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29, male, Gamer.

I'm into mostly feet and cosplay outfits. But i have several other fetishes. :)


1987-10-19 (30)




American United States

Lives in

North Carolina

Hair Color


Eye Color



5'4" or 163 cm


115 lbs

Body Type




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Its amazing to see how much abuse your tight ass can take. Your facial expressions were so erotic to witness.


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Great teaser video. I love watching Ashley squirt with that sexy purple hair and erotic outfit. :D


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Very patriotic and Sexy. I enjoyed watching you finger yourself.

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Very sexy. I appreciated seeing you beautiful feet while you play with yourself. :)

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This is amazing. Two of my favorite things in one video: Videogames and cute pussy. :)

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This was great. I loved watching you stuff those panties deep inside and soaking them in your pussy juices. :D

Wow I’m so sorry this slipped by me ! Thank I so much for the review!!

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Amazing video quality. I enjoyed this close up view of you playing your pussy muscles. They look so tight.

Sorry to have just now seen this but thanks a ton for the kind words💋

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Amazing video. I enjoyed watching Ashley pleasure herself till the point of squirting. Her facial expressions were incredibly sexy as well. I love that purple hair too.

😘🙏🏼 Thanks for the kind words.  💋

Thanks for the review!!

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Amazing video. I loved watching your beautiful body being cleansed. From your hair all the way down to those gorgeous bare feet. Even the intense steam didn't prevent this from being an incredibly sexy video. :)

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Such a wonderful view of your beautiful body.

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You are such an adorable kitten. I loved seeing your beautiful bare feet as you pleasured yourself, with that nice fluffy butt plug inserted.

*purrs loudly*

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This was wonderful. I love that you have those adorable cat ears on and that pokemon pillow behind you, while you pleasure yourself. It really adds alot of cuteness to this erotic scene of you cumming. :D

Thank you love! I'm kinda wanting to do something to incorporate Pokémon I'm a video soon lol

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Great video. I enjoyed watching you all tied up while your girl cock gets teased and later seeing you take it anally from a strap on. :)

Thank you, darlin’!

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Amazing video. I enjoyed watching you tease that dildo, then riding it. I especially loved listening to your moans as you reached your orgasm. :D

Thank you darling!

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I haven't the first clue on bongs personally but its cute watching you use it.

Thank youuu lol! I like it so I suppose it’s good? Hehe it gets the job done for sure.

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Hahaha this was pretty adorable. I'm kinda jealous of the kitty though, since you have such gorgeous feet. :3

Why thank you! 😘

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I'm usually into feet but you have really amazing hands. :)

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You are so adorable and the Dragon toy looks great. Thanks for the review. :)

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This was a wonderful custom video. I happen to have a huge foot fetish myself, so i thank whoever inspired you to make this. :D

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Your feet are so gorgeous. I loved watching you clean every toe. :)

KatKiss May 10

Thanks for the great review!! If you are interested I have lots of other fun feet videos :) <3

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Amazing video. One of my hottest fantasies fulfilled. :)

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I loved watching two sexy Playstation gamers having fun. That special sauce looks delicious. :P

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Amazing video. I loved seeing you covered in milk like that. :)

I also love being covered in milk, I think it was your milk!

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I enjoyed watching you play with your beautiful breasts. :)

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Thanks honey, let me know if you want to see more of them!

thank you ! :D

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Thank you so much!

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I love watching you shove that dildo so far into your ass.

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