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GG fan and girl solos. Property of BabyChesters but on loan from time to time.






Recent Reviews

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OMG what a smokin' hot video. I had the pleasure of seeing a snippet of these 2 together on Ashley's premium SC. This video is full of real tongue kissing, real oral and lots of dirty talk between the girls. If you're a fan of either girl and/or a gg fan then this video is worth the price. I really hope they get together for a part 2.

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OMG this was so FN hot. This was my first video from Epiphany666cb and definitely not my last. I love everything about this video. She actually inserts the lollipop inside her, proceeds to phuk herself with it until she cums hard. Then to top it off, she takes out the lollipop and proceeds to lick her juices clean off of it. Talk about HOT! And let's not forget all the naught talking she does while filming this gem. If you're into dirty naughty videos and/or food porn, then I highly suggest this one.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review😃I am so pleased you enjoyed my filthy food play and dirty talk (always makes me so horny to know you enjoyed so much). Greatly appreciate your 5 stars🤩 x

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This was my custom and I must say she didn’t disappoint. Everything little detail that I requested was delivered and even my high expectations were surpassed which isn’t easy to do. Desiree is a gorgeous women and this outfit really accentuates her incredible body. I really wanted her to enjoy herself while making this video and she clearly did. I asked her to start off by bringing herself to orgasm by only using her fingers. Then once she climaxes I wanted her to lick her juices off her fingers. She does exactly that and brings herself to an amazing orgasm. Then I requested that Desiree take out her favorite dildo and bring herself to another orgasm. Once again she delivered in a big way bringing herself to another incredible orgasm then licking her juices clean off the dildo. I can tell you that after watching this custom I’ll be ordering another more customs from this lovely lady and I highly suggest you do yourself a favor and order one for yourself. Thank u Desiree for delivering one of my all time favorite customs.

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This girl really is adorable. Cute & sexy at the same time yet can get dirty when needed. After watching her free panty video i knew I had to see more. I love watching a girl who’s multi orgasmic and this pup here is just that. She’s goes back and forth between a giant toy and her fingers. She even licks her juices off after she cums a couple of times. Talk about hot!

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This was my first video of hers and wow. She hooked me in with her beauty, sexy moaning, and incredibly enthusiastic performance. I now am officially a fan. There’s just the right amount of dirty talk. She gives herself at least 2 orgasms and even licks her juices off her toy right after climax.

●●●●● Read Review

23 orgasms in 12 mins (really 11mins). My favorite thing is to watch a lady who is multi-orgasmic and this lady is. I've never seen anyone have 23 orgasms in only 12mins. If you do the math that's 2 orgasms every minute. Really hope to see more vids like this in the future.

●●●●● Read Review

Chester delivers another 5star video. Once again The description is spot on which as a potential buyer this is a big deal. Chester looks really cute with her shirt, bra and flower panties. She starts the video playing with her fingers so u can hear how wet she already is. Then she pulls out her brand new icicle glass didlo and begins to play with her and you can clearly here just how wet she is with this new toy. She takes it out, shows u how wet the toy is then proceeds to lick off her sweet juices. Then she takes off her panties and starts using the toy in several different angles getting her self super wet and working up to an intense orgasm. Right b4 she climaxes, she begins to really pound her pussy and u can really hear just how wet she is. As she’s really pounding herself she has one super intense orgasm then pulls out the toy and like a good girl she licks her sweet cum juice right off the toy. Chester decides she needs not done so she pounds herself to one more quick orgasm. If you’re into Chester, Asian girls, juicy pussy sounds, multiple orgasms, a girl who licks off her cum juices, then I highly suggest this smokin’ hot video.

●●●●● Read Review

The description of this video is spot on. This was actually my 2nd custom from BabyChester and it’s just as hot or hotter then the 1st one. I’ve always been a fan of a girl who can cum multiple times in one session and BabyChester certainly does in this video. I actually lost count on the orgasms as there are so many. I also love when a girl tastes herself, especially after an orgasm. If you’re a fan of BabyChester, school girls, DP, multiple orgasms, cum eating, and or panty play, then I suggest this video as it won’t disappoint. I also highly suggest you get a custom with a pair of her panties.

●●●●● Read Review

The description of this video is spot on. You can clearly see just how wet she gets using the hitachi. After a couple of juicy orgasms she pulls out the dildo. She uses that didlo to bring her to one final orgam and which gets her super creamy (the creamiest I’ve ever seen her). She takes that creamy dildo and licks off a big chunk of cream and shows u b4 she swallows it. And like the naughty girl she is, she finishes cleaning off the dildo with her mouth. If you’re into multiple orgasms, creamy cums, eating her sweet cum nector or just a fan of cheaters like me, then I highly suggest this video along with her other work.

●●●●● Read Review

OMG what a smoking hot video. The description is right on as to what this video shows. She really does use these lollipop to make herself cum multiple times via penetration. Hot af!!! You can clearly tell she’s all warm and wet inside as the lollipop start melting and dripping down her legs and butthole. The only thing that would have made this video even hotter would have been if she would have licked off her sweet cum juices from the lollipop and or used her fingers to soak up all those juices then licked them off. If you’re like me and into lollipop pussy play then I highly suggest this video.

●●●●● Read Review

**1st review cut short**

Normally I’d give a video with audio that’s out of sync 1 or 2 ⭐️. But this video is different since a lot of it is in POV so the audio sync isn’t as important. What is important is this video is fn

●●●●● Read Review

**1st review was cut short** OMG this is easily one of the hottest videos I’ve ever watched. Babychester looks absolutely amazing in this cute little outfit and that chocker... The video starts out with some lite rubbing on the outside of her panties working herself. Once she's ready she pulls her panties down to her knees and proceeds to finger herself starting with 1 finger and working her way up to 3 fingers which finally makes her cum. She takes out her fingers and proceeds to suck on each finger separately tasting her sweet cum juices. Next up she takes off her panties and begins to stuff them. Once they're inside of her she begins to rub her clit and every so often even sticks a finger inside to work her self up to another beautify orgasm. She then slowly takes out the panties and tells you just how wet there are before putting the panties to the side. She then proceeds to stick her fingers back inside her self swirling them around trying to soak up all that sweet cum juice so she can lick it off. Lastly she makes her self cum a couple of more times using a glass black dildo. Each time after she climaxes she takes the toy out and cleans off her sweet juices. You can really hear just how wet she is once she starts using that toy. To finish off the video she sticks her fingers inside her self a few times soaking up all her cum juice and licking it all off her fingers. This video has a lot of great natural self love in it. It has NO MUSIC playing in the background (THANK U), some incredible close up view of her amazing body including her gorgeous face. Plus she tells u exactly when she's about to cum or cumming so there's no sitting there wondering. If you're a fan of hot natural masturbation by a sex lady with extas like wetness, tasting her juices, panty fetish and stuffing and mild dirty talking then this video is for you. Babychester hit a home run with this awesome video and I can't wait to see more of her.

●●●●● Read Review

This was my first video of VivienVoilets and what a great first video it was. She uses a butt plug, hitachi and fingers herself to an amazing 2 orgasms (that's right, not 1 but 2 climaxes)... And they're some great climaxes. There's no music playing in the background (THANK YOU), just some good ol' self love. She even takes the time to tell you she's about to cum so you're not sitting there wondering if she really is cumming. The way she fingers herself is exactly how fingering should be, with 2 fingers. This was the perfect starter video for me and can't wait to see more from this sexy lady.

●●●●● Read Review

Don't let this short 3min clip fool you. It may be short but it's super hot fingering video. She really gets into it and you can tell from her sexy moans and voice as she says "oh lord" while pleasuring herself. Lots of close ups of her fingering her pussy and you can hear just how wet she is. And I love her she takes the time to lick off her sweet juices off her of her fingers. This short but sweet clip is not one to be missed plus I suggest you checking out her other hot videos.

●●●●● Read Review

So in this hot public dressing room video it starts out with some dancing and minor finger play as she works up the nerves and urge to really get into it. You can clearly hear people in the background talking as she's inside the dressing room teasing herself. Lots of closes up of her fingering herself. It contains a bunch of warming herself up to really get off and a few in between a few outfit are tried on. Then around the 15th minute you can tell she's finally comfortable enough to get herself off. It starts out with some really hot fingering while her panties are still on. It finally finishes off with her sitting on the floor rubbing her pussy and fingering it. You can clearly hear how wet she is and right when she's close to cumming someone else shows up in the dressing room next to her. Obviously at this point she doesn't care as the urge to cum is too strong. And you can tell from her facial expressions and body trembles that she cums hard! You can even see juices running down her butt hole. And what better way to finish off a hot video then to take those fingers and lick off some of her juicy goodness from her fingers. I really hope she makes another video like this in another public dressing room.

●●●●● Read Review

If you're a fan of Panty Stuffing Fetish or a fan of a smokin' hot girl with her legs behind her shoulders then this video is for you as it contains both. Lots of close ups of her beautiful wet pink insides. She even fingers herself with 3 fingers in her pussy and while 1 is in her ass. You can even hear just how wet she is. She really stuffs those panties deep inside to the point you can even see them (it's magic!). She even grabs another pair and stuffs those (not both pairs at same time but maybe she will next time). One of my favorite things about the video is she's constantly tasting her juices off her fingers and dildo (wish she would have licked her panties after she stuffed them but these may have been for a fan). Plus let's not forget most of this video she has her legs are behind her shoulders (she's super flexible). I'll be ordering a custom that's almost like this one but better.

●●●●● Read Review

This was a really hot short video. You can hear just how wet she gets then you can really see her cuming as some of her juices drip out. Loved everything about this short clip from the outfit to the talking to the way she fingers herself while standing. She even tastes her juices at the end. Very hot short clip.

●●●●● Read Review

Now this is my kind of video. A beautiful lady who really fingers herself making herself cum twice. And that accent... Very hot! Can't wait to see more of her.

●●●●○ Read Review

Short video but she is definitely very creamy. Would have been nice if I could have seen her taste herself at the end. If you're look for a simple creamy video then this is perfect for u.

●●●●● Read Review

Another hot video from DP. Tons of dirty talk but not too much. Juicy fingering and tons of tasting herself (OMFG that's so fn hot). Then at the end she even sticks her panties inside her then takes them out to smell and taste. There's a reason she's called Dirty Princess. I also love that she keeps on her sexy lingerie top on the entire video. It's like she was reading my mind when she made this video.

●●●●● Read Review

This is really smokin' hot video and scenario. She puts on a few diff outfits then the real action begins all while you can clearly hear other shoppers/employees in the background. An employee even checks in on her right in the middle. Dirty Princess gets a tad loud while moaning on the 2nd orgasm. You can tell she really loved this scenario and clearly gets off twice.

●●●●● Read Review

Man do the neighbors get a show or what!!! She literally puts the dildo on the window and begins to put on a SHOW! How lucky would you be to witness your neighbor acting like this. Tons of angles of her riding the dildo before she sits down next to the window and finishes herself off. Normally I'm not a huge fan of a girl with such short hair but Petra really pulls it off with her beauty and charm. This video, her xmas squirt and Daphne videos are hands down my favorites so far. You really should support this beautiful, sweet lady.

●●●●● Read Review

Really enjoyed this one. Petra looks smokin' hot and I loved that she kept her heels on the entire video. You can hear just how wet she gets and there's tons of dirty talk. Highly recommend video.

●●●●● Read Review

This video was really hot full of several different angles and lots of dirty talk. If you're a fan of Petra's or a fan of Daphne's then this video is perfect for you. I especially loved that outfit as you looked amazing in it. I really hope you still have it as I think I'll be needing a custom with you wearing it.

●●●●● Read Review

Wow oh wow what a hot video and a beautiful lady. This was my 1st purchase of hers and it will certainly not be my last one. It's got all my favorite things like licking her juices off her fingers, squirting and telling the viewer she's cumming. I highly suggest this video and any others of hers.

Sweet Holes Jul 7 2017
●●●●● Read Review

OMG!!! What a smokin' hot video. Insanely hot! If you're a fan of violets or a fan of candy play then buy this video now. Picture quality is top notch and there's nobody holding the camera so it's not a shaky video. It's shot in a POV as if you're sittting on the edge of the bed. Violet gets herself to the edge of cuming several times before having an explosive orgasm at the end. She even licks her juices clean off the lollipop right after cuming hard on it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU VIolet for this smokin' hot dirty video. Hope to see another video like this in the future. Sadly now I'm afraid I'm going to have to check my blood and give myself an insulin shot.

Panty Slut Apr 23 2017
●●●●● Read Review

OMG...! Simple, fun and really hot! Loved everything about this video from the shooting angle to climax. And watching u stuff your panties in your mouth to climax then stuffing them inside u was awesome. Who ever got those panties is super lucky.

●●●●● Read Review

Holy sh*t that was smokin hot!!! Watching Kasey devour Serena while she's helplessly tied up is a thing of beauty and something I thought only happened in dreams. Thanks ladies for making this dream a reality. Really hoping there's a part 2 cuming with the rolls reversed.

●●●●● Read Review

Omg these 2 have such amazing chemistry. I'm not a fan of toys but Sinn is legendary with a strap on so I had to get this. You can tell these 2 had fun making this scene. Fingers crossed they meet up again for another amazing pairing. Thx Sinn & Cadence for this hot video.

SinnSage Apr 16 2017

thank you so much for your review! i LOVE cadence and will work with her ANYTIME! and keep your eyes out because we just shot a bunch of content! ;D

●●●●● Read Review

Let me start off by saying this video shows Chester with the beginning of a bush which is rare for her. It’s a pleasant and sexy sighting. I love that she keeps her shirt on and pulls her panties to the side. Then she takes this massive cock and fucks herself till she cums really fuck hard all while the toy is still in her. I think this was the first time I’ve seen Chester keep the toy in while cumming as it’s usually so intense that she has to take it out when she’s cumming. Seeing her keep the toy in while climaxing is a fn work of art. Then to top off the video she takes out the toy and sucks off all her cum juice. GD this fn girl is so fn hot and sexy and cute all at the same time. If you’re a fan of Chesters then this video is not to be missed since you get to see the rare partial bush.

●●●●● Read Review

First of all Chester looks fn amazing in this super sexy stringy bikini. It starts off with her showing off her sexy body then she begins to show her oral skills. Now that the huge new toy is all wet she turns around, pulls her bikini bottom to the side and trys to put the massive cock inside of her reverse cowgirl style. It takes her a bit to get it inside of her and get comfortable. Once she does she begins to give it a good ride working herself to the edge. U can tell it’s intense as she has to stop for a second. Once she stops u can see the cock is covered in her juices. She then hops back on and rides it until she cums really hard while leaving the cock inside of her. But that’s not enough as she rides it some more until she has another quick orgasm. Any one who knows Chester, knows it’s rare for her to keep toys inside herself while she’s cuming so this rare treat was very special to witness. I highly recommend this video as she’s getting better and better with every new video.

●●●●● Read Review

Both girls look absolutely stunning in this video. Bettie starts out admiring Lexi’s bum and can u blame her. Of course Lexi being the naughty girls she is, there are no panties on. So Bettie as easy access to giving Lexi a good licking all while Lexi is trying her hardest to study. Bettie is determined to stop that After a few mins Lexi gives up on studying and lets Bettie being her to a nice oral orgasm. Would have been nice to see Lexi clean off her juices from Betties face but maybe that’ll happen on their next encounter. All in all this is one

●●●●● Read Review

Another super hot video from cutepup. This time she starts with a little finger play then moves on to the big bad

●●●●● Read Review

This was the first video of hers that I watched and possibly my favorite. Sexy maid that finds her lady's hitachi with an attachment that I've never seen. That attachment took the hitachi to a whole new level. Love that she keeps on her outfit and shoes too (something about a women in heels gets me). She even blesses us with 3 orgasms. What else do you need to know?! Pick it up.