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OMG!!! What a smokin' hot video. Insanely hot! If you're a fan of violets or a fan of candy play then buy this video now. Picture quality is top notch and there's nobody holding the camera so it's not a shaky video. It's shot in a POV as if you're sittting on the edge of the bed. Violet gets herself to the edge of cuming several times before having an explosive orgasm at the end. She even licks her juices clean off the lollipop right after cuming hard on it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU VIolet for this smokin' hot dirty video. Hope to see another video like this in the future. Sadly now I'm afraid I'm going to have to check my blood and give myself an insulin shot.

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OMG...! Simple, fun and really hot! Loved everything about this video from the shooting angle to climax. And watching u stuff your panties in your mouth to climax then stuffing them inside u was awesome. Who ever got those panties is super lucky.

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Holy sh*t that was smokin hot!!! Watching Kasey devour Serena while she's helplessly tied up is a thing of beauty and something I thought only happened in dreams. Thanks ladies for making this dream a reality. Really hoping there's a part 2 cuming with the rolls reversed.

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Omg these 2 have such amazing chemistry. I'm not a fan of toys but Sinn is legendary with a strap on so I had to get this. You can tell these 2 had fun making this scene. Fingers crossed they meet up again for another amazing pairing. Thx Sinn & Cadence for this hot video.

SinnSage Apr 16

thank you so much for your review! i LOVE cadence and will work with her ANYTIME! and keep your eyes out because we just shot a bunch of content! ;D