one or twice she almost blows her elephant trunk! Honestly hope challenge three is her stripping out of her suit and playing with the trunk for real!