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OMG...! Simple, fun and really hot! Loved everything about this video from the shooting angle to climax. And watching u stuff your panties in your mouth to climax then stuffing them inside u was awesome. Who ever got those panties is super lucky.

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Holy sh*t that was smokin hot!!! Watching Kasey devour Serena while she's helplessly tied up is a thing of beauty and something I thought only happened in dreams. Thanks ladies for making this dream a reality. Really hoping there's a part 2 cuming with the rolls reversed.

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Omg these 2 have such amazing chemistry. I'm not a fan of toys but Sinn is legendary with a strap on so I had to get this. You can tell these 2 had fun making this scene. Fingers crossed they meet up again for another amazing pairing. Thx Sinn & Cadence for this hot video.

SinnSage Apr 16

thank you so much for your review! i LOVE cadence and will work with her ANYTIME! and keep your eyes out because we just shot a bunch of content! ;D